Penang hands over keys for 720 low-cost homes


The Penang state government has handed over the keys for a RM80m low- and medium-cost housing project developed by PDC in Sungai Dua.

The two 22-storey blocks at Halaman Kenanga have 720 homes:

  • 510 low-medium homes (700 sq ft) at RM72000 (PDC reportedly subsidised RM38,000 per home);
  • 204 low cost homes (680sg ft) at RM42000 (PDC reportedly subsidised RM66000 per home); and
  • six shophouses.

Construction began in 2009, the OC was in November 2011 and the keys were handed over on 4 March 2012.

Guan Eng said his administration has approved 11596 low-cost and low medium-cost units since 2008.

The Auditor-General’s Report 2010 had reportedly pointed out that the state had not built a single low-cost home  between 2008 and 2010.

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Housing in Johor is also very expensive, as reported on Sin Chew here:

ong eu soon

The first gift of LGe for those who voted for him is a ghetto slum! Can’t image! How after 308 the heart and soul of all the social activists can be blinded by hate and stupidity!


Ah Soon Khor – Very good, damn good – simply the best comment, thinking and solution. So Election coming. Which area are you going to stand? Silly question to ask. Confirm you will be challenging LGE in both state and parliament seat as you have some much power to throw at him.

If not just a blow cow or blow water … only in a virtual world.

ong eu soon

One lousy leasehold ghetto slum cost RM108,000 per unit, if it is developed by private developer, how much should it sell to make a decent profit? A poverty stricken ghetto slum how much would it worth few years later? If you have short memory let me refresh you with a bit of statistics. Koay Jetty housing density: 2315 units/14.0 acres = 165.4 units/acre OR 2304 units/ 4 blocks) = 576 units/block Rifle Range flat’s density : 3888 units/41.2 acres = 94.37 units/acre OR 3888 units / 9 blocks = 432 units/block Macallum Street Ghaut density : 4500 units/ 60 acres… Read more »

ong eu soon

LCE gave the poor Rifle Range. KTK gave the poor Macallum. LGe gave the poor Halaman Kenaga. All 3 have no different but share the common traits. Abang Adik! So what is the different voting for BN or PR? What is the different voting for LGe or KTK? Shame shame lah!

ong eu soon

After Rifle Range, Macallum, this is another low income ghetto, a typical apartheid housing separated from the rich and famous and sequence into a mere 4.31 acres of land with 712 unit of household. The more than 165 units per acres density is almost double the 87 units per acre as planned by LGe administration. Did the high density development ever help arrest the escalation of property prices over the last few years? There is no policy debate or public participation with regard to these massive increases in development density. In the end the poor like always have been betrayed… Read more »

NK Khoo

Blinded supports create dictatorship.


You said. “Did the poor who truly deserve the low cost unit can ever afford to buy or own a car? Why build a multi storey car parks of 724 lots instead of more low cost units?”

Rifle Range Flats were built without consideration for car parks.
They became an eyesore over the years and were infamous for haphazard parking.
Don’t condemn the poor to an everlasting life of poverty, if the lesson from Rifle Range flats failed to educate you.


Gerakan rule penang for almost 4 decade. Now 150000 penangites need low cost housing. Gerakan Bolehhhhh!

Gerakan K

The beauty of 2 party system is that if you cannot satisfy people needs then just step down and let other to take over. Now Dap cannot provide adequate low cost housing for the masses. Thus, we can concluded that Dap has let Penangites down this term and not deserving another term.

p/s: If I were LGE, I certainly MALU to announce a mere 200++ units of low cost houses. Only thick face politicians can do so.

Andrew I

Not as thick face as those who dare not debate with Anwar but who give two sen excuses instead.


Ya, I think PR should step down if they fail. However, as of today, I’m recognising more failures of BN during its 50+ years of administrating Penang than the hope I can find in PR. The worst part is BN is getting more recalcitrant, arrogant and racist in addition to being insanely corrupt. So until BN reforms, I guess it would be PR for us for many years to come.


