RM46bn SRS transport proposal put on 1-month display – during working hours, over festive period


Two sets of the RM46bn SRS Consortium transport proposal have been put up on public display at Dewan Sri Pinang in George Town for a month from today.

About 10 reporters were waiting at the venue to see who would show up, but no one else arrived to view the 20 volumes.

The documents are only available during working hours on weekdays. The viewing period falls smack on either side of the Lunar New Year festivities, when the last thing most people want to do is wade through 20 thick tomes.

After numerous calls to make the proposal public, this long  overdue attempt at transparency is laudable. But these volumes now do not reflect the amendments made since SRS’ appointment as project delivery partner.

Moreover, it is absurd that those viewing these volumes still have to leave their cameras and smartphones outside. They have to sign a declaration form to say they will abide by these ridiculous terms. What is the big secret?

Also, in this IT era, there is no reason why the 20 volumes cannot be put online to make it easier for the public to access and parcel out the work and crowd-analyse the whole set.

Putting the volumes online would also facilitate scrutiny by international sustainable mobility experts, who will have a thing or two to say about this over-the-top RM46bn ‘Big Bang’ proposal.

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tham kuan hong

agree with damien. this info should be available on line. at least the gist of it


I believe Penang folks welcome any transport plan as long as it could alleviate the problem of traffic jam and congrstion since the number of vehicles on the road is rising each day.

Jimmy Cheong

If you are serious about this issue, no need excuses to stop you from voicing your feedback, whatever time of the day.


Path of least resistance? For easy implementation?


gomen might as well had it from mid dec to mid jan. then they can claim it has been on displsy from 2016 to 2017 one year!!!


Unfortunately most Penang people simply do not care, as they prefer to drive their car and not to use any form of public transportation.


Traffic congestion is a more serious problem than high density housing.


How big is our brain?
Is our brain + eye coordination preloaded with a camera scanner?
Drinking 100 bottles of Essence of Chicken won’t prepare anyone of us to run thro’ these 20 volumes
& make a final & clear analysis of these 2 sets of the RM46bn SRS Consortium transport proposal.

Kia Su, Kia Lang Chai, Kia Lang Kong, Kia Lang Chha, Kia Lang Me, Kia Lang Phui Chhau Nua!

This is 1st Class Transparency of The Cat Alleys.

Even a stripteaser will show a little more to satisfy the curious audience without the no camera signboard.


why so komplicated? report is not written by single non profession and yet you want … to compare??


Is this the
A)Original RFP based on Halcrow’s report,
B) Initial RFP submitted by SRS, or
C) Latest version of SRS’s RFP after edits and changes?

If its A or B then there’s no point as there must have been many changes to it by now. The latest version (C) should be the one displayed.


So, what’s the point to see a proposal that is not up to date (of untenable changes?)?
CAT thinks we Penangites are stupid…


Petition for online scrutiny can start from Anilnetto.com to gain attention for competent, accountable and transparent plan involving people’s money?