Bruised last year, Keshwinder ‘sees the light’


Another one bites the dust – or rather leaps across the political divide. This time from the DAP, showing that the party-hopping syndrome is not confined to the PKR.

In the video clip, at 6:07, a man in dark attire, with an audio device on his ear, steps forward to remove what looks like the prepared statement from the table in front ofย  Keshwinder. Another blog reader watching Bernama news over Astro at 6.00pm noticed that the three men-in-black with Keshvinder appeared to be ‘in control’ of the press conference. Mkini reported that they were ‘bodyguards’, one of whom revealed that they work for a ‘Hamidah’.

What makes Keshwinder Singh’s hopping over to Zambry all the more intriguing is that it was just over nine months ago that the Malim Nawar Adun suffered a hard knock on the head when he was among Pakatan reps who tried to attend a Perak State Assembly sitting on 2 September 2009.

He was really out in front last September. What happened between then and now for him to follow in the illustrious foot-steps of the ‘much-loved’ Hee?

Earlier, in 2009, he reportedly complained that he had been offered millions of ringgit to quit his party and become an independent or join the BN.

In March 2008, he was penalised by the Bar Council’s disciplinary board over a land tenancy agreement undertaking.

It would be interesting to find out his reasons for hopping. The real reasons-lah.

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Look closely, the man’s body language and was he perspiring as the PC progresses (or was it hot during the PC)?

0:50 when the name of Dr Zambry is uttered, he moved his body forward adjusted his sitting position.

While sitting this man is shaking his leg (guessing here) intermittently while answering questions (5:05, 5:56, 6:19, 6:55, 7:22 and so on…

8.68 when asked will he get allocation from state government, this man hesistated then while answering the question moved his left hand to touched the corner of some papers on the table.

9:14 he took a deep breath.


Firstly, where was the entire Dap n PR when one of their own needed the family????

Who does’nt hv problems, why didnt they help him and his family?

remember, all of you out there, tis time is Keshs, who knws when it will be yr hm, car etc etc.

Pasir Salak seem to be the only one who wrote something sensible…. i’m not condoning his action but where was all his men/frens in PR when he needed them the most.?????????????

Impian Malaysian (The Malaysian Dream)

This Keshvinder Singh should be shamed by the Voters in Malim Nawar publicly so that he cannot even walk on the roads of Malim Nawar or Perak. He should (be) shamed… by the Sikh community….

A man of no principles. If Keshvinder cannot fullfil his obligations should resign and seek fresh mandate. To be voted by DAP supporters and prostituting for Barisan is the Greatest disgrace.

Come on Malim Nawar people who voted him should continuously shame him in public to the rest of his life unless he repents genuinely. He is a disgrace…

konsensus bebas

BN got no money for psd scolarship.

But (can entice) MPs, build palaces and parliament house.

We must reject and eject BN!


No money to do the honorable thing.
But lots of scarce resources to do the evil biddings and wasteful self aggrandisement (Gaya).
God is watching.


I was reading a book which described how Israel’s spy agency Mossad recruit agents. It needs only three things to recruit a person, and this case a defector from DAP or PKR – money, motivation and sex. Find out what drive the person and you got him. With the resources of BN, it is easy.


Keshvinder Singh said he’ll get back to his constituents to explain to them his reasons for toady-jump, wasn’t he supposed to get their blessings before he decided to resign from DAP/PR? He afterall managed to obtained their votes on a DAP/PR ticket. And with those bodyguards around to ‘take charge’ of the situation at yesterday’s PC in Subang(not Malim Nawar!), think he dares to walk the streets of Malim Nawar to ‘explain’ his stand? He may even find it difficult even to sleep, may need bodyguards around in his bedroom, no? Remember what they did to that Hee-Haw…? Traders at… Read more »


I sense that there was a ready pool of froggies within PR especially in Perak. As soon as there was a probable defection from BN these froggies are made to jump. This will nullify the effect. BN will never let any x-over from their side in Perak as this will hit them hard where it hurt them most. The palace would be in a fix under such a circumstances. The stakes are too high. As for Kashvinder, did he expect the voters who voted for him believe his reasons. It is on the principle for change that he was voted… Read more »


Given the way the crime was done by his clerk, UMNO can engineer his disbarment minimum, even to extend of charges of fraud and jail. The personal financial repurcussion not just for him but likely his family too would be beyond what he had bargained for.

