BFM Uncensored interviews Anwar Ibrahim (Video)


BFM Uncensored interviews Anwar Ibrahim about Project IC, the NEP, his sexual orientation, and his political journey.

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This “interview” rile me up! What a cheap question coming from the interviewer – what biz is hers, the sexual preference/orientation of the interviewee! If I were Anwar Ibrahim, I would have told her off – “Try me tonight, how about it?” !!! But too bad, he’s a politician and has to be at his best behavior in words and deed.

Hey interviewer, how about putting same Q to Rais Raitim, whether he likes Malaysian or Indon …?

John Doe

A simple question, YES or NO? Or neither one or both.. but why go around the bushes..?


the question is either homosexual or bisexual… how can he choose if he isnt both….


What an absurd interview, juxtaposing serious topics of policies with Anwar’s sexual orientation. “Yes or No?” Why should Anwar confide in this little nobody whether he is heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or metrosexual. And how does this pseudo liberal like her sex? …


LOL !!!! True, true…. 🙂