If Perdanas are too expensive to maintain…


… what about Proton Personas? They seem quite popular.

Or if you don’t want Protons, how about Myvis? I hear they are quite reliable and low maintenance.

While most of the country is bracing for an economic downturn, exco members in several states have turned their attention to procuring fleets of new cars.

Maybe it’s beneath the “dignity” of the Pakatan folks – they are supposed to be different from the BN folks, who are accustomed to big flashy Mercs and BMWs  – to use the ordinary cars that many of the rakyat use. Don’t forget many of the rakyat don’t even have cars.

I guess they must have their “foreign” 2.4-litre Camrys or what-have-you … In Selangor’s case, they are even thinking of 4WDs so the state exco members can travel to rural areas. Last I heard, such vehicless are fuel guzzlers. It’s not as if the only thing stopping them from visiting rural areas is the lack of a good 4WD!

If not local or more fuel-efficient cars, how about public transport?

While most people are tightening their belts during these difficult times, with overtime slashed and bonuses trimmed or non-existent, they want to spend public money on  new fleets of flashy cars.

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Good one, Mr Anil… Perhaps they shall go for lower cc car for lower carbon footprint.. i do not think those MP/SA or Exco etc… need a Camry since normally they only travelling alone with their driver… Why we need such a big car… I believe they not really care since this is not their own pocket money… Do you think they will get a Camry for themself if they need to pay for it from their own pocket money??? Ya, it is justifiable if they rather change a new car than maintain a poor Perdana… But is to change… Read more »


For those who want their Camrys, go buy one yourself! You think our politicians will have more credibility when they sit in one? Then the local govt should go out and buy S-classes or to save money, re-cond models! Perdanas are good enough if maintained properly and at the right workshops, even spares can be cheap if bought from authorised repairers. If all the cars were serviced at crony workshops, then costs will even be higher, whatever the car. If our politicians need to court investors or cqrry foreign dignataries, we can buy or use existing Mercs and Rolls that… Read more »


Ahso…I see you still want your Camry. Aiya, go buy la with your chor kong’s money. No need to attack people one.


It’s hard to make sense to the socialists. They use primary school thinking to reason their way through life.

Case in point – when someone pointed out that the 2.4L car is more fuel efficient than the 2.0L variety, those socialists laughed very hard.

Unknown to them, engine of one type is way different from engine of another type. But who can blame those socialists? They are not bright enough to dig up info regarding the differences between the engine Toyota uses on the 2.4L Camry as that of the 2.0L model.

Oh well.


I think everyone is over-reacting on this issue too much. 1) If proton cars are of world standard & the after market service is excellent, I doubt anyone would switch to a Camry. Lets be realistic, almost all proton owners would have some complaint about their cars or the service. I have a friend who took his car to the proton service centre and they replace his faulty parts with old parts but charge him price of new part… Sounds familiar to some? 2) If you’re rich man and going to invest your millions & billions into a new company… Read more »


Dear K, People & Anil Netto,
We wanted LGE and its government to be like this and Penangite has missed that chance in 1995 GE by voting the whole lot that Tsu Koon & Co into power. We want CM WITH POWER, OK!!!!!


Dear K, I understand and emphatise with you, K. But I also emphatise with LGE & the penang government. I hope you understand! I hope you understand and fully emphatise the great difficulties that these opposition RUN government got to face. My goodness! do give them some breathers! I believe most penangites knew that. They ain’t stupid. Unless, they are really that stupid!!!! They have given Gerakan 20 years. Why can’t you give DAP more time? Of course, need to pressure DAP. But reasonably. Dear K, Have you gone through the videos that I have put in the public forums?… Read more »


looes74 I am sure there are merits in the issues that you have raised but there are platforms to discuss and debate them. However, let’s stick to the issue at hand. I am not sure about you, but as a tax-payer Rm 7.2 Million is no small money for me. And I would rather see the money used for re-training the retrenched workers than buying an imported ride for the