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If you are late for school but if you have a good reason, you may be excused. But if you are habitually late, say, more than three times in a short space time, then your excuses may wear a little thin. You could end up in detention class or whatever they call it these days. In earlier days, it could even have meant the rotan!

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Some quick observations on the Penang budget speech.

The Penang state government has requested Penang Sentral Sdn Bhd to undertake a feasibility study for a RM300m Penang Sky Cab project, presumably a cross-channel cable car system (point no.58 in the Penang budget speech below). The state government acknowledges this is not meant as an alternative to public transport modes like LRT and trams, but more as a tourist attraction.

But cable cars are not an unusual gimmick; Malaysia already has them in Genting and Langkawi (see video above); and they would not be unusual for tourists from developed nations. Besides, the fares are unlikely to be cheap. So, hopefully no public funds will be used for this.

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Great news! What a world of difference.

This was what the Taman Tun Dr Awang flats in Butterworth looked like before (see below) when I tweeted about it a month ago, after yet another foreign visitor, this time from Singapore, asked why the the powers that be were not doing anything about it.