Bukit Gelugor by-election: Ramkarpal grabs 89 per cent of votes cast

Ramkarpal celebrates his victory - Photograph: DAP
Ramkarpal celebrates his victory – Photograph: DAP

Official result:

Ramkarpal Singh (DAP) – 41242 (89 per cent of votes cast compared to Karpal’s 79 per cent in GE13)
Huan Cheng Guan (Parti Cinta Malaysia) – 3583
Mohamed Nabi Bux Mohd Nabi Abd Sathar (Independent) – 799
Abu Backer Sidek Mohd Zan (Independent) – 225
Spoilt votes – 539
Total votes cast: 46388

Majority: 37659 (Karpal’s majority in GE13 – 42706)

Turnout: 46099 (56%) (86% in GE13)
(Discrepancy with total votes cast to be rechecked.)

All the three losing candidates lost their deposits.

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Don Anamalai

Read here to find out why Mariam Mokhtar refers Dyana Sofya as the most dangerous woman in Malaysia:

Dyana Sofya: Bersama-Sama Dengan Saya, Berjuang Untuk Rakyat Teluk Intan

Don Anamalai

Now the focus is on Teluk Intan by-election.

Dyana Sofya – Ceramah Umum PRK Teluk Intan (26 Mei 2014)


Total number of voters in Bukit Gelugor 83k+ Ram votes 41k+ It is only about 48% of the total votes. He is a minority MP


Your maths is so bad…


Sorry Anil. It is not my intention to use your account for betting. Point taken. Enough said


My internet speed is slow and I could not access your blog in the last 2 days because your front page is too long and not truncated despite the info is no longer real time.


Kit Siang practices double standards’ MCA chides DAP for being bias in defending women’s rights. http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2014/05/26/kit-siang-practices-double-standards/


Yang Since you have thrown the challenge to me, I will accept your wager. Put your Siew Mah come. let’s decide whether people will look at the bigger picture or the pettiness of BN campaign. Let’s have a gentlemen agreement to contribute RM200-00 to Anil’s savings account whoever loses.


My apologies, anil


How about Cheers Kopi-O kau kau?
No Starry-Eyed Bucks can keep anilnetto readers awake like Penang’s oldie kopitiam kopi!
Kopi-O Delivery toll free number in anilnetto.com?


Trusting DAP to make us trust PAS has made us vulnerable to hudud
Now Dyana admits mum involved with Perkasa
The DAP candidate also helped her mother with the membership registration for Perkasa.

Now we are involving with a party that is 2 headed. Beware my friend

Don Anamalai

Zahid Hamidi ‘jokingly urged’ RELA to vote for BN?


How on earth did he know which party RELA members voted for in PRU13?


Umno/BN must be aware of this outcome, hence they did not contest the by election directly and have instead the Umno/Bn friendly proxies candidates stood in the by election. Let this be a warning for all the Umno schmucks and all their lackeys in MCA that their ends are here. The results of the other by elections will be the same or in the next GE, time is running out even with all the deceit the election commissioner can come with. Run for your life the tsunami is coming !


The issue really is that those who lose their deposit, even though the voters don’t listen to them, UMNO does – way too much..


As I look into the picture as I saw PAS Sabu, and I see it as another victory by DAP that will seal our fate towards the implementation of hudud


Totally agree. Vote UMNO-BN as they are anti Hudud.


From the results we can clearly see that DAP influence has waned substantially and the people are getting disillusion with it. Previously Karpal got 55,839 votes compared to Ram 41236. It means that more than 14,603 voters who have previously supported DAP has decided to boycott and stay away. Couple with BN 14,061 voters and half of Huan supports that come mainly from DAP, it means that DAP has lost support by about 30 thousand voters which approximately a 40% loss. Without MCA in the field, they are already in disarray. Come next GE as dissatisfaction against the CAT grew… Read more »

Don Anamalai

Wong Chun Wai will be impressed by your ‘analysis’. Maybe he could offer you a job as the Star columnist (alongside Joceline Tan) to report on Penang politics?


Yang You seems to have a 3rd eye! What do you see in Tlk Intan? Did you see Seah winning the election? Then hope you are right. Ram has just won.


Teluk Intan … I take Mah.


Gerakan K incarnate

Don Anamalai

BN is dangling RM5 billion ‘sweetener’ at Teluk Intan to nullify the effect of Dyana Sofya?


When BN did not contest in the by election, they have already shows the voters that they only contest when they a chance to win. Sad for such a loser attitude. In a game of football, if the other team thinks they are not winning, they still play and not concede a walk over. And that is 90 minutes of playtime. So where is the sporting spirit of such a party.


What I see is Karpal Singh winning the election not Ram. Anyway the people are just letting him warm the seat for a while before they finish him off next GE


Turncoat yang talks like ah nar !!!

Both of them are squeezing their … now, talk nonsense suffering from alzheimer’s, ha ha ha ha !

Cingratulations to Mr Ram Karpal !!!


The people are voting the late man and the emblem. That is a fact that one should not deny


Yes turncoat beside talking like Nar also talk like Anwar, Hadi, Sabu and many others from PKR and PAS.


Here we have the true people’s representative whom speaks for all of us. Not the elected kind.


While Rosmah & Khairy & many Malaysians gave support to Lee Chong Wei, what has LGE done in his capacity as CM? Certainly a call from his MercS300L is worth the boost to Lee & his Thomas Cup tea mates.
Anyway, Lee thrashed that Tago like Harimau Malaya whipped Doraemon.


No patriotism


Not really a thrashing. Anyway, one must understand that Japan had a tough fight defeating China. But then I am looking forward to Malaysia victory

Don Anamalai

Japan badminton team improved tremendously under the Korean head coach Park Joo Bong, who used to be a coach in Malaysia. Foreign coaches could not stay long in Malaysia due to ‘internal politics’ in BAM as we have seen the departure of Joo Bong, Rexy Manaiky and Morten Frost in acrimonious circumstances. Even Misbun Sidek also quit as head coach due to problems in BAM?


what is the percentage of votes cast?


I bet there would be lotsa spinning on the low turnout. This does not augur well to Karpal Singh.

Ong Eu Soon

Deposit for PCM candidate is safe.


Ah Soon

Ah Guan closed service centre after 308. Now heavily discarded by Penangites, i think he better follows your footsteps to start own orchard at Balik Pulau that bear better fruits.


The combined votes from PCM and the 2 independents also cannot recover deposit. Now we know why MCA chose to be ‘Mari Cabut Association’.