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Mahathir’s blog at has been suspended for unknown reasons and is now inaccessible. The following is an excerpt from a snapshot of his blog as it appeared on 13 Mar 2015 07:22:52 GMT.


Written by Che Det

1. UMNO telah mengadakan majlis penerangan tertutup yang dihadiri oleh sebahagian dari Ketua-Ketua Bahagian pada 8 Mac. Keputusan majlis mengikut akhbar ialah menyokong penuh Presiden parti.

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The crackdown on opposition politicians, including those who participated at the ‘Kita Lawan’ rally, continues…

Meanwhile, Mahathir’s blog has gone done after his scathing criticism of the 1MDB scandal. His blog now bears the message: “The account has been suspended.”

Mahathir had said:

What is needed is a forensic investigation by the police over the allegations against people who are involved in the financial management of 1MDB.

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While the nation’s attention was focused on 1MDB’s sensational unaccountability, Petronas quietly slipped in a bombshell. It wrote off RM23.3bn in net “impairment losses” in its accounts for 2014.

The gross impairment losses written off in 2014 added up to RM25.3bn (see below) but there were also write backs credited to the accounts totalling RM2.0bn to arrive at a net figure of RM23.3bn.

petronas 4th qtr 2014 report

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From a Tanjung Bungah kiddo who used to struggle to keep up with the other boys at the Penang Swimming Club, Low Taek Jho aka Jho Low has paddled away to more enticing waters as an international wheeler and dealer. But now, he has come under intense scrutiny as 1MDB struggles to keep afloat in a sea of liquidity constraints.

Check out this pretentious video and then decide whether you would want to do business with an outfit like this.