Razaleigh on the scandal of the IPPs


Tengku Razaleigh highlights the scandal of the independent power producers and how it has cost TNB, consumers and the nation dearly.

Razaleigh also asks if the cost of securing our present high reserve margin of about 40 per cent can be justified when Thailand has a “relatively high” reserve margin of only 22 per cent.

To my mind, the litany of questions Razaleigh has raised amounts to a damning indictment of Mahathir’s privatisation policy and the lack of accountability and transparency surrounding it – much of it already alluded to by former TNB chairman Ani Arope.

Not least, Razaleigh touches on the damaging environmental consequences of Bakun and the type of FDI – aluminium smelters – that its electricity has attracted.

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Ku Li has no guts to confront Umno.
He can only hide behind Amanah.

What a shame!

semuanya OK kot

Even if electricity rates are not reduced (the country continues to gain income and discourage waste) it does not mean that the IPP scandal must not be undone and punished. Ditto for ll the other “pirate-isations”.

As for Razaleigh, he has said this before. The point is: is he part of thew problem or of the solution? He day he dissolved Semangat and rejoined Umno-BN, M… could afford to ignore him.


PPSMI, IPP and so on

it’s about time everyone does his/her part to vote out ineffective and corrupted administrators !!!!

Thumbs up if you agree with me; and start to convince your parents, parent-in-laws, children to vote wisely for better future.



Everyday we gets new reminder to vote wisely to save our nation.

Enough of wastage and unnecessary overspending by the present regime!

Undilah untuk Ubah!


And I just read what Sakmongol AK47 (ex-BN ADUN for Pulau Manis Dato’ Ariff Sabri) had to say about the insider views on the MAS-AirAsia deal. (begin quote) Don’t expect any results to come out from the probe into Air Asia-Mas deal. We, find nothing amiss in the deal. We detect no insider trading. Pray tell, how you come to that conclusion? Because the people at MAS, AA and Khazanah promised us they did nothing wrong. It was planned as far back as 2 years ago and we want to engage in some futile academic exercise to determine whether there… Read more »


MAS got what they want while Sir Tony F got to indulge in another passion at QPR during the F1 off-season!

No wonder it is no longer cheap to fly Air Asia.
Now more charges for baggages, even check-in on counter also must pay.
Now everyone is screwed.


penang airport already expanded yet AirAsia not making it official hub of the north becoz of political reason ?

Imagine Northern folks (Perlis, Kedah, Perak besides Penang) flying direct to China or India instead of taking transit plane to KL to save time n money… but Tony Fernandez only care to make profits (eg many of us still have to use LCCT Tune while waiting for connecting flights out of Sepang).

This is not Rakyat Didahulukan punya transformasi !


They need more traffic at KLIA in order not to be seen as another white elephant.

That’s why there is hardly long-haul international flights in Penang and Senai airports.

At least southern people in Malaysia has the option to go to the more efficient Changi airport in Singapore. Penang/Kedah/Perlis folks are forced to have transit time in KLIA to make it look good with more human traffic!

Andrew I

Soon, they’ll charge you for the clothes you’re wearing…extra weight. :-p


I fully agree that Air Asia is no longer offering good value.

The fare is no longer attractive.
The flight time is constantly changed to the inconvenience of customers.
Frequent delay is a norm.

So kiasu that there is even infight annoucement telling you not to take away its inflight magazine!


Come GE13 you and me know what to do okay!


The IPP contracts are a major symptom of the putrid corrupt relationship between BN/UMNO and their cronies. Make no mistake -You are being robbed every time you pay your electricity bill, because a significant chunk of it indirectly goes to fund the IPPs guaranteed profits. How big profits ? – For example, YTL Corp ‘s Annual Report has trumpeted how profitable its power division is. Tengku Razaleigh, is loyal UMNO soldier. He makes high sounding set piece speeches, but the bottom line is , come Election Time, he will be right up there in front shouting “Undilah Barisan Nasional”. In… Read more »


Scandal of IPP is just the tip of the iceberg. It is one of the many scandals by UMNO BN

Bonceng Mutiara

Dah bosan dengan banyak skandal dan korupsi regim barang naik.
Banyak lagi rakyat tetap apanama mudah lupa dan masih undi untuk kemusnahan akhlak dan rohani ?
Saya pikir untuk “migrate” dari migrane bolehland bila PPSMI telah dimansuhkan !

Nazri Aziz Bukhari

The BIG question is, What if this man had won in the UMNO elections of 1987? He was on course for victory, and then there was an unusual lunch break. What happened at that lunch break and that too when the delegates from Pahang, led by the present Prime Minister had not voted? Rumours were swirling that Mahathir was going to lose on that fateful day of 1987. And that man really was ruthless in his pursuit for power and greed. Just thinking back, what would this country be if Ku Li had won? Where would he taken us? I… Read more »

Andrew I

Is this another who seeks change from within? Please. Same old politicians, same old problems and same old speeches.

Ku Li could have done something a long time ago. Instead, he decided to eat humble pie. What’s the point of griping now?

I know someone who will NEVER go back to the fold. In fact, he’ll be self -inflicting on himself yet another jail term for staying true to his cause.

And no, it’s not Gherkin.



Ku Li can talk but no action.
Talk is cheap.
I no longer believe in him, even that Amanah thing.

Here is a video dedication for him:


Ku Li cannot let go the luxuries and perks accorded to him as an elite umnoputera. The Amanah stuff is just a side-show to distract the rakyat.

Anyway, I do hope he can redeem himself in the coming GE.

hiromichi hayakawa

Satu lagi projek Kerajaan Barisan Nasional!