White House discloses staff pay; and PM’s Dept?


The White House has released its latest salary list for its employees which adds up to US$39 million per year. Now if the White House can do that in the interest of accountability and transparency, how about the Malaysian Prime Minister’s Department?

See Upshot report here.

And you can find a list of the salaries for each White House employee on the White House website here with an accompany note that reads:

Since 1995, the White House has been required to deliver a report to Congress listing the title and salary of every White House Office employee. Consistent with President Obama’s commitment to transparency, this report is being publicly disclosed on our website as it is transmitted to Congress. In addition, this report also contains the title and salary details of administration officials who work at the Office of Policy Development, including the Domestic Policy Council and the National Economic Council — along with White House Office employees.

Since Apco is trying to promote a positive image for Malaysia in Washington, why not  recommend to the Prime Minister’s Department that it follow the White House practice and disclose the salaries of all the Department’s staff, along with their job titles?

That would be more impressive than any public relations gimmick.

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8 Jul 2010 5.19pm

The govt should also publish all salaries, allowances & claims of all MPs, including that claimed/spent by their wives. Don the PM’s wife has a site sponsored by the rakyat? How much that site + all her projects cost?? She also went to US (on whose money?), so please publish what and how much she spent on!!!

8 Jul 2010 12.50pm

and also who is calling the shot in the issuance of the gambling license, he or Vincent

Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Samuel Goh Kim Eng
8 Jul 2010 12.19pm


A lie is a lie whether big or small
So in serious response to the clarion call
Honest daily newspapers turn out with blank front pages
When strongly ‘advised’ not to publish lies at all stages

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 080710
Thu. 8th July 2010.

Gary Carson
Gary Carson
8 Jul 2010 10.55am

So ad, if we paid them what they were worth they would owe us money!

Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
8 Jul 2010 9.42am

1. Declare assets too!

Especially overseas assets.

2. Ironic, isn’t it?
Misrule and the accompanying breakdown of law and order – when the police are politicised – rebounds on the ruling regime elites (when robbers target them).

7 Jul 2010 11.02pm

The most important thing is to ask him to disclose out about the Mongolian girl.

7 Jul 2010 10.01pm

It is not possible to disclose their perks as they fear for the safety of their families.

Another thing rather curious is, we hear alot of burglaries by foreigners and they now target VIPs, what is suprising is the amount these burglars managed to flee with after each successful job. It is in the hundreds of thousands!

Why do these politicians and VIPs keep their cash at home? Why don’t they keep it in the banks? They do not trust our financial institutions? Wonder how they can amassed such wealth and keep so much cash at home.