Sirul teleconference fails to materialise


The scheduled teleconference with Sirul in Australia over an internet radio station has failed to materialise. The link-up with Mahfuz Omar at the Pas Media Centre in Jalan Raja Laut, KL was due to start at 11.33am over Hijau.FM.

At 10.44am, ‘Sirul’ was apparently contacted and given a phone number that would be used to contact him for the teleconference. But the event failed to get going.

Instead, Mahfuz said he would make an announcement on Friday about plans for a trip to Australia next week so that Sirul’s mother would get a chance to meet him there. A lawyer is expected to accompany them.

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One of many hoax

gk ong

The Australian government will ‘consider’ the application for extradition of convicted murderer Sirul Azhar Umar as PM Abbot has close relationship with Najib?

Sirul may end up being muzzled if he does not speak up fast as opportunity to do so is fast diminishing.

sia buoy m

Bargaining in progress(?)
1) Siful’s safety from death sentence (aslyum Down Under)
2) Family safety
3) $ to safeguard future expenses Down Under
Now M’s camp vs N’s camp to tussle over…..(?)

J Rusev

Sirul is awaiting a higher bid to open his mouth?
Today is just a teaser. Sirul could say anything to suit the agenda of the highest bidder?
In the meantime a certain family will not be able to sleep well even without the noise from those mat rempits.

gk ong

Monetary gain (could) be the incentive for Sirul to spill the secret behind the C4 murder. The events surrounding the gruesome murder can be a plot for bestseller novel or boxoffice movie. Sirul is sitting on a goldmine and will only tell his story when he could get the ultimate return, but certainly not from PAS who can only promote his cause.