Another despicable act: Meat found at mainland Penang mosque entrance


A chunk of meat was found at the entrance of the Cherok Tok Kun Atas Mosque in Machang Bubok this morning. All right-thinking people condemn such despicable acts on places of worship.

The slab of meat has been sent to the Vet Department for testing.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng turned up soon after to condemn the incident.

This reminds me of what happened in 2010, when a spate of arson attempts on churches was followed by equally dirty attempts to stir things up by placing wild boar heads in the premises of two mosque. Check out the sequence of events here. Deja vu.

But Malaysians are now too mature and aware to fall for such attempts at creating animosity among the people.

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I am just speculating here but here is my point, It is less likely a Chinese perpetrator is involved as that piece of meat looks like a mighty fine piece of meat and being Chinese, we don’t go around throwing a fine piece of meat into a mosque compound. Second thing is if the perpetrator is a Chinese, he will not use a premium cut, he will use a reject part of a pig to throw. That is how calculative we Chinese are.

My 2 sen, that is if it is worth that much.


““In the developed world people strive for peace but in kangkong land just the opposite. Sad ! ““

Now we know who is demonizing our beloved country. And when some one who has political differences now feel that our country is inferior to the developed country by labeling it as ………..; My goodness I don`t know how to describe it except to say this is sheer stupidity from it own people


I am sick and tired of watching the behaviour of these religious bigots in our midst. Question them of their heinous behaviour they will never stop parotting the same ridiculious arguments to justify their actions. These extremists and the fundamentalists do not measure their belief against facts. No fact will make any impact on them since they already made their mind. Belief blinds. It is the nature of belief that blinds them to facts, not its content. The great Imam Ghazali (1058 – 1111 AD) said: ” Where the claims of reason come into conflict with revelation, reason must yield… Read more »


If you attend Pakatan’s rallies, you will be touched how civil the Pakatan’s malay supporters are. Equally, the supporters of Bersih, malay, indian and chinese were civil. We all know some dirty hands behind all these despicable acts. Raja petra had very much earlier (before changing his colour) warned the non malays not to react or fall into XXXX’s trap. In the developed world people strive for peace but in kangkong land just the opposite. Sad ! Only the blind at heart will encourage people to vote for a disastrous, backward BN government. Can i call these people, orang bodoh… Read more »


Kee just like LGE is just being paranoid


More precise paranoid schizophrenia


Actually its an opportunity for LGE to hound the Police to go after these people. LGE should meet with the chief of police to pursue this case, make it special priority to demonstrate how he would not tolerate anything against Muslim right..


Is condemning the action good enough. The right way is to take steps to improve and heal the situation. What has the CM done especially when his boys provokes such as Teresa Ma Lai video or Machang Bubok Kangkung episode etc etc. Now we do not even know who are the culprits. It could be from either side ???

najib manaukau

What is there to say it was the action of a muslim just to stir up another May 13 or just to prove how anti muslims are the non muslims ? Therefore no conclusion should be made until the culprit is found, indicted and sent to jail for a long long time !

Rich Daddy

Anil actually what happened in Penang ??? Lots of provocation lately. Maybe something brewing behind the scene.


Desperate people can do outrageously irresponsible things they will only regret in this and after life !

Ho Ho Ho

… orang buat untuk kacau kestabilan pakatan rakyat dan keharmonian kaum(?)…..jangan kena perangkap …