Protest against racism, call for clean and fair polls


Students from Monash University say NO to racism and call for clean and fair elections, reports Media Rakyat.

In an unrelated development, some 200 students participated in a protest outside the SPR office.

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Phua Kai Lit

These will be running against UMNO Baru-BN as candidates in the next GE.
Good for you all!


Gerakan K,,

With your low mentality,like your namesake political party, you will be wiped out if you carry on in this frame of mind. Please know the future of the nation is with the young. The sooner they learn the better. What better way to learn than from the practical way of protesting. Thumbs up for you youngsters.Take no heed to this old fart.

Gerakan K

Small kids should not involve in politics. You know, small kids also believing blackout and bangla stories.

Small kids, pass your exam first. You know, you have to pay back PTPTN as anwar team has beaten.


Don’t you know that the generation Y was one of those that ensured your downfall this making you irrelevant. Rakyat Sudah Bangkit.


Gen Y are now fluent in Bahasa Malaysia, and they can understand the venom of racism as spewed daily by the articles on Utusan and Berita Harian.

SL Wong (@wong8898)

These small kids surf internet more than u eat rice. These small kids know how to spell CHEATING. These small kids know the meaning of Democracy. These small kids carry pen & not cangkul, u know? These small kids will one day bring back justice & democracy back to our country. U should go back to school, small kid GK.

Wern Wern

Mat Sabu once told Umno that Anak Kecil (small kid) tak lagi main api, but main iPad!

Another evidence that Umno is behind time.

Gerkan K should take note.