Poll: Should Anwar quit politics?


Malaysiakini reports that a poll in The Edge claims 81 per cent of respondents want Anwar to quit after the GE result indicated Pakatan failed to capture Putrajaya. Let’s try an identical online poll here.

[poll id=”68″]

Caveat: This online poll may somehow be manipulated by certain quarters. After close to 300 people had responded, the poll revealed close to 90 per cent of people felt that Anwar should not quit. But after over 600 people responded, it is down to 62 per cent. After over 700 people responded, it dropped further to 58 per cent. In fact, the “Yes, he should quit” responses are increasing at a rate of about seven votes per minute, when I timed them at 3.45pm!

As for The Edge poll, according to Malaysiakini: “A whopping 10,396 of the 12,736 people who participated on the online poll by business news website The Edge agreed that Anwar should call it quits …”

Are these polls being rigged?

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Thuan Poe

No NO NO NO WHY ? HE is still badly needed. He must still be in politics.


I think your observation is correct. Over there at the Edge, they seem to have a similiar problem with their poll:


Pu Boh Kiah

Anwar should quit in politics as all demo has been done by him is all nonsense, furthermore is to create anger and make people to hate government in order to his political motive. He is … not suite to become the Prime Minister.

dr hamid ibrahim

we know EDGE represents who. so need to worry
about their poll results.

not true – but lies.

Mui Kauai fa

If 80% agree then there should be poor or no response to the black demo in so many states!!!

grkumarGopal Raj Kumar

Anwar … the fact he remains means we have no choice but to allow him to continue to make a mockery of himself, his family and his party. Why let a good piece of entertainment in an incorrigible Anwar free at that go to waste?

Anwar is bound not to disappoint. Like claiming victory before the ballot was closed and doing so before a supportive international media scrum Anwar is bound to come up with other Gems. let him be. And let those who wallow in his ‘pearls of wisdom’ lap it up to our amusement.


Malaysia needs an opposition leader of his stature, calibre, drive and strong leadership qualities, especially in this critical period. So stay on ….we need you to lead us.


Nuar will never get putrajaya

Jamal Majid

Anwar might not reach Putrajaya but ‘Ubah’ will !!


Why should Anwar quit? Definitely NOT! All these surveys conducted are bias anyway.

Nelson Mandela never wavered in his devotion to democracy, equality and learning. Despite terrible provocation, he remain steadfast! His life has been an inspiration to all who are oppressed and deprived, to all who are opposed to oppression and deprivation.

Hang in there! He has our support! UBAH!

victor liew

Why should Anwar quit politics? Anwar led Pakatan Rakyat to a resounding victory at GE13 with over 51% voters supporting him & PR inspite of all the bribery, cheating, zero national TV & Radio airtime for PR, tainted electoral rolls, indelible ink which can be removed within 24hrs of application, 1st time in M’sia election history where spouses to police & army personnel become early voters, open threats to civil servants as to their work position if they support PR and many more rubbish supported or even orchestrated by EC.


For the future of Malaysia , we definitely need Anwar Ibrahim to lead Pakatan Rakyat to oust BN in GE 14 , not many of us will be around in another 55 years for another AI to lead the opposition to topple the current corrupted regime.


Its wrong to depend on 1 person, but lets face it he is the guy keeping all 3 parties together. Can you think of anybody else? Certainly hope there is another person (s) who can do that, but until then …… As for proof, certainly circumstancial. But it goes to show how BN has over 50 years manipulated the law to suit them – so that everything they do seems “legal”. From from ethics and common sense, you can certainly find a lot of wrong. For example, giving ICs and voting rights to Myanmars, Bangladeshis, etc. its it illegal? No,… Read more »


Lets try Great leader Lim Kit Siang.. champion of political strategy.. bet he is the one..


Unless he can proof that he was robbed of victory, he should step aside and continue to contribute in another role. Else, how can he be different from other politicians? Promises but no delivery. Btw, I have voted for pkr. ABU.


No wonder Waytha men can kiss Noordin.
Now he will be kissing the … of Najib


The greatest Indian pretender fighting for a pretended Indian cause is now in Ah Cheap ministry…

Mike Terrence

And why should Anwar quit? In fact he and rakyat was robbed!! Even The Edge are stupid to conduct such ridiculous poll in the first place. The damn issue here, as if they (anti-opposition) pretend to portray they are nobel in terms of fair play and principled are actually turning a blind eye on whats becoming of this nation. We all know who should quit, don’t we? Don’t be an …?


Walau lei this is a good one for you guys to enjoy

Muhid Ibrahim Muhid Ibrahim

Anwar should not quit because the Malaysian people still need him to carry on the next and next General Election. We hope to get someone young and energetic to take his footstep. We need more politicians like Rafizi to carry the struggle until we won the next and the next election. Long live Pakatan Rakyat.


I don’t think The Edge should be taken seriously on this issue considering the kind of publication it is (business oriented with social and political stability a mantra) and its main readers (interested in big business and high finance). Why couldn’t MKini do a similar study? I would be surprised if the results would be the same as the Edge’s.

tan tanjong bungah

Hi Anil,

Yes, I do agree with Penang Ah Pek that you consider putting up a poll on “Should Najib quit as PM?”. Let us see the responses to a PM who has 52% voting against him and BN in the 13GE!

S. Menon

I feel he should remain in place – he has much unfinished business to look into. Worse, if he DOES quit, who will take his place? Will Azmin and his gang attempt a hostile takeover? That will be the end of PR as we know it!

Street Justice

The beauty of a democratic election is that the citizen gets to choose who represent and speak for and on our behalf. The recently concluded fake 13GE destroy democracy as our chosen way of life. The entire election process blatantly speak for itself. Every trick in the chest was shamefully used by BN/UMNO in securing it victory – the “stolen election victory.” The opposition won the popular votes – the will of the rakyat. Now, you tell me why should DSAI quit?

Andrew Ng

As the saying goes:

“That was a very well-laid out, rational point.
But I will still hold on to my emotional opinion based on No facts or evidence whatsoever.
So what? Aha …”


The poll itself is bias. Most believe that Keadilan and PR is not sustainable without a succession plan. I think most people don’t want Anwar to quit politics but they would like to see someone or some others who can take over and command the movement as strongly, in fact stronger without his baggage..