… and now a Sikh temple in Sentul

A 100-year-old mirror at the entrance of a Sikh temple in Sentul was reportedly cracked after stones were flung at it at around 6.00pm.

The wall of the temple was also chipped. When contacted, a Selangor state exco member told me that temple reps collected about 20 black stones, about the size of a kiwi fruit and of the type used in landscape gardening, after the incident.

“They (the temple reps) are rattled and don’t want to play up the incident,” the exco member said.



Another incident, this time in Seremban

Another incident has been reported in Seremban this morning, bringing the total number of church properties targeted to nine.

Some people are having trouble keeping track of the number of incidents; so here is my tally:

  1. Metro Tabernacle Church (Assembly of God) in Desa Melawati – molotov cocktail damages administrative wing (8 Jan)
  2. Assumption Church (Catholic) in Jalan Templar – molotov cocktail hurled on pavement in front of church fails to explode (8 Jan)
  3. Life Chapel (evangelical Brethren) in Section 17, PJ  – molotov cocktail slightly damages porch (8 Jan)
  4. Good Shepherd Church (Lutheran) in PJ old town – firebomb misses window, scorches outer wall, minimal damage (8 Jan)
  5. All Saints’ Church (Anglican) in Taiping – two molotov cocktails scorch stair case leading to main entrance and side porch (9 Jan)
  6. Convent school (Catholic) in Taiping – molotov cocktail, probably meant for St Louis’ Church (Catholic) next door, breaks guard-house window (9 Jan)
  7. Malacca Baptist Church (Baptist) in Durian Daun – smeared with black paint (9 Jan)
  8. Good Shepherd Church (Anglican) in Lutong Miri  – stoning shatters window panes (9 Jan)
  9. Sidang Injil Borneo Church (Borneo Evangelical Mission) in Seremban – front doors scorched (10 Jan)

Only the Metro Tabernacle Church suffered serious damage.

M Bakri Musa has come up with a scathing blog post here, comparing the comments and reactions of various key personalities such as Najib, Khairy, Khalid Ibrahim, Anwar and Hadi.



First attacks on churches outside Klang Valley

2026: Hishamuddin confirms seven churches have become the target of vandalism in the country so far. But my tally indicates eight.

Maybe his tally doesn’t include the Convent school in Taiping that was struck by a molotov cocktail, although church officials say it was probably meant for the St Louis Catholic Church next door.

In the incident in Miri, the glass windows of the Good Shepherd Church were shattered after being thrown with bricks, according to a church member, Bernama reports. It is believed to be an Anglican church located in Lutong, Miri.

Except for the first arson attack, the other six incidents caused negligible damage.

2006: A scroller on Bernama TV Channel 502 over the 8.00pm news confirms that a church in Miri was targeted.

1858: Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Peter Chin said earlier today that incidents such as burning of churches would not happen in Sarawak. “Honestly, I do not think such incidents will happen in Sarawak. We have been living in peace and harmony for a long, long time because Sarawakians are sensible people,” the Borneo Post quoted him as saying.



4th arson attempt as 130 groups slam violence

In a ringing condemnation, 125 civil society groups and five political parties have come out to against the attempted arson attacks against churches following the controversy over the use of the word Allah.

The groups, covering a wide spectrum of Malaysian society, issued the statement here at a joint press conference held at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall this afternoon.

The condemnation comes in the wake of the latest attempted arson attack on a fourth church.