High-stakes drama in Bersatu


Quote of the day: “There is no setiausaha kerja (organising secretary) post and he has no powers whatsoever, only susun meja (arranging tables). Now, Mahathir wants to sack Muhyiddin! You just can’t underestimate Mahathir’s staying power.

So a lot of things going on in Bersatu, which appears split right down the middle. Support for the backdoor Perikatan Nasional government will hinge on how this turmoil within Bersatu plays out.

At the end of the day, most people want a government that actually represents their aspirations – ie that works for the people, irrespective of their ethnic and religious background – rather than personal, crony or Big Business interests. Is that too much to ask for?

On a lighter note, the no-show of Muhyiddin’s men at the Bersatu office reminds me of this occasion before the 2018 general election:

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30 May 2020 12.37pm

PH should dissociate itself from Bersatu. Mahathir is now a liability and not trustworthy.
DAP should stay away from Bersatu fiasco, no need even to comment, else conveniently become a collateral damage in the malay tussle.

Bayi Yoda
Bayi Yoda
29 May 2020 9.01pm

Easy to get public support by offering RM1k to every household.

M vs M drama could not happen yet as one of them under quarantine.

M if cry in public may gain public sympathy again?

2 Jun 2020 6.00pm

Penang state govt in shock as Fed Govt pulls funding for Penang Hill cable car project

Penang Forum rejoice!

30 May 2020 7.46pm

Mahathir’s stunt and coup against Muhiyiddin’ s minion is unsustainable. Neither is hand to hand combat with them.

Mahathir need to either have majority or he need parliament hung to have reelection. There is no two way about it now.