PM’s handover to Najib “in due course”


The Sunday Star on page 2 quoted Abdullah as saying he would seek an audience with the Agong on Thursday to tell him of his intention to resign as PM.

“I hope that the official handover ceremony can be held on the same day,” he was quoted as saying.

The paper had an interesting correction today – on page 8:

In our report on Page 2 yesterday headlined “Abdullah to see King on April 2”, it has been pointed out that Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi did not state when the handover will take place.

What he said was: “I hope that the handover could be carried out as soon as possible.”

I guess the only thing we can say for sure now is that we do not know when the handover date is.

On Abdullah’s meeting with the Agong on 2 April, Mahathir was quoted on page 5 as saying:

This is what we will wait for. Today (Saturday) was just about the (Umno) president and the other part is for the prime minister. I hope it will be done.

Mahathir himself did not reveal when he would rejoin Umno.

Meanwhile, Bernama reports that Abdullah said the handover to Najib would happen in “due course”.

Just wait for that. Don’t ask me to say anything. All these things will happen in due course.

Abdullah, take your time. No hurry.

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1 Apr 2009 1.49am

Not the final ‘D-day’ Najib will not sleep well!
The person who really can sleep well is Muhiddin!
After Friday, if Najib really sworn in then he can sleep well but alot of Malaysians will not sleep well after this even!

31 Mar 2009 9.23am

Our Agung knows what’s happening in Malaysia. Everything….!!! Just becoz he kept his silence doesn’t mean he don’t care for us, the rakyat…! Badawi said seeing the Agung on April 2nd. Only…! Seeing & NOT leaving…! Their private conversation…, we don’t know yah…! Son In Law position secured..! Najib desprately waiting to be PM…! Mahatir waiting for Badawi to be offically “kick-off”…! Rafidah is soo…… “kicked out” of BN…! (Yeah !) Etc… Etc….. Badawi might flip-flop & decide to stay as PM cos Najib got too many “bones” in his & Rose closet..! The Agung might reject Badawi’s resignation…! Aaaah….!… Read more »

anna brella
anna brella
31 Mar 2009 2.02am

Who knows, perhaps AAB will resign and also end up requesting for a dissolution of Parliament which will then of course lead to that snap GE13. Or the Agong may agree to accept AAB’s and his Cabinet’s resignation and also accept (or interestingly, maybe not?) AAB’s advice to appoint Najib as the next PM. And if that worst case scenario were to come to pass, could the PR MPs move the Dewan Rakyat to call for an immediate motion of no confidence in the new PM, provided of course the Speaker allows and enables such a motion to take place.… Read more »

31 Mar 2009 1.22am

It must be most frustrating for Najib, what a setback. … Meanwhile all he needs is to ‘smile’, how else?

I guess Paklah can now say, I’m no more afraid of your blackmailing, nothing to lose now. What is there to fear?

31 Mar 2009 1.00am

Yes, Pak Lah, no hurry.

Have Kuli as the new PM, ok?

31 Mar 2009 12.51am

Abdullah Badawi is a pain-in-the-rear career bureaucrat whose every utterance reeks of mediocrity and mundanity – but at least his termas PM afforded us a desperately needed respite from 22 twisted years under the repugnant Dr M. Right now Umno has become such a stinking cesspool the ONLY Umno member I would personally accept as PM is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. But, of course, like millions of my fellow Malaysians, it’s terribly frustrating to think there are brilliant candidates for the nation’s top leadership to be found amongst the ranks of the Pakatan Rakyat parties – Anwar Ibrahim and Nizar Jamaluddin,… Read more »

sword of justice
31 Mar 2009 12.17am

Salaaam (Peace) My Brothers and Sisters, Patience conquers all and I believe in that! I have a feeling that Pak Lah is playing a “Kasparov” game with his impatient Glue and Sticky Boy… Let’s all wait and see and I agree with you who said that the “time” will come eventually but this statement has kept our “Pink Lips” once again biting his fingernails, fretting and sweating profusely!After all, Pinky has to wear a broad smiling face when the press have snapshots of him. Play Sandiwara-lah! Pak Lah has no tension but the oter paty has sleepless nights now.the question… Read more »

30 Mar 2009 11.36pm

He is not a fighter and at times dont know what is going on.
He will surely hand it over and then again not decided by him but
some one else.That’s why he said dont ask me.

Dont be surprised he dont even know why he has to go.

Do not disturb ! cant you see the sign hanging at the door knob.
zzzzzzzzzzzzz.AHHH,It’s time for me to leave ???? ayo, Not yet check-out time ma…!!.

Wake me I am dreaming…..

Johnny Cheah
Johnny Cheah
30 Mar 2009 11.07pm


30 Mar 2009 8.05pm

Nothing will change as the real power is still with the corrupted Umno. … You fellas, just dream on….

30 Mar 2009 6.57pm

My prayer he will hand over his job to the right guy. Hopefully Pak Lah being GOD fearing person what ever people outside there want to say, in his prayer GOD will guide him to do the right thing for the nation and her people.
I agree with Pak Lah that the time will come but when it will happen is only GOD knows. Malaysians!!! listen to him for once and allow him the time and peace of mind.

30 Mar 2009 6.40pm

AAB should be sore to be upstaged by Mahathir. Najib and Muh seemed to work together to mud his face. kekek

30 Mar 2009 5.15pm


Check out this private conversation here:

30 Mar 2009 5.14pm

Gave up (cannot be trusted at all) on him long ago.

30 Mar 2009 4.35pm

I think he is giving a last “middle-finger salute” to those in UMNO who forced him out.
The handover will happen, certainly, in due course…..

30 Mar 2009 4.33pm

Come on AminGL, where have you been? Of course, Agong will agree.

30 Mar 2009 4.29pm

As reported in Malaysiakini today:

‘Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today asked the media not to pester him on the date for the transition of power. Urging the media to be patient, he said it would happen in due course.

“Just wait. Don’t ask me to say anything. All will happen when the time is right. The transition will take place,” he was quoted as saying by Bernama.’

So what do you think of this? He’s going to take his time? After all, his term does not end till end of 2013!

30 Mar 2009 4.24pm

Why is everyone speculating…as usual he doesn’t want to be rushed but it will happen…just give it some time

Don’t anybody get their hopes up!

30 Mar 2009 4.07pm

What will happen if our Agong does not agree Najib to be the PM?

30 Mar 2009 4.05pm

He just wants to say that it is Agong’s call not his. But he can’t do it openly. Just like what Tengku Razaleigh’s said, it is all belong to the Agong’s prerogative — his choice solely.

Interesting indeed, if anything to go by, the more quiet the more the background action. Economy anyone? Nah, no one is listening…

30 Mar 2009 3.57pm

Bah.. they are acting like they are “kings”, one abdicating in favour of another. Whether the king approved etc, there technically should be a general election to confirm that That fella will be PM. Not a bunch of delegates. ceh!