Let us see more of these low-cost housing scheme for the deserving poor and lower middle class on the island and mainland. Many middle class including myself are getting poorer, even working harder like rats more than the normal 9-5 jobs. To still have subsidized housing in this time of run away inflation but stagnant incomes is appreciated and we should let the state gomen know our thankfulness. I used to see this project in progress on my way to work and now that it’s ready for occupancy, shows this state project was carried out by responsible contractors unlike the… Read more »


Yet to come across any news reported from the mass media on this.
BN govt ordered news blackout ?
Congratulations to Penangites and to all the new home owners.
The Selangor state govt also delivered low cost homes and keys were given out.
Also no such news can be found on any bn controlled mass media.
But unimportant event such as launching a fishing competition by the deputy trade minister are widely reported.
Journalist are still under shackles.
All of them are suffering from the “jaga nasi periuk” syndrome.


Ah Soon, where are you, any complain?

LGE/Pakatan’s 4 years rule is more efficient and effective than Gerakan’s 2 decades…

Gerakan K

Your standard of “efficient and effective” is so AMAZING. Just like Ripley’s Believe It or Not !!!

Under your “efficient and effective” standard, we need 2500 years to provide 150 000 low cost houses.

This is the TIME to wait when you GATAL-GATAL voted in Pakatan.


Penny wise pound foolish. BN Boleehhhhh!


GK : You know what, every time you speak only … come out. Yes … How many low cost house did Gerakan build since the day of Lim and KTK. 40 years to be precise. 50k the most and you call that incredible. bull… please check the record.


GK : 150,00 in 2500 When some one like you make such a statement, it only indicate one thing. Stupid and moronic to fill up one ego.


Aiyoh, why did you all always take Gelak K so serious, he is always main-main in Anil’s blog.

He is a lonely man out here to irritate the readers.

I believe he pangkal X for Pakatan government on 308 and he will continue to do so, ya Gelak k, very kwai lan you.

Gerakan K

I do believe that BN will regain Penang partly because 1) Dap failure to provide low cost housing 2) Dap failure to support vernacular schools 3) Dap failure to fulfill election promise 4) PAS is stronger and pushing harder for its BAN BAN BAN agenda


PAS ask you to repent. UMNO (supporters) ask you to balik … UMNO BOLEHHH!


Continue to dream GK. No more table whatsoever

Andrew I

Most of all, you believe in your own fairy tales and denials, Gherkin.

Gerakan K

To ooi, Yes, PAS indeed always asking us to repent, for example alcohol is bad, no more ‘yum seng’ thus banning of alcohol. Trust PAS, PAS is always right. So, repent. Cinema is bad, thus attempting to block new cinema. Concert is bad, thus continuously pushing for concert ban. Valentine’s day celebration is bad, thus you must repent and cannot celebrate it. Haram haram haram. Ban ban ban. Too Ooi, now you know the problems when pakatan got power ??? Repent now to support BN. BN will halalkan semua di atas. Tiada ban ban ban ke atas perkara yang normal… Read more »


Gerakan K, I am no.1 Umno supporter but the way you make your argument really make me wanting to leave UMNO. wah kah kah

Gerakan K

Your childish statement:
I am no.1 Umno supporter

Any hardcore supporter will not abandon his party no matter what. For example Abdullah Badawi, Dr. M, Ku Li, etc.

Andrew I

You’ve been watching too many movies, Gherks. Don’t worry, James Bond will never die.


two best words that Gerakan k can carry himself is “Childish and idiot” padan mukalah…..


GK, I’m amaze at you. I’m wondering (if)/how much you are being paid to continue polishing BN. I hope you get more than the minimum wage. It’s a lonely job sitting in front of your pc all day trying to cook some nice stories of your master.

I only have this to say, If BM did such a great job in Penang during its 50 years rule, there should be no poor people waiting for low cost housing.

Answer this with some intelligence and not your usual half corked half baked stupidity.

Andrew I

Gherkin, are you getting a unit?


Under AMMO & Gerakan Barang Naik, he did not get anything because it is transparent, that is why he has always been sore. He just like AMMO & Barang Naik want it under table, over the table and now even the table but LGE say no table whatsoever.


Mistake, it should be under PR he did not get anything because it is transparent that is why he has always been sore

Gerakan K

204 low cost homes are not enough for us.

I think Penangites have wasted 4 years by voted in Pakatan. Surely under BN, we can get more low cost houses.

Sze Tho

That’s the best you can do? Looks like you’re running out of ideas…

Gerakan K

Your comment made me so sad. Really so sad.

You maybe a DAP supporter with PhD and millions in bank. But how about other poor people without much formal education and money ??? Let them alone or kick them out of Penang ???

