Bukit Gelugor: Ramkarpal set to cruise to victory, only winning margin uncertain


The only question is the margin of victory for Ramkarpal Singh, in the face of an insipid challenge by a Parti Cinta Malaysia candidate and two independent candidates and with the BN staying out.

A Pas grassroots worker predicts a 40000 majority for the son of the late Karpal Singh. A DAP branch secretary was much more optimistic, claiming that Ramkarpal would secure a crushing 57000 majority.

Maybe the actual majority will be somewhere in between, perhaps about the same as last year, bearing in mind a likely lower turnout. The Election Commission is predicting a turnout of 76-78 per cent tomorrow compared to 86 per cent at GE13.

In 2013, Karpal Singh secured a 41778-vote winning majority and it remains to be seen whether his son can equal or better that on a reduced turnout.

Candidates at these by-elections should take the opportunity to highlight the critical issues of the day such as TPPA, income inequality, environmental degradation, climate change, the impact of privatisation and other neoliberal policies, the lack of respect for worker rights, speculation in upmarket property development – perhaps these issues are not coming out enough.

Instead, the focus in election campaigns in recent times has been on corruption, GST and Barang Naik (which are no less important of course).

Yes, we need a two-party system to provide check-and-balance. But many issues are conspicuously missing in the campaign. These issues need to be articulated if we are serious about ushering in new politics and raising awareness among voters.

Will the winning candidate, for instance, strongly call for improved public transport in Penang when he rises from his seat in Parliament to make his maiden speech? Will he call for stronger controls to curb property speculation?

Thanks to blog visitor Don Anamalai for the video link.

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Pak Tim P stands for? Depends on who you pose the question. For me it stands for Peninsular. However, for Perkasa and Isma, it stands for Pendatang!


StrawberryCheekie folks can just call up off-shore CaymanIsland 1MDbanker and the rakyat can get RM3 million for TV1 live telecast ?


PCM’s Huan must have some financial support otherwise he would not hav spent own savings to adverise full page on KwangHwaJitPoh (cut hands/limbs & affordable housings agenda) and also many billboards (as evident across the road from sPICE near Relau junction).

If he fails this time AGAIN, he can enrol himself as a drama artist for media prima group (8TV/NTV7) for he is truly born to be very dramatic 🙂

Pak Tim

That is chicken feed to what the bn machinery will spend in Teluk Intan.


The headline screams MCA : Chinese voters will back BN in Tlk Intan. Sure or not? Firstly, they dare not even contest in a chinese dominated area in Bkt Gelugor and yet dare to come out and said so much when no one bothers about the party anymore. In cantonese we call these group of people “Fai Chai”(USELESS). So many Gen-Set available near Tenaga substations near polling areas. Confirmed no BLACKOUT! I would ask the party to drop the C from MCA and put P!

Pak Tim

P stands for?

Wee Chin

It is important for Ram to win big.

Meanwhile in India, the Malaysia badminton team is on its way to win the Thomas Cup, until BAM rattles the players’ concentration and focus by announcing RM1 million reward if they win the cup. The players has performed well so far as underdogs without pressure (even Shaberry Cheek and RTM has no confidence on the team and did not arrange for live telecast in the first place). The promise of cash reward will unsettle the players’ mentality and greatly reduce our chances of winning. BAM never learn from past mistakes.

Don Anamalai

Malaysia played well but Japan was better and deserved the Thomas Cup. Anyway, if you watch the live telecast on TV1, the RTM host provided some comic relief in the form of some amusing commentaries with these quotes, as reported on MSN Malaysia: http://sport.malaysia.msn.com/thomas-cup-2014-the-darndest-things-rtm1-host-said 1. “Pertahanan yang longgar!” 2. Terkandas!” 3. “Smash yang kencang sekali!” 4. “Satu attacking game…” 5. “mata atau points…” (in case you needed a translation) 6. “mungkin tidak begitu cergas untuk menghadapi tension atau tekanan… ” (yet again another translation) 7. “Tindakan yang begitu bijak, jumping smash…” 8. “Bersyukurlah kerajaan bagi tengok free kat TV1” 9.… Read more »


I am sure this egregious Mahathir is not out to give support to the candidate from Umno/Bn. He knows very well what will happen to the candidate whenever he is seen to be supporting the candidate since his ‘retirement’. Inevitably the end results of those candidates failed and so will this, in fact this time round it will not only fail but it will loose its deposit !


Better to have independent candidates and BN lose deposit. If want PR to lose. Make sure Azmin lose Gombak in the next GE

Pak Tim

Why must Azmin loose in Gombak?

Awang Selamat Ori

There is no question that Ram will win, but, it will be good if the winning majority can be reduced by 20,000. Just to keep the elected reps to stay on their toes and keep working.

But, then it may affect the morals of Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud.


Ram Karpal’s sure to win, but will he roar like his father & act without fear or favour (even in his rocket party) consistently with gentlemen principles to issues close to our hearts, & not be a puppet of corporate interests now evidently rampant & obscene in Cosmopolitan Penang Frenzies?

I am holding the invitation card with tiger claws (to vote tomorrow) with this headline:
We Are All Karpal Singh: The Legacy Continues!

Hope it’s not going to be a Tiger That Eats Vege.