Prime Minister’s Department – more staff than European Union’s bureaucracy?

Photograph: Wikipedia

Those behind the Brexit vote often painted the bureaucracy of the European Union as bloated.

So let’s take a look at the EU staffing headcount: 32,900. According to Malaysia’s former head of mission there in the 1990s, these EU civil servants responsible for 28 nations were of the highest quality.

How does this compare with Najib Razak’s Prime Minister’s Department? Well, the last figure I could find was reported in Utusan in 2010. Headcount: 43,544. (What is the figure now?)

If this figure is anywhere close to the present situation, then we seriously need to look at the rationale for so many staff to be concentrated in the prime minister’s department. The 2016 budget for the department? RM20.3bn!

Of course, there are many sub-departments, sections and units under the prime minister’s department? But why do they all have to fall under the prime minister’s department? Isn’t this an over-concentration of power, not only in the hands of the federal government, not only in the hands of the executive/cabinet, but in the hands of the prime minister?

Read Renji Sathiah’s full article on Brexit.

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The big number of staff is due to the practise of lumping all sorts of agencies under the PMD’s budget. Heck.. even ESSCOM is included in here. Certainly not comparable to the European Union. The PM Department has many different units under it. It is not just Najib alone lah. For the operating budget (operating budget includes CAPEX an OPEX for existing operations) the PMD (as opposed to PMO) was allocated RM9 billion and for development budget it is RM13 billion. The budget is allocated here so it can be centrally controlled at the PMO level. Much of the budget… Read more »

David Loman

More opportunity to practise ‘I Help You, You Help Me’ ?


What does Judicial Appointments Commission do most of the time? What is the difference between these and what are their budgets? – Agensi Inovasi Malaysia – Unit Inovasi Khas What is the difference between these (which should be under Home Affairs)? – Chief Government Security Office – Protection Division Why are these dept. here and not under other ministries? – Land Public Transport Commission (which handles MRT and LRT) – not under Transport – Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency and Eastern Sabah Security Command – not under Defence – National Audit Department – not under Finance – Mahkamah Syariah Wilayah Persekutuan,… Read more »

Jimmy Snuka

I think many functions have overlapping responsibilities and could be streamlined or combined to achieve better efficiency and productivity, with reduced headcount to cut cost. But it will take a strong political will.


centralisation. more power, no mp can ask questions and more $¥£€. see the expenditure. result taxpayers havd to pap.

Anak Mami Nasi Kandaq

Latest Dasha Logan (daughter of Alleycats) update. first intrduced her to many.

Anak Mami Nasi Kandaq

The “talented” kids from Permata [may] soon be absorbed under PM de;pt headcount per Rosmah’s wish the hubby cannot deny.


udah2 le pengundi2 semua.selamatkan negara ini dari terus hancur binase beban hutang dah rm 800 billion engkau tahu tak?aset2 negare2 byk tergadai,simpanan kwsp sosco korang pun bn umno rembat ok lagi dgn gst 6 peratus lagi mau undi bn umno yg rasuah tuka?pikir tentang anak cucu cicit kau jgk bukan tentang diri kau ja.lawan tetap lawan,ALLAH HU AKHBAR

ST Lim

Husni’s resignation to do with 1MDB despite denial ? Sarawak Report published more revelation yesterday if you can access to it.

din ambrose

He knew the truth from the expose from Sarawak Report. Better leave now b4 getting implicated.


I think he quit ahead of the DOJ’s revelation in order not to be implicated.


The poisonous fruits of feudalism, “exceptionalism”, greed and the populist path of least resistance include these: – Intake whenever the economy or govt. income improves a little. A gigantic PM’s dept. with about 15 ministers and dy. ministers. – Regular increments of pay across the board, regardless of performance. – Little work done except under overtime, a campaign, “task force”, project, etc. Chief Justice Arifin Zakaria stated (in MMO, 8/1/15) that even judges play truant. – Multiple, overlapping, departments for planning, coordination, training and productivity. About a decade ago, the public even paid for a propaganda song on productivity. In… Read more »

David Loman

South China a Morning Post: A scandal that may well rank as Malaysia’s biggest has not dented the political fortunes of Prime Minister Najib Razak. His Barisan Nasional ruling coalition easily won two by-elections last month and a state poll in May, prompting a cabinet reshuffle and a fresh crackdown on critics. A prominent opposition figure has been arrested on graft charges and a new investigation launched against vocal detractor and former leader Mahathir Mohammad. The moves strengthen Najib’s position ahead of the 2018 national elections, but are also threatening the country’s racial and religious harmony and the possibility of… Read more »


China to buy Air Itam land, giving lifeline to cash trapped 1MDB!

gk ong

China developers to build homes for China nationals taking up My2ndHome in Penang?
Or maybe Gerakan can grant them instant blue IC to vote for BN?