I don’t think joking about providing low cost housing is appropriate. Please respect for the poor ones. It’s state government responsibilities, not only servicing the rich ones by providing RM400 000 houses but they MUST take care of the poor ones.

Sze Tho

“other poor people without proper education”? You are referring to yourself, judging from your posts. Providing low cost housing is good, but no easy feat. The current state gov should be applauded for this latest effort. Arm chair critics like yourself should learn to temper your constant complaints with compliments when it is due. BTW, since when did penang gov provide 400,000 houses for the rich….? Please don’t embarrass yourself. Posting false statements make you look ignorant.


In the first place, who started to sell land to developers to sell to foreigners under the MM2H program? Who turned Tg Bungah from secondary development area to primary?

(The administration of) Yang Amat Bersembunyi Koh Tsu Koon that’s who.

With options of selling luxury apartments at high prices to foreigners, why would developers build for locals?

Plain Truth

If the self declared rent seeker Gerakan K will cease his rent seeking activities, the state will have more money for the poor.


Totally agree. Under BN most of us need low cost housing.

Angry and Fed UP

Gerakan K, explain to us why 204 is not enough? It is a good start, wouldn’t you agree?

You can’t expect miracles in 4 years with most of the State’s budget witheld by the Fed. Gov.

BN has done nothing more than to promote corruption…from every dept./agencies you can think of

Gerakan K

According to MCA President, Dr Chua (during LGE-Dr Chua live debate), there are more than 150 000 people in Penang requesting for low cost housing. How to satisfy the demand of 150 000 people by providing 240 units in 4 years ??? Do we want to give 2500 years to LGE to provide 150 000 low cost housing ??? How many 400 000 affordable (!) houses during these 4 years ??? p/s: I never support LGE definition of RM400 000 affordable houses. Support BN RM42 000 low cost houses instead. Only BN can provide adequate low cost houses and vernacular… Read more »

Sam Kin Kit

How many of these 150 000 people requesting low cost unit accumulated from the era of Gelakan? How many units did Gelakan built over the years? Haven’t you read the article correctly: it reads “Guan Eng said his administration has approved 11596 low-cost and low medium-cost units since 2008”, this 720 unit is just the beginning. You can be the opposition in Penang, to check and balance, but give credit where it’s due.

Andrew I

The Chinese Sex Legend only knows how to satisfy himself lah.


Gerakan K is right – sudden jump of people needing low cost homes in Penang. These may be the fast-track Banglas/ Indons/Myanmarese and others given Blue IC in 3 weeks of landing in Malaysia?

Phua Kai Lit

Nattering naboob of negativism


Under Umno even the cow can stay at condominiums….hip hip hurray…

Gerakan K

We don’t blame pakatan when there are criminal activities in pakatan states because we have the police and judicial system. Let the police do its jobs.

I don’t see how your comment is relevant to our discussion.

Andrew I

Well, you don’t seem to be able to see anything, Gherkin. Must be that log in your eye.


Judge for your self who are the criminals.

A judge was awarded a 2.2 billion projects during the judgment of an illegal takeover and police did not act thuggery and violence was committed during a rally.

Penang Voter

PDRM – Polis DiBawah Rosmah Mansor ??? The fiasco at Esplanade recently has proven itself.


Cow stay condo. Rakyat stay low cost housing. Malaysia Bolehhhhh!

Gerakan K

Your idiotic statement:
Cow stay condo

Citation needed for your idiotic statement. Any proof ???

Andrew I

Haha, minijackpot. Gherkin is getting a little hot. Make sure you don’t become like cavemen cousins.




Gerakan K – you got no shame!

Penang Voter

More homes for the needy or more homes for UMNO cronies.


THIS is what LGE does best – delivering politically on tough issues. He is no genius, he is no great speaker but he really delivers on substance that PR can sell politically and urban voters respect. Its really why UMNO-Perkasa/BN has no chance at all in Penang for the next decade. Selangor and Khalid Ibrahim has not done as well but they are keeping pace. IF PR can hold on to Selangor next GE, UMNO-Perkasa/BN is as good as done..


wonder what barang naiki kromi hock none would say now to continue talk talk that cannot redeem their mistakes/excesses fund leakages furing gelakan kroni era !!!!!!

Andrew I

Our Hock None is looking for more Hock to take back the throne he was supposed to have sat on. In musical chairs speak, he wasn’t paying enough attention when the music stopped.