Nurul Izzah’s private life: Double standards in The Star’s reporting


The other day I was approached by The Star to comment on the issue of media coverage of politicians’ private lives in the light of Nurul Izzah’s personal situation. Can politicians really expect their private lives to be no-go areas?

I was assured in writing that the paper would be fair and my views would be published even if they were critical of the The Star.

Now, I couldn’t resist testing this assurance for what it was worth; so I sent in the following comments on 28 January (duly acknowledged on 29 January):

Public figures are in the public domain, but some personal family problems should be left alone, unless it involves public interest in the real sense.

In any case, the media in Malaysia must be fair. Have they subjected controversies involving BN leaders’ family problems to the same scrutiny?

Surely, there are other politicians from the BN who have family problems. Why is Nurul being singled out?

Okay, her personal situation may be mentioned in a brief report, but is there is a need to prolong the issue for a few days?

What about the expensive condos purchased by BN leaders’ family member(s) as well as their unexplained wealth? Has that been given much coverage in The Star?

Care must also be taken that party-owned newspapers don’t milk such personal issues for their owners’ political advantage, esp as Nurul is seen in some circles as future Pakatan leadership material.

The Star’s feature on the issue of privacy was published in the The Sunday Star today. It featured comments from Fahmi Fadzil, Tun Faisal Ismail Aziz, Tricia Yeoh, Yasmin Masidi, and Sonia Randhawa. But the critical bits of my comments above, marked in bold, were edited out. From this, you can clearly see The Star’s editorial stance.

This is quite unlike The Star. Whenever there is something critical happening in Penang which I sometimes highlight in my blog. I am occasionally approached by Star reporters for further comment. And when I do comment critically, like in the case of the Penang tunnel, The Star is happy to carry my views (apart from those critical of property developers!). In other instances, they may cite material from my blog.

But they rarely call me on issues of national importance. I feel sad and inadequate (tongue in cheek-lah!): I am just a ‘jaguh kampung’ whose critical views are only sought on Penang matters, when it suits the Star’s agenda. I suppose certain Star editors/journalists want to make use of me to score political points against the Penang state government – so that is why I tend to avoid them. Nothing personal – I just have no desire to be made use of.

To the Star’s editors and journalists, do you accept such double standards? I mean, think of the expensive properties recently purchased in the United States and the unexplained wealth of BN politicians’ family members. (My comments on these were edited out.) Why are you not probing further into this?

So has The Star really changed its stripes? You tell me.

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It is the same in every issue including current hot ones. They ask several people, and then report the “politically corrent” opinions.


The Star may end up losing readers that are directed to your blog?


What? all four potential Star readers posing under different names here? the Star like any other enterprise can’t be bothered. Lets get over it. Nurul does not need any pity. If she can’t handle it she can’t handle government. Drop her like her father is reputed to drop his political ideologies at every new election.

Noor Hassan

Dearest Anil,

YB Nurul’s issue aside, I always come to your site because I find that you are almost always on the pulse of Penang. Hope you are always here for us all Penangites.

Thank you for all your efforts over the years.

Hope you’ll always be here for us, healthy and all.


Pak Tim

Spot on.


If there has been unsubstantiated defamatory material being spouted out against the PM’s wife, then why is there no litigation being taken up? All they can come up with is sodomy charges. A joke in itself. The gentleman above with the first comment is just speaking rubbish and merely highlighting his personal bias. The topic is whether the newspaper is bias or not. Does the Star put things in that hurt the government? No they do not. So while questioning whether Nurul Izzah may or may not stoop to personal attacks is irrelevant (btw, attacking the husband of the Cow-Gate… Read more »


True. Teresa Kok’s CNY video are all based on real facts. No mention of Lahad Datu incident but the piracy, kidnapping and machine gunning incident in Sabah involving Taiwanese victims. Why are the BN friendly NGOs so afraid to face the truth?


Thank you Mat Ozil for the video link.
Good speech.
Capitalism in the form of 1SapuMalaysia!


Fakri, i like your 1SapuMalaysia, please allow me to use it in the future. Tq !


So what else is new with The Star? Nothing.
Continuing to lose more readership is likely.

I’m TheStar-free. Are you?

liu liang liang

Star costs RM1.20 / RM1.50
Kopi o kau kau RM1 to RM1.10 and more relevant and critical news from
Readers can make better judgement !


Politics is a dirty game. See what the other side of the political divide had done to C.Soiled Leg’s private reputation. I too have had heard a head-shaking disgust for a particular state leader & his family social dining ethics at a particular restaurant dinner footed by a well known Penang developer. But that’s so far I could hear & no more. See here, most of us cannot shut our mouths without thinking, much less when the opportunity comes to shoot venom to score points or to being down the other political opponents. Anil, you are smart to make a… Read more »


My apology, Anil. Wrong use of word (I didn’t meant to with too much Kopi-O).
You are the better chess player! And very cool unlike some live-wired to God know what!
If any sarong-dancing Belum tigress wants to set a ‘ambush’ you, I believe you will trap it first without the sarong!!!
Cheers Kopi-O kau kau to invasion of other’s private life from the other side of the garden fence!


