The CCCC connection in Penang

Photo taken by another concerned Penangite on 16 June 2016.

Yesterday, Sarawak Report made an explosive allegation about an inflation of costs in the proposed East Coast Rail Line from RM30bn to RM60bn so that 1MDB debts could be paid off.

The website claimed that the project would be awarded to the China government-backed China Communications Construction Company (CCCC).

Sarawak Report also linked CCCC to an Air Itam land bank that 1MDB is saddled with.

Last year, I blogged about how in 2011, the World Bank had blacklisted China Communications Construction Company Ltd until January 2017 due to “fraudulent practices” in a major Philippines road improvement project.

CCCC Ltd was involved in the 22.5km-second Penang bridge project. China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd (CHEC), the main contractor for the substructure of the bridge, is a subsidiary of CCCC. CHEC, however, has dismissed allegations that it is connected to the World Bank blacklist of CCCC.

All the same, the estimated cost of the second bridge soared from RM2.7bn in July 2007 to RM4.8bn in May 2008. I was taken aback and blogged about it back then.

Now, Penangites might be interested to know that a company with the same name (CCCC) is still doing business in Penang.

In October 2015, Eastern & Oriental awarded a contract to China Communications Construction Company (M) Sdn Bhd (CCCC Malaysia) to carry out land reclamation for the Seri Tanjung Pinang Phase 2 (STP2) in Penang. This was reported to be a wholly owned subsidiary of CCCC.

Referring to the World Bank’s debarment of CCCC, E & O said it had done the necessary assessments.

The land reclamation involves 760 acres for phase two of Seri Tanjung Pinang and 131 acres for the Gurney Drive reclamation.

The controversial 131-acre Gurney Drive reclamation involves land to be allocated for high-end property development, a controversial eight-lane highway (with green strips on either side) and the Gurney Wharf project. This is being promoted to the Penang public as land for a public park and a beach in the city – with little mention made of the massive proposed property development near and in front of Gurney Plaza.

If this is the same company as the one fingered in Sarawak Report, then in the interests of transparency, the detailed cost breakdown for the land reclamation should be made public.

Even if the project is undertaken by a listed firm, the minority shareholders of E & O should be made aware of the detailed cost breakdown. Not to mention the public as it involves a much-cherished public asset – Gurney Drive.

Elsewhere in Malaysia, CCCC is also involved in the Ampang LRT project, a port breakwater project in Sarawak, and reclamation and shore protection work in Sabah. Earlier this year, CHEC won the bid for the Kuantan deepwater port wharf project.

CCCC was also in a consortium (which includes China Railway Construction Corporation Ltd and China Railway Engineering Corporation) that submitted a proposal to the ministry of transport for the Gemas-Johor Baru electrified double-tracking rail project. (Why are they talking about a high-speed railway from KL to Singapore now when they have not yet completed the double-tracking from Gemas to JB for the existing north-south electric train service?)

It seems like CCCC is the flavour of the last few years.

All these projects must now come under the microscope.

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Jolly Mike

BN media are doing damage control denying on behalf of CCCC, in order to soothe the nerves of kampung folks. Corruption is deemed not a serious matter by the ulamas, muftis and ustazs here who are more concerned with how a woman should dress.

David Loman

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn’s shorts have been digitally edited to look longer in the movie banner at the KLCC LRT station.

Now we know why Kelantan will never have Cineplex.

Awang Khenit

Now fatwa against Pokemon Go too?


Hi Anil,
Hope all is good for you and your family

the above attached shows interesting info
Keep on doing the good work on your website


Off topic. Please post under Readers Alerts.


For your info Anil its off topic but big news!!!
Hope all is well with you and your family

Enjoy this Sunday

Love an light,


Johan Khun Pana

This investigative news documentary will NOT be aired on any Malaysian TV and ASTRO.

Title- Laura Justo

Jolly Mike

Astro (allegedly) censored lots of foreign TV reporting on Mr MO1 with its 5-minute delay transmission, even on Taiwan News Tornado program on Ch316.


Astro’s boss Ananda under investigation in India?


Bandar Malaysia will one day be renamed Bandar Cina?


kuantan harbour will renamed as china harbour for work done by china harbour engineering?? no wonder it is called south china sea. what vision 2020? what malaysian spaceman tumpang a ride?? what happen? no follow up? vision willing seller and willing buyer only

gk ong

Not surprising since many China construction firms are buying up tanah melayu for condominium projects especially in Iskandar Johor. Even the coastlines on both sides of the Johor causeway have been reclaimed by China’s R&F for high-end condominiums facing Singapore. China’s Country Garden and Greenland are now developing Danga Bay furiosly with the blessing of state Umno government and the royalty. Expect more China folks to make Johor their second home as a way to invest their possibly ill-gotten wealth on these properties.

Jolly Mike

Malaysia may not be the tanah tumpah darah of PRC Chinese but they are gobbling up the real estate and malay land sold cheaply to them by Umnoputeras.

Harimau Selatan football today is benefitting from PRC Remimbi via the Chinese developers taking up the Iskandar land. One day the bumiputera of Johor will wake up seeing the 9-dash line being extended to their backyard!


JDT team now got private jet …
must be making tidy profits from China developers!

Awang Khenit

The quid pro quo for the Chinese partners in this lucrative deal is to assist in Najib’s corrupted exit strategy for getting shot of his multi-billion dollar debts at 1MDB at a total cost of US$5.63 billion! The first priority being to get 1MDB off the hook over its outstanding payments to Abu Dhabi’s IPIC. In the first instance this will be achieved [allegedly] through the payment of the $850 million to 1MDB for the Ayer Item land, but after that the company will [allegedly] assume the repayment of the remaining debts for the disastrous ‘power purchase’ and ‘strategic partnership… Read more »


willing seller and willing buyer? seller made make a tidy sum???


why not? very good example of seller at low price. who else can do at a lower price than the chinese yuan, ships, machinery and know how? gomen and private willing to buy at low price. maybe they like tokong’s banlo, there is something doing behind the rubber like former gelakan saw chye said. a gee mun mun lai here.


CCCC = Cheap, Cheap, Cheap, Cheap.


CCCC can undertake halcrow plan cheaply.


CCCC can undertake halcrow plan cheaply.


then buy buy buy and bye