Take that, Trump! Human rights lawyer elected London’s first Muslim mayor


Sadiq Khan, 45, a former newspaper delivery boy whose father worked as a bus driver after moving to Britain from Pakistan and mother as a seamstress, grew up in a council estate and went on to become a human rights lawyer. Deal with that, Donald Trump.

The newly elected London mayor, part of the ‘moderate social demiq’ocratic’ wing of the Labour Party, defeated the Conservative Zac Goldsmith by 1, 310, 143 votes to 994, 614.

Sadiq’s victory comes as a boost to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, though Sadiq may not be as left wing or radical as his party leader, and they have had their differences.

Sadiq opposed Blair’s Iraq war, his foreign policy and his attempt to introduce 90-day detention without trial for terror suspects. But he’s not averse to working with a Tory government to extract a better deal for London and supports remaining in the EU.

Thanks to Thatcherite neoliberal economic policies, income inequality has grown into a serious problem in the UK – as it has here in Malaysia. Sadiq’s win may partly be seen as a backlash against that.

Looking a bit like ‘Special One’ Jose Mourinho, Sadiq doesn’t see himself as just a Muslim, pointing to his multiple identities. “I’m a Londoner, I’m British, I’m English, I’m of Asian origin, of Pakistani heritage, I’m a dad, I’m a husband, I’m a long-suffering Liverpool fan, I’m Labour, I’m Fabian and I’m Muslim.”

Fabian? Sadiq was once chairman of the Fabian Society, Britain’s oldest think-tank, which aims to promote:

  • greater equality of power, wealth and opportunity
  • the value of collective action and public service
  • an accountable, tolerant and active democracy
  • citizenship, liberty and human rights
  • sustainable development
  • multilateral international cooperation

He now wants to create more affordable housing and bring about a world-class public transport system for the city. Part of the plan is to pedestrianise Oxford Street – the equivalent of our Penang Road. (Dare we do the same for Penang Road?)

He has also changed his position on a plan to expand Heathrow Airport. He now opposes it because of health concerns over air pollution.

Let’s hope Malaysians too become more open to people of other faiths and ethnic backgrounds when electing their leaders and representatives in time to come – despite the many challenges along the way and the best efforts of some politicians to divide us.

Full report of Sadiq’s win here.

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In 2007 Sadiq voted Yes on the Equality Act (Sexual Orientation), in 2013 he voted in favour of allowing same-sex couples to marry – but was absent for its third reading.

In 2014, Sadiq voted to “enable the courts to deal with proceedings for the divorce of, or annulment of the marriage of, a same-sex couple” and in 2015 he voted to make “same-sex marriage available to armed forces personnel outside the UK.”


Angry Bird

We need Donald Trump as US President. He has no baggage as he fund his campaign, no need to be indebted to the Jews-controlled Congress.

Guan Chiang

What is your opinion on the ‘Dirty Harry’-styled new president of the Phillipines?

Stylo Logan

Bung ‘bocor’ Mokhtar tried to emulate the Philippine presesident elect to suggest ‘shoot to kill’ drug lords and drug pushers. Bung is desperate for cheap publicity?


Yasmin-Alibhai-Brown, aka the stupidest woman in Britain: ‘Electing Sadiq Khan as mayor of London would be the terrorists’ worst nightmare’ http://www.7rangers.com/2016/05/yasmin-alibhai-brown-aka-stupidest.html

Paul Weston on the new Muslim mayor of Londonistan who calls moderate Muslims, “Uncle Toms” http://www.7rangers.com/2016/05/paul-weston-on-new-muslim-mayor-of.html

Gwynn Jenkins

This is just absolutely fantastic

james k

Afraid you’re speak to soon…a politician’s performance must be judged and only be judged at the end of his reign, when he is done seeking to be elected. Otherwise they will be all talk and no action. Current US president was so promising before he was elected (remember Yes We Can?). 8 years, more debt, a failed national health insurance system, and a controversial transnational trade agreement later, nobody is singing praises no more..except his corporate backers and the ruling elite. They fool you into thinking that change is happening with the superficial- first ever African-American president, first ever Muslim… Read more »


Years of current federal Gomen not enough? They starve us like mad … after the election and during the election throw a few crumps and rakyat is baited. Every election, they can only talk about development. In the first place, they put bad policies. Eg Car manufacturing industries and toll roads and there is no major reforms. E bikes are even used in Burma and should be approved by RTD or SPAD

Soy Cheng Berger

The people chose. Now for the real work. Let’s see what trump can do. What we have is not working or great either.


What a B.F.U. world of holy-than-thou bigotries. Just for a sane minute, try to sink John Lennon’s Imagine lyrics: Imagine there’s NO HEAVEN It’s easy if you try NO HELL below us Above us only sky Imagine all the people Living for today… Imagine there’s NO COUNTRIES It isn’t hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And NO RELIGION too Imagine all the people Living life in peace… You may say I’m a dreamer But I’m not the only one I hope someday you’ll join us And the world will be as one Imagine NO POSSESSIONS I wonder… Read more »

Johan Khun Pana

Let’s wait and see.
Don’t pop the champagne or the “air sirap bandung” yet.
As people with such “Abrahamic religion” thinks & behaves differently in later stages.
Remember our maiden PrimeMinister? He started out as a British styled mat salleh and ended up giving ways to mullahs.
Londoners will regret if their newly minted mayor ever brings in religion and it’s law.


Some British would argue that such appointment is the work in progress to later execute the unfinished business of Crusade War of modern warfare upon radicalization of split communities this time on British own soil, debatable?


Some British would argue that such appointment is the work in progress yo layer execute the unfinished business of Crusade War of modern warfare upon radicalization of split communities this time on British own soil, debatable?

Renji Sathiah

Regrettably the man is a Blairite and opposed to the down to earth man in the corduroy jacket, Jeremy Corbyn.

Anna Sternfeldt

That is sad.


Allow me to add on to Anil’s title with this:

TAKE THAT, Hadi “only Muslims should rule S’wak, Sabah” Awang!

What a warped, narrow-minded and self-serving forked-tongue politic animal in the skin of an “Islamic leader”.


Same story repeat over and over again? Fast forward and rewind. Political parties asking for $£¢€¥ and profit out it similar with religion a good example in Singapore?


Well, here it is, on video, in context, so there’s really no weaselling out of it. Sadiq Khan calls moderate Muslims “Uncle Toms”, in an interview – tellingly – on Press TV, the propaganda channel of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He is attempting to explain why as (then) Labour’s Minister for Community Cohesion he took a “big tent” approach, which included speaking to extremists as well as those he described as “Uncle Toms” – Muslims who supported the government. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3572015/Sadiq-Khan-branded-unfit-London-Mayor-emerges-called-moderate-Muslim-s-Uncle-Toms.html#v-306812731135312909 So where does that leave Sadiq Khan now? With the keys to London’s City Hall, which he’ll use to… Read more »


Sadiq must work extra hard to ensure that Muslim immigrants to England or even England-born Muslim could assimilate into the Western society and not being radicalized into IS tools.