MCA Gelakan should be open minded to allow China nationals to come here as domestic helpers,and in a way provide opportunities for young Penangites to hook up with them as they are less demanding than local girls now more tuned to expensive condos as primary prerequisite for marriage.


What i do know is, 1pm made malaysia into belacan since he came to power, unsolved murders, billions missing, throwing opposition heads into jail etc etc etc. Anyway, i find solace in tunglang, he is no longer intoxicated by his kopi o kau kau unlike Ah Soon, i shall say no more about the latter. And for tunglang, i say a big thank you for speaking up against injustices ! PS guan eng is not perfect, we are all fallen beings, do criticise him by all means but in the constructive ways, in order to improve penang for all. Just… Read more »


Find solace in tunglang, what a tribute! Tunglang may go Pulau Tikus to have a kopi maaf zahir batin session with Lim before he returns to SP or somewhere.


Jive, you want come along ? He he

All of you should belanja Anil kopi o kau kau la, good one i mean !!!


I drink wine at pub but abstain now for fear of IS strike.

So don’t mind we drink kopi, Anil any good suggestion?


So Anil and Lim we let the kopi maestro to pick one, probably not the one at Lorong Susu? 🙂

Peace on earth…..


Jive, take Anil for kopi la, invite tunglang to come along as well and zoro, i wish i can join you guys but for some reasons, i really cant make it, not convenient at all for me, thks for understanding. A big kamsia.

When you all meet, enjoy your kopi o kau kau but please dont fight, esp tunglang and zoro, be gentlemen, ok. Thks again !

Andrew Lau

Not sure to laugh or to be proud of our PM


just throw a stone chances of hitting gomen tuan is high. no wonder chances of winning election is high.

John D Weatherley

Now you know where all the missing funds are going?

Jude Manickam

A lot of work or sleeping on the job?

gk ong

Many are surfing FB while being paid on working hours. Anyway the Union has proclaimed that the workers are entitled to sleep when tired (from internet fatigue?)

Imagine how many unemployed local graduates if they are not absorbed by PMO?

Also do not forget those fulltime Umno cybertroopers prowling the internet (eg.the analyzer on Msiakini).


why worry? be end mp said once we paid taxes the money brlongs to gomen. they can do as thry like. tax money no longer belongs to rakyat


This is politics. Without doing so, who will take care of the malays and where the votes going to come from? Too bad we are living in a country where the majority .. are mostly lazy and ineffective in their work. If you care about being Malaysian, learn to live with it or change the government (which is almost impossible).


The best one can do to stay competitive or employable in the increasingly competitive labor market is not to get infected by this malaise (sickness) work culture. Only then can one be ‘mobile’ @ work + can emigrate if the rots get any worse. Loyalty to country or political party takes last in the sensible minds of those who ‘Chi Kei Ku Chi Kei’ in the 21st century of globalisation.

ST Lim

translation : take good care of own back side

Johan Khun Pana

It is Cantonese version.
2 meanings – You are on your own or mind your own business
*Please provide written Chinese characters when quoting Chinese proverbs.
As somehow this just cannot be “pinyin”
It is hard enough to distinguish which is Mandarin , Fukien , Cantonese and some even uses Hakka phonetically.


‘Chi Kei Ku Chi Kei’ is a Cantonese saying for self preservation i.e. take care of your own survival – welfare, safety, career or rice bowl, family, financial, prosperity, & if you might want to add, cultural preservation in a wider societal context.
It can also mean ‘mind your own business’ if spoken in an advisory caution.
Here, I meant the former one for own survival & sustainability in Malaysia Boleh.

Is there a proper pinyin for Cantonese?

Kapchai Orimaestro

1.6 million gomen civilians, kerajaan prihatin a government that cares despite alledgely many still sleeping on the jobs only the western work can envy our work ethics, bolehland truly boleh!


Many redundant workers in the bloated government sectors.
Down the road the tax payers have to foot the bill for their medical bills, pension…. Likely in the form of higher GST rate.


43,544 civil servants! Ready vote bank in Putrajaya?
Possible job roles:
One for photostatting.
One for rubber stamping.
One for printing (from Epson printers?).
One for answering the phone.
One for internal document courier between departments.
One for switching on all aircons, lights, photostat machines, Epson? printers, shredders, water dispensers, etc.
One for reading comments.
One for … the list can go on & on & on until the last count!.

Kapchai Orimaestro

One for brewing kopi o for sembang breaks


how small and little is 43.5k? bigger than all the stadiums in malaysia. excuse to built a 60 to 80k capaciy. bigger than uncle sam pentagon.