Tunglang, you shoot too right? You are like cant live without tokong in your every comment, bang bang and shoot all the way to the komtar tower. As for me, if not of him, komtar is now a tower of rats… Penang can be worse off if it is still under the administration of ah koon. Bersyukur la ! Ps No one can be as dirty and as cruel as BN. Remember how mahathir did to Anwar and how his family has gone through, the sodo-mee part 1 and part 2, Beng Hock (found dead outside) the building when they… Read more »


Read correctly, Kee. My comment on this issue didn’t mention ‘tokong’ (was he your live wire?).
Pls read carefully without bursting like a sewage pipe!
And did I say BN was better?
Wake up with 2020 eyesight.

liu liang liang

tunglang : “……bursting like a sewage pipe!”

Looks like a prophecy as NST today reports that Batu Feringghi’s sewerage pipe allegedly
broken causing black elluence with E.coli bacteria to dlow downstream and out to open sea ???


I am quite happy with The Sun, no need 2nd hand news from The Star.

Save money as times are hard with stock market I US in free falling to drive Asian stocks into abyss. Possibly a ne chain reaction to precipitate anther property market bubble burst?
Those with deep reserves can soon dive in for lelong properties at good value?

liu liang liang

cannot agree more with you.
I am surprised Anil yet to publish very high potential “property bubble bursting” especially in over-developed condos scenario in Penang island !
May be anil yet to read many local papers advertising many new condo projects during cny editions. Even Paya Terubong housing projects costing RM600-RM700/sq feet !
I trust will continue to alert the readers to exit before get burnt big time !

Pak Tim

As a penangite property owner, that is good news.


if he is, BN better find better trolls. it only makes BN more detestable.


It is common for malay folks to kahwin and cerai, and such issues are common topic that is meletop in TV3 Melodi that mencetus kontoversi.


The star belongs to MCA. What do you expect ? Even other like Sun, malaymail are not doing any better playing the propaganda card. In fact , those media is not profitable business compare to other “assets” hold by those political parties/cronies tycoon, those medias are merely bargains pawn.


abb, Kumar is a BN cybertrooper ! The English gave away,if you follow any comments from any blogs,you will know what I meant !



this article is asking for responsible and fair reporting but you are getting personal here, no?
find a proper stage to vent your unsolicited accusations for the accused to answer you.


I am surprised, being a seasoned blogger you should know well The Star is not the People’s Newspaper. Its a biased s… paper. You should have just politely told them not to use you and ask them to get lost.

Pak Tim

Anil, what can one expect from a ruling party propaganda media? I think English readers are mature enough not to consume all the rubbish they are churning out about the opposition. What is worrying is the Malay media that continue to brainwash a large portion of the rakyat so we remain divided and they can continue to rule.

Mat Ozil

The Star tak buat lapuran pasal ceramah di Bandar Sunway baru baru ini dimana bapa Nurul berucap tentang korupsi dan kapatalisma di Malaysia ?


Anil, you tested and you got the answer ya?

Many amongst us have stopped reading the Star…

The star is fit for the bin and a big full stop !

Mat Ozil

The Star cuba perangkap (trap) anil netto untuk buat ulasan.
Dah lama tak beli The Star hanya baca di perpustakaan secare percuma, setakat baca apa yang cuba memperdayakan minda terbuka umum buat masa kini.
RM1.20 yntuk beli The Star ? Lebih baik beli nasi lemak bungkus dapat kenyangkan perut waktu siang.

grkumarGopal Raj Kumar

Nurul Izzah can’t have it both ways. She and her party have been critical of their “enemies” at very personal levels in outrageous ways. The media blogging campaign against the Prime Minister and his spouse (not a political figure) has been (allegedly) directed by PKR at the very highest levels although executed by their operatives in order to safeguard the leadership of the party. Nurul was happy to bask in the glory of the pages of the Star when it suited her and her party. She did not complain about the unduly and often unreliable credibility at a political level… Read more »


Bla bla bla talk so much of irrelevancies…

No one is saying Nurul should be exempted her married life made public but the point raised by Anil was why certain scripts of his were left unprinted by the Star ?

The answer is, what do you expect of toilet paper and its editors?


Irrelevancies??? a new word. What do we expect of toilet paper (your words) well not absorption by the brain of an “intelligent being” as yourself. But the problem remains as to whether you can tell the difference from where your brain is parked to where you need to use toilet paper.


Kee, politics is ‘unhygienic’, so much for your timely mention of toilet paper.
Both sides of the political divide can use it to wipe clean of their ‘angelic’ ethics.



politics is ‘unhygienic’, so much for your timely mention of toilet paper.
Both sides of the political divide can use it to wipe clean of their ‘angelic’ ethics.

You are absolutely right and Kee is trying to wipe clean his angelic stain stuck there by his idol tokong


Dear Raj Kumar

Please scroll down and read the comments of Islandjoe.

Thank you.