Cybertroopers hijack online polls on Anwar


As suspected, cybertroopers have manipulated two recent online polls on whether Anwar should quit as Pakatan leader following the coalition’s failure to capture Putrajaya.

A rigged poll on the Edge website showed that 81 per cent wanted Anwar to quit. Edge polls normally received 2000-4000 respondents but this one received over 12000 respondents.

But when the editor saw on Tuesday the one-week survey attracted 12,736 responses and the responses were overwhelmingly one-sided, she thought it best to take down the poll.

Additionally, it was also overtaken by events as Anwar has stated his stand to continue to lead the opposition.

Upon checking, the Edge IT department found that 6,354 of the responses came from one IP address, and about 1,700 came from several IP addresses within the same building. Another 2,000 responses came from seven different IP addresses.

Read the Edge’s explanation on why they took the poll off. Thanks to blog reader Roxy for the alert.

An identical poll on my blog showed that it was being manipulated when the ‘Yes, he should quit’ responses were increasing at a rate of seven per minute. The first 300 responses had indicated that some 90 per cent felt he should not quit but that fell rapidly to around 55 per cent. After I raised the alarm about the possibility of the poll being rigged, the “Yes, he should quit” responses slowed and eventually the “No, he should not quit” responses outnumbered the ‘Yeses’ by over 60:40.

This band of cybertroopers will stop at nothing. It is all par for the course for them. But they are not fooling anyone.

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semac sn

This may have been organised by the world champion of fake Twitter followers, as announced recently.


Gerekan K,

I must say that you are consistent, consistently dumb and so low in intelligence. Don’t you have any grey matter in your empty head?

The edge is showing that it has been tempered by the excessive number of yes’s from on PC. It is giving substantiation to the statement.

But it’s a waste of time and energy to sink any sense into your empty skull.


If you do a reverse calculation (.19 x 12736) / (12736-10054) from the scores from Edge (minus the cybertroppers), >90% wants Anwar to stay. Even for such simple poll they also want to cheat, what do you think they will do for things with greater stake ? Publicize the news to same them all over the world.

Phua Kai Lit

“Upon checking, the Edge IT department found that 6,354 of the responses came from one IP address, and about 1,700 came from several IP addresses within the same building”.

People like Gerakan K still believe in the flat earth theory in the face of all the scientific evidence ?


These are habitual cheaters, so whether it is an important polls or such as this one, fingers itchy loh.


You do not have to conduct an online poll to find out the popularity of Anwar. Just look at the crowd that attended the ceramah. That is strong proof of physical presence that cannot be manipulated> Gelakan K you. Hidup apa tipu pandai. Podah


But the real question is why did it take Edge so long to reveal the situation to the public or their readers. Anil, when you started the poll and soon noticed something irregular, you were quick to point that out. But the Edge kept quiet until after MKini and other media called attention to it stirring public speculations of all sorts. The Edge fails, and that’s the story here, not so much cybertroopers, who may be all that you said they are and more.

Gerakan K

cybertroopers ??? The pathetic red bean army ??? I heard that new cendol army already in planning stage to counter the red bean. Ok, that is my free insider info for you, the pakatan kakis

Andrew I

There is now an army of flies in that space.


Penang Teochew Chendol serving delicious red beans wrapped with red t-shirts still drawing more Tham Chiak Kui customers despite the occasional pesky flies with questionable gerak-geri that never make it to the nearest chendol containers.
Penangites like Ori-Maestros know the difference of gelak-gelakan businesses from serious Penang businesses.
Wannabe chendol (with katak beans?) will have a hard time surviving in Penang!

Gerakan K

When the result unfavorable to you then it’s fraud, manipulation, etc. What else new with pakatan and its supporters ??? Even invented Bangla and blackout stories. Pleaselah, don’t do stupid useless things.

Anwar, the loser in GE13, should resign immediately like Gerakan Chief KTK.

133 Parliament seats won by BN vs 89 seats won by Anwar team. Anwar must accept the defeat gracefully and thus MUST resign now.

Hidup barisan !!! Hidup barisan !!! Hidup barisan !!!

p/s: The first by-election is coming soon. Yahooo !!! Who ask you to do illegal things ???


KTK = Ostrich Boh Hoot
LGE = Courageous CAT with Claws, Realistic Vision & People’s Empathy
Which one do you think we already want as a leader to lead Penang indefinitely?

Cheers Kopi-O kau kau to Penangites with big dreams of a better Penang under LGE & Team.


Reminds me of the Botanical Gardens arches poll…

Next time set up two bank accounts and ask people to vote by depositing RM1 into either the “yes” account or the “no” account, with the combined totals going to a charity for turtles or cycle paths or something equally unrelated. Count one deposit = one vote, it should slow down the kiloringgit voter!