Stop targeting Malaysiakini, say NGOs


About 30 activists this morning voiced their concern about the MCMC’s action against Malaysiakini over its videos relating to the ‘cow-head’ protest.

Photos by [email protected]

They held a brief gathering outside the Malaysiakini office at 10.00am, followed by a press conference in the Malaysiakini office.

The main NGO speaker (centre among group of speakers) was Amin Iskandar, director of the National Institute of Electoral Integrity.

NIEI chairman Yunus Ali said the MCMC’s demand that Malaysiakini pull down the video was “illogical”.

Other NGOs in the group included Writers Alliance for Media Independence (Wami), Suaram, and the bloggers’ Anak Bangsa Malaysia team.

Over in Penang, Charter 2000-Aliran has also come out with a statement in support of Malaysiakini here.

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Samuel Goh Kim Eng


When there’s a big enough sun
There’s a place for every son
For the right song to be sung
Without justice being sunk

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 150909
Tue. 15th Sept. 2009.

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, Since 12 “cow-head” demonstrators have been charged in court, the various political parties, be they from BN or Pakatan, should suspend the membership of those who are their members. Reinstate them when found not guilty, but those found guilty should be expelled from their parties. These moves will ‘demonstrate’ to the people that the political parties mean business when they say they don’t condone nor support the action of those charged. What is heartening to me is that many NGOs, political parties and individuals have promptly and openly declared their displeasure and abhorence of the action of these… Read more »


Hishamuddin …… Idiot.

We rakyat knows what who and who is ugly and good.

Hishamuddin pls do not let me see you….

Wong Ka Wai

Video-video ini berguna semasa kempen pilihan raya kecil atau umum.

Seperti sentimen Kg Buah Pala kepada Anil, video-video ini akan membuat kebanyakkan rakyat Malaysia bangun dan pangkah salah kepada Pakatan Rakyat apabila terdapat pilihan raya nanti.

Jika video-video ini tidak secara rasmi diharamkan oleh kerajaan BN, sila simpan untuk kenangan sendiri atau bagi kepada kawan-kawan. Sila ingatkan mereka selalu tentang insiden ini.


The aujtority think that we are stupid to believe that the public are annoyed by the video recording of cow’s head demo.
The Hindus did not object to it as shown by Hindraf support to mkini.
MIC did not object.
PAS did not opbject.
Almost all Malay NGOs did not object.
The Chinese did not object.
Who on earth will object? Only UMNO because they know that it will be detrimental to their chances of election.

Jebat musibat

do they (MCMC) care?

they are just a new wing of BN party.

Leong Yook Kong

Did the deputy minister hear properly what the people said? Deputy minister, you better clear your ears and listen to the people again. The majority of the voices want the charge against Malaysiakini to be dropped.