T Rajamoorthy, deep thinker on global issues, passes away

Malaysia has lost one of its deep thinkers on global issues. T Rajamoorthy from Third World Network, based in Penang, has passed away after a period of illness.

Was there an agreement between Goldman Sachs and the Malaysian government for higher compensation?

Aliran released this media statement yesterday:

In Tommy Thomas’ autobiography My Story: Justice in the Wilderness, the former attorney general said he was “confident of recovering” from Goldman Sachs the huge losses the Malaysian government suffered from three 1MDB bond issues.

A great day for Michelle Yeoh and Asia at the Oscars … and for a refugee too

Let’s forget the kerfuffle over the Mentega Terbang movie for the time being and celebrate Michelle Yeoh’s win at the Oscars for best actress in the sci-fi movie Everything Everywhere All at Once, making her the first Malaysian and first Asian woman to win the award.

Combat corruption across the board

This is Aliran’s latest media statement in response to certain quarters claiming selective prosecution:

I asked ChatGPT how long Anwar would last as PM…

I was feeling a bit bored, so I decided to give ChatGPT, the online artificial intelligence (AI) tool, a test drive:

Keeping George Town’s living heritage alive

It’s a battle to keep alive the living heritage of George Town and to protect the traditional trades of the city in the face of gentrification.

Vote-buying by any other name … is still an offence

Latest release from Aliran:

On 21 January Pas president Hadi Awang said it was not against election rules for others to distribute money as “charity” during election campaigns.

Stunning victory for Sungai Ara residents, Penang NGOs: Federal Court blocks sensitive hill project

A group of Sungai Ara residents have scored a stunning victory in the Federal Court as top judges decided in their favour after a decade-long struggle to block a development project on hill-slope land above their residential area.

To win over fence-sitters, Anwar must quickly improve five areas

Many ordinary people simply could not see a qualitative improvement in their lives in the 22 months after the 2018 general election – and that is why PH did not fare well in a string of by-elections in that period.

Malaysia’s stagnant population: This changes everything!

A major new item broke recently with little public comment: The population of a couple of key Malaysian cities is declining while the national population is plateauing. This trend will have a profound impact on development planning.

Butterworth comes into its own as a food paradise

For too long, Butterworth in mainland Penang has been in the shadow of Penang Island as a food paradise. But that is slowly changing, as more people settle on the mainland as opposed to the island.

Influx of visitors from proposed cable car could exceed Penang Hill’s carrying capacity

This is a statement from Sahabat Alam Malaysia:

Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) is very alarmed to learn about the Penang chief minister’s announcement that the cable car project to Penang Hill has been awarded to Hartasuma Sdn Bhd, at an estimated investment of RM245m and is based on a 30-year concession period and will be located in the Penang Botanic Garden area.

Are the Michelin guide awards a good thing for Penang and KL?

There has been mixed public reaction towards these awards. A major concern is whether this will lead to higher prices putting meals at affordable places beyond the reach of locals. What do you think?

Get independent sustainable mobility experts to review Penang’s bloated PTMP

Penang Forum congratulates Anwar Ibrahim on becoming Prime Minister of Malaysia.

So far, the PM has set the tone for his new administration by commendably shunning extravagant spending, especially in his choice of official car, saving the government a large sum of money. He also wants to trim ministerial pay and slim down the cabinet to reflect the new administration’s commitment to financial prudence.

Election 2022: An emotional rollercoaster ride and then, new Hope

It was an emotional rollercoaster, from polling night on 19 November to the announcement at lunch time on 24 November – five days of hope and despair to find out who would form the next government.

Anwar’s new cabinet: Have your say

Share with us your thoughts on Anwar’s cabinet line-up, due to be unveiled at 8.15pm. In particular, should Zahid Hamidi and other ‘court cluster’ politicians be included in the line-up?

Reformasi message reaches the heart of Putrajaya

I thought Anwar Ibrahim spoke brilliantly when he addressed civil servants from the prime minister’s office this morning – though of course he had his own chequered past when in government in the 1990s.

A new beginning for Malaysia as Anwar becomes PM

Finally, after over two decades of persevering in the wilderness, including long spells in prison, Anwar Ibrahim today becomes the new Prime Minister of Malaysia. The challenges are many, but for now we can begin a new journey of hope in a land with so much potential. Read this piece by JD Lovrenciear: Malaysia takes off with newfound hope as Anwar is appointed PM

Anwar must be given first bite of the cherry

As the leader of the coalition with the most number of seats, Anwar Ibrahim must be given the first chance to form a government and enough time to carry out proper negotiations. This is by convention. It is only if he fails that the leader of the coalition with the second highest number of seats should be given the opportunity to form the government.

LIVE – Election 2022 analysis begins at 6pm

An Aliran team of political scientists and analysts will be providing immediate reactions, analyses and insights from as the general election results roll out.

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