MPPP vs DBKL: Which gives you more bang for your buck?


How do the city councils of Penang Island and Kuala Lumpur stack up in terms of their spending per person for 2013?

Prestasi Perbelanjaan Mengurus



Jumlah Perbelanjaan Mengurus

RM194 juta

RM1.4 bilion


0.66 juta

1.55 juta

Per Kapita



Per Isi Rumah



Per km²


RM5.8 juta

Figures from CM’s budget winding up speech at the Penang State Assembly today.

According to the the Penang state government:

Bagi tahun semasa 2013, perbelanjaan mengurus mengikut bilangan penduduk adalah RM294 untuk seorang penduduk di MPPP, berbanding DBKL sebanyak RM907 setiap penduduknya. Oleh yang demikian,perbelanjaan dari segi per capita basis bagi MPPP adalah tiga kali jauh lebih rendah berbanding dengan perbelanjaan DBKL.

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Tengku Adnan and the KL mayor are lucky they don’t have our version of Boston Tea Party in their hands – they would dump the sewerage and garbage in their office..They don’t get elected by KLite so the acceptable level of excuse making should be more limited but instead its higher…


Selangor worst, they hoard $$$ by billions and suddenly all the Political Trader get pay increase.I don’t mind the pay increase but Selangor getting dirtier and dirtier. Selangor CAT “meow meow”

rajraman. Even Khalid Samad openly admit they are hoarding funds which was provided to maintain road by Federal Government.My housing estate full of portholes and common property not well maintain.


Please bear in mind that to date George Town has still yet to be accorded city status even though it was the first town be be given city status during the colonial era! This is attributable to the partisan politics practised by the BN federal government.


Agree, but if I am not mistaken our city looses out to others as the allocation from the Federal government is lower than those accorded with city status.

Ham Kar Chan

Nice pot shot from Ah Eng. All KLites should be happy because they get the most from Federal government. They are treated as kings amongst all cities! Congrats


KLites have been provided with “1st class infrastructure” during major events like during Commonwealth Games etc. Now maintenance of the facilities should come from Klang Valley folks. Don’t expect other so-called “Ulu” areas taxpayers to finance the maintenance costs. Urban KLites like to boast they are a class above others so now it’s time to pay back by paying more for your cukai pintu !!!!!!!!

Neggog HamGa Galing

I would say, it is a meaningless speech by a respectable state leader. He certainly can do better by not mixing state affair with street politics! What a total let down by a hero who went to jail for justice. A bit disappointment with your reporting. You should be in neutral position no matter which side your house are put into.


Selling the CAT symbolism from colouring contest to wall art! Why not brand it LGE Kucing?
Just do the job expected of politicians, not selling kucing or worst kucing kurap.
Enough of Cat.

John Milett Sohaison

That is unfair comparison my dear. Will you compare my home country (USA) military expenditure with say Canada? I just can’t believe the headline even I’m not a local guy. Please, be mature and we are open to debate just about everything politics and not apple polishing for respective masters. Ash movement has turned ass movement.

John Milett Sohaison


Wait till you find comparison between malaysia & thailand politics none other than my matey, penang lang called ktemoc. I guarantee you will vomit blood


John Millet Sohaison
You just need to compare ex US president Bush’s trillions of expenditure to finance Middle east Operation and the money that could have been saved to finance Obama’s medical welfare program ; and how you and the rest have to pay more “Cukai” (Tax) to pay back the debt.

Give Peace a Chance. No War or even the proxy war. Merry Christmas.


Any intelligent administrator should have noticed the tax-crazy retort to the demo-crazy snides shows people knows more than they realized. Unfortunately, their head is too full of nonsense to realize it..


DBKL could be using ‘ali-baba’ contractors such that unnecessary money is ‘leaked’ during the process?
Not sure if the people in KL are 3x more satisfied than the Penangites.

Perhaps Bandaraya needs 3x more expenses than Perbandaran?

Our mainstream papers should provide such analysis to educate the public.


No wonder most KLites refuse to pay more for cukai pintu ?

