Tian Chua in car crash, escapes unhurt

PKR MP Tian Chua had a narrow escape when his car smashed into the divider of the the North-South Highway during heavy rain early this evening.

The smashed Camry – Photo by Tian Chua

The impact crumpled the front portion of the white Camry, but the MP for Batu escaped unhurt.



S’pore, M’sia fare poorly in ‘quality of life index’

Many Malaysians look up to Singapore for its quality of life.

But have a look at the ‘quality of life index’ compiled by International Living based in Ireland. Singapore has an overall score of only 61, just above Malaysia’s 58. Both are way down the list.

Of course, this ranking isn’t entirely objective as it is based on a combination of data obtained from official sources and editors’ and readers’ perceptions. Moreover, the compilers of the index admit they have a Western bias when it comes to matters such as climate preference.

Cost of Living70
Leisure & Culture71
Risk & Safety86
Final Score58



9 pro-democracy students held in Dang Wangi

The nine students arrested in front of Sogo this morning are now being held in Dang Wangi.

The nine were among were among a hundred who had gathered this morning for a rally organised by various student groups reportedly to express concern over campus election procedures.

Latest update from Suaram:

Altogether 9 persons were arrested by police for demanding campus autonomy and freedom of academic on 23 January 2010, between 11.30am and noon in front of Sogo shopping mall. Until 1.45pm, they are in IPD Dang Wangi.