Francis uses bus after election as pope


Pope Francis ditched a chauffeur-driven limousine and took a mini-bus from the Vatican hotel for his first official engagement. 

Pope Franics in a mini-bus
Spot the pope in the mini-bus!

This photo was reportedly taken by a priest, Antonio Spadaro, and posted on his Facebook page.

A colleague sent me a text message saying Francis could be an ideal candidate to be the patron saint of public transport!

Just as Francis set an example by using public transport when he was archbishop in Argentina, it would be good if political leaders could show the way by sometimes using public transport.

In this respect, Penang state government leaders could take the lead and set a fine example by taking the bus to work, wherever possible. It would win them enormous respect among the public and do wonders to promote the use of public transport.

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najib manaukau

You do have a wishful thinking, Anil, it will never happen in Malaysia, even in Penang, All the politicians in Malaysia or may be I should say politicians all over the world become politicians, it is because of the glamour of the ride in an escorted car that goes with it. DAP is certainly no exception LKS has openly admitted he chose to take a limousine instead of even a taxi going to the airport when he was in Singapore ! You must surely have heard that crowds all over the world are black in color .

SL Wong (@wong8898)

No question if we really cannot afford to build the tunnel. My question is: Is it too much for us to have one?

Tough to be government now. Especially clean & responsible one.


Here in Malaysia the Catholic head prefers BIG titles!


ya good ideas but security is a big issue. c how they try to break the glass door. c how they behave like … when they are in a group. c how the mat rempits rule the road. even a normal person like us got worried when they pass by. what happen if they just want to have some fun when they confront a political leader in a bus. sometimes ideas can be wonderful but not practical. likewise if penang want to grow it should allow for the big infrastruture projects to be carried out. it can help to bring… Read more »


I sounds great but for the sake of security the pope should stop doing that. He is no longer a cardinal but a pope and there are crazies out there that want to do harm.

Ditto for the Penang leaders.