As for penang, the public should enjoy better pavements for pedestrians with the money the state collected from corporations/hotels/shooping malls wisely reinvested ?


Big opened drained outside Sunshine Square have now being covered up (work in progress) as pedestrian walk.
The phase of work is slow (just like that refurbished oku friendly bus stop outside BJ Komplex) but at least we see some benefits of taxpayer moneys go back to the rakyat’s convenience.


Oop its not perception alone. Its the art of DECEPTION he is learning fast and very fast. Will DECEPTION become CORRUPTION? We shall soon see in no time.


I would propose Yang to stand as independent candidate for Sri Delima for the next GE14.
No perception or deception as we need a candidate who is very frank and willing to sacrifice to build more affordable homes for the needy in Penang. What say you ?


I second that. The thing with politics is that frank people who tell the hard truth never get far. Politicians including those in PR like to hear praises of themselves all the time. So when you criticise them, instead of appreaciating that you are trying to help them improve Penang, they treat you as an enemy that wants to bring them down. This siege mentality especially in the DAP has to go. Sometimes ppl criticise because they are not doing the right thing, inadvertently or not. After all we are all humans. They can’t accept it. Look at what happened… Read more »


I second Kevin’s “We voted for you to do work, not to be kindergarten children fighting over stupid things.”
Is there a Kitty Kucing Kindergarten @ 28th Floor Komtar Tower?
fyi, kindy children don’t keep their uniform (a symbol of association) tidy. Our politicians (some) do just that, back lane cat style.


Yang should give this suggestion a serious thought.
We need people who could speak out for rakyat.
tunglang as running mate not a bad idea since he is passionate about Penang street food.
They can hire Anil as their publicist.
YB Yang and YB tunglang can also qualify for good pay and perks!


Some politician accountants are precisely trained (by LKY SingLand Corporation?) to do just that.
Kia Su Syndrome mah. Playing the handicapped is one of golf game’s strategies of getting into the black holes of ‘am moh moh’, ‘chin chai moh’.
Soon, many Penangites will have to register at St Nicholas For The Blind.


tunglang can be the running mate for Yang going for Sri Delima state seat ?
with tunglang in the bandwagon, sure many supporters around with street food to entice the voters ! No need loud rally just ori-maestro char hor fun & chendol and the Sri Delima can be captured with a promise for better affordable homes even Pr1ma cannot match !


Kevin, even though the MPPP’s staff need to be told but still we cant be rude.


PR DAP LGE is learning fast the art … from Nacheap & BN UMNO to confuse the people. How can you compare KL a bigger city with Georgetown a smaller city. Why did he not compare Georgetown with Kulim or Kangar.!!!! Just like the salary hike, the allowance was over 100% and salary 80%. Well its lam par par lan as overall salary is hike up over 100%. On top of his CM & Exco salary which was increased 80% they get another 15% hike. Well its a more than 100% increase isn`t it. Why don`t he just make it… Read more »


With all fairness, he is not comparing a bigger city with a smaller city. The calculations take into account the population and size of the city. He has given us a cost in terms of per person and per km2. And yes you can compare with Kangar or Kulim as long as you also take into consideration the per capita expenditure. How much is spent for each person. However, he should also take into account the quality of the service provided. MPPP to me is one of the worst if not the worse local council in Malaysia. All our roads… Read more »


Kevin, can you please write to MPPP. I once wrote to them and complained the badly damaged Kelawai Road and they did retar.

I also wrote to Teh Yee Chiew and he responded as well.

I think we all have to write in and make our complaints heard. Tell them Ipoh mayor done a better job.


I have written to the MPPP so many times that my mind and hands have become tired of that routine. Almost always no action is taken. Probably because I am a small fry that they don’t need to bother with. In any case I hope MPPP is more than just a complaints bureau. Like other well-managed city councils they should have surveyors and inspectors to continuously assess infrastructure under their care instead of waiting for something to spoil, someone to complaint or worse someone to die before acting. In the case you mentioned, Kelawei road is such a major road… Read more »


Kevin, Yes it was calculated as per person per km but don`t you think that KL has a bigger infrastrature than Penang hence a bigger spending per person.