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South-East Asian property market carries growing risks

Among other things, this Oxford Analytica report (link above) says:

South-east Asian banks will be tested as the eventual end of quantitative easing affects local currencies, capital flows, financial asset prices, borrowing costs and repayment capabilities of corporate and household borrowers. A rise in interest rates and cost of borrowing could prompt a surge in bad loans. (more…)


Directive called for ‘repetitive inspections’ for cracking in fuselage skin of 777 planes

Update: Boeing has reportedly clarified the 777-200ER Malaysia Airlines aircraft did not have such an antenna installed and was not subject to the FAA order. In a brief statement sent to the Guardian, Boeing said: “The antenna covered by the pending AD was not installed on MH370, so that airplane is not subject to the AD or the related Service Bulletin.”

The US Government Printing Office published a Federal Aviation Administration airworthiness directive in September 2013 “to detect and correct cracking and corrosion in the fuselage skin, which could lead to rapid decompression and loss of structural integrity of the airplane”. (more…)