Judge dismisses Eskay’s RM20m ‘commission’ claim


The Malaysian government would do well to heed Justice V T Singham’s views in his dismissal of the lawsuit brought by Eskay (of ‘Datuk T’ fame) claiming RM20m in commission from the developer of the ‘crooked bridge’ project.

Excerpt from a Malaysiakini report:

Despite dismissing Eskay’s claim, Justice Singham had strong words on the necessity for the government to adopt and follow an open tender system as well as transparency in its transactions.

The judge said awarding projects involving large sums must be carried out through open public tenders, not through private arrangements or subject to lobbying by using the influence of certain ministers or political leaders for personal gain and benefit.

“Under those circumstances, this court would not hesitate to strike down the claim as it is opposed to public policy,” he said.

He pointed out in his judgment that the objective of building the bridge between Malaysia and Singapore must of necessity be aimed at the bringing benefit to the people and not to bestow favours on a certain class or group of people who have the knack for nurturing ties with higher level politicians from government agencies, only to inflict a considerable burden on the public.

Well said, Justice Singham!

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6 May 2011 9.40pm

For another “single rail” public transport system in KL the commission alledgely paid was RM16million. The guy who got it blew it all up in 3 years. Prince to pauper story

Andrew I
7 May 2011 11.22am
Reply to  SamG

Also known as the pop star phenomenon, the size of your entourage increases as your wealth balloons. Seal off the VVVVIP section of the club and let’s party.

Christine Yong
Christine Yong
6 May 2011 7.09pm

I really don’t understand the amount involved in COMMISSION. It is not decent. The cost of commission must be included in the quotation and we tax payers have to pay?? This only happens when:
1. By choice for the government to go throught 3rd party.
2. The government do not have skillful and good ministers.
3. A favour for someone going bankrupt, for returns to line pockets!
If only the 20 million given to Pg, the state can do wonders!!

6 May 2011 8.08pm
Reply to  Christine Yong

The UMNO BN government in fact has minister who are much too good and skillful. So skillful and good that … millions by their cronies if not thwarted by Singapore in rejecting the crooked bridge. The government has already paid off 100 millions to the contractor when the project was aborted after Pak lah took over

6 May 2011 5.01pm

A perfect comment from Malaysiakini

““`An allegedly crooked man claiming compensation from a crooked project hatched by a crooked PM to build a crooked bridge.“““`’

Rosley Abd Rahman
Rosley Abd Rahman
6 May 2011 2.55pm

We must congratulate Justice Singham, and Malaysians need more of Jusctice Singham.


6 May 2011 2.53pm

“Lobbying”, those are not lobbying, but bribery. According to Bolehland “lobbying” standard, USA K-Street going to close shop long time ago.