Najib lands up with ‘cake’ in the face

Two moments stood out in last night’s debate between Anwar Ibrahim and Najib Razak.

People’s Agenda: Promote equitable, sustainable development and address the climate crisis

Is our development – especially all those mega-projects – really sustainable? Are we doing enough to curb climate change?

Fisherfolk of Sungai Batu boost food security

Independent filmmaker Andrew has come up with another video, this time showcasing the fishing community of Sungai Batu and their role in promoting food security.

People’s Agenda: Uphold the dignity and quality of life of the people

Has our quality of life really improved in recent years? Are all workers able to live in dignity? Are families able to afford nutritious, balanced diets?

Today, we look at the first point of the five-point People’s Agenda. Anne Lasimbang, executive director of Pacos Trust, a community-based organisation in Sabah, explains why it is crucial to raise the dignity and quality of life of the people.

Current events – Your views

Here’s where you get to talk about current events affecting us, especially of public interest, including the run-up to the coming general election.

People’s Agenda: Why the need?

Here I explain the background to the People’s Agenda and why the NGOs felt the need to come up with the five key points.

Basically, we felt that the political discourse was neglecting the many pressing social issues of the day in the run-up to the general election. We wanted the political parties and political leaders to focus on these issues in their campaigning rather than on the divisive issues of race and religion.

People’s Agenda: Reclaim our nation!

Well, this is what my colleagues and I and our civil society partners have been busy with over the last few days.

The People’s Agenda was unveiled yesterday, with six civil society co-sponsors.

The theme of the agenda is “Reclaim our Nation!” with the slogan “People first, democracy now!”

Why was Jesus executed?

On Sunday, Christians celebrate Easter, the greatest day in the Christian calendar – yes, more important than Christmas – for this is the day Christians believe Jesus conquered death.

But we will not be able to grasp the full significance of the day if we do not look at the real reason Jesus was executed on Good Friday.

The rise and fall of the ‘LRT’

Check out this video about the elevated light rail system in Singapore, especially the comparison with buses and trams at street level.

What happened to the promised Tanjung Bunga coastal park?

About 50 people gathered in Tanjung Bunga this morning to remind the state government about its pledge for a seafront public park.

Najib feted on the island where Jho Low grew up

I cannot for the life of me understand why the convicted criminal Najib Razak is now being feted by certain groups in Penang.

BN’s vote share only rose from 40% to 43% in Johor election

Barisan Nasional may have captured 40 out of the 56 state seats in the Johor state election.

But it was the fractured opposition that allowed the BN to claim victory. It has also raised the hopes of the ‘court cluster’ and their supporters, who are anxious to hasten the next general election in their bid to keep the key players out of the slammer.

Johor state election outcome – your views

I spoke to a couple of PKR people following the elections closely.

One of them based in Johor Bahru said Barisan Nasional would win 31 of the 56 seats if the turnout does not exceed 65% of the votes.

Which is the bigger ‘national embarrassment’?

I am not sure which is the bigger “national embarrassment”.

Flood on the ‘highest highway’ in Malaysia!

This short highway cost several hundred million ringgit for the city council to build. That’s comparable to the annual income of the Penang Island City Council.

Paving paradise … again

Today, I was horrified to see an popular park in Penang being ‘upgraded’. This involves knocking down old concrete structures and building an even bigger one, and as if that was not enough, pouring concrete over a large patch of open space (for what, I have no idea).

Happy new year, everyone!

Wishing all of you a very happy Lunar New Year. This real family spirit (as opposed to the top-down version) is possible on the ground when manipulative politicians are not around to divide and rule.

When did the ‘rot’ in Malaysia first set in?

Of late, many political observers have expressed alarm about how deep the “rot” has seeped into many aspects of Malaysian life, including the country’s institutions of governance.

Save Assumption School petition hits 10,000 signatures

I am not sure why the Ministry of Education is so intent on closing down Assumption School in Butterworth. We should be enhancing our existing schools – not shutting them down!

MACC crisis: So who do we believe now?

The Securities Commission – which says MACC chief Azam Baki controlled his own share trading account?

Or Azam Baki, who had earlier said his share trading account had been used by his younger brother Nasir to buy shares in 2015?