It explains why she shows so much personal stress. If you see the other frogs talk, there is no stress just indicate lying. There is truth that personal gain is not the main cause.


You can hear the personal stress in his voice and all the reflex action, shifting eyeball movement, nervous leg movement, hand gestures etc. all indicate stress and lying.

Boils down to if you can’t do the job, quit. Everyone knows the value of a buy-election to constituent is bigger than any promises made by BN to him or the people.

Ho Ho Ho

Ho ๐Ÿ˜ฏ Ho ๐Ÿ˜ฏ Ho ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

๐Ÿ˜ฏ BlackMAIL by his TROJAN horse bumNO clerk n this is an act of DEVIL ๐Ÿ‘ฟ ๐Ÿ‘ฟ n RAKYAT really hates this type of sick politicians n the better go sell :mrgreen: ‘Katak Porridge’ :mrgreen: Ai yo yoyoyo ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

Ho ๐Ÿ˜ฏ Ho ๐Ÿ˜ฏ Ho ๐Ÿ˜ฏ


A man of no principle who has no respect for the electorate who voted him in. Why can’t this man quit as an assemblyman and go back to the people who voted him in? Why a press conference? Just quit.


Poor Anil, you should lock up your computer and take up politics. Get voted in and sell it for 2mill + all the cookies…you are made for life! Then again, I am positively sure, you are made of better substance and far from being similar to these BN friendly frogs!

Anthonysamy s/o Arokiadass

Looks like our ADUNs and MPs are all in the auctioning house (not parliament house or state assembly house) willing to go to the highest bidder!

The question is, if he has nothing to gain personally, why would a person trade his reputation for nothing unless his otak tak dah centre.

Habib RAK

Anil, just a thought. Could it be that PR knew about Kesh and to flush him out they made the roose about UMNO aduns jumping. This must have churned the stomach of the (masterminds). So they called in the trump card. No?

Penang Voter

Take the money then jump back….

You will be a Hero in Perak and Malaysia, even more than Dato’ Shah Ru Khan !


Usually SINGH IS KING .. just look at his … face makes everybody puke , come on bro singhs in this country stand up and disowned these… from your noble respected community


What happened between then and now?
This is what probably happened..
‘They’ panicked when it was revealed 3 frogs will jump soon, and ‘they’ (may have) upped the offer to have him in the pocket, you know, as insurance, just in case the frogs really jumped. An offer he cannot resist.
Oh, this is just a wild probability…. ๐Ÿ™‚


I dont like to pass remarks normally if I do it will most likely come true. As for the young Adun I will just wish his well. I do hope he will come around and
tell his voters that he will give up his position and
let have another new gentleman to lead the voters.


While watching the video clip I sensed the unseen presence of something sinister, a feeling heightened by Keshvinder’s tense reading of a prepared statement. If he had spoken straight from the heart, off the cuff, he might have convinced a few people that he genuinely has had enough of the stress and uncertainty that first-time politicians must feel in the poisonous post-GE12 atmosphere – in which case he really should have resigned all posts and quit politics completely. I read somewhere that Keshvinder was accompanied by mysterious bodyguards who told a reporter they were working for “Hamidah.” Surely not Hamidah… Read more »


no class punya adun!


Whats the big deal, myth or fact defines that this human grouping plays it both ways. They have no doubts whatsoever on the allegations on Anwar as for them it is normal…


sigh sigh sigh !!! budak jahat !!!

just wonder he can sleep tonight ???

(Is he) a millionaire now(?)…

no hardwork but just one jump…

congratulations !!!


Hahaha, cutting subsidies and the savings go to..

National Passtime.. Frog breeding.


That’s exactly the cunning strategy to hook wink the Rakyat.
So Rakyat, take this as a WAKEUP CALL.
We actually inadvertently finance this frog jumping!
The other source of financing is (perhaps) thro’ sports gambling.
Abacus, please?

Abang Adek

Aiyaah Anil, The poor guy kena ‘knock on his head’, no? So, now otak tak centre-lah! So, now he sees the bright financial lights and suddenly he jump at the chance of being cosy with Zambry and the BN. See what a knock on the head does to you? Lucky you never kena knock on the head Anil..! Otherwise, who knows, maybe you also jump… ๐Ÿ˜‰