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Photograph: South China Morning Post

The pro-Umno Red Shirts should think twice if they plan to create a ruckus in Kuala Lumpur on 19 November. China, which has just entered into a slew of investment agreements with Malaysia, will no doubt be watching events here with interest.

This is an article I wrote for Aliran:

It must be a confusing time to be one of the nationalist pro-Umno Red Shirts. What would they make of the giant state-run and listed firms from China that are now going to be involved in billions and billions of ringgit worth of infrastructure contracts in Malaysia?

The scheduled teleconference with Sirul in Australia over an internet radio station has failed to materialise. The link-up with Mahfuz Omar at the Pas Media Centre in Jalan Raja Laut, KL was due to start at 11.33am over Hijau.FM.

At 10.44am, ‘Sirul’ was apparently contacted and given a phone number that would be used to contact him for the teleconference. But the event failed to get going.

By now, 1MDB has supposedly “redeemed” US$2.3bn from a fund registered in the Cayman Islands.

Of this amount, the firm says US$1.2bn (60 per cent) had been “redeemed” earlier, as reflected in its 31 March 2014 accounts. On 13 January 2015, 1MDB announced it had “redeemed” the remaining US$1.1bn. It also reportedly received US$267m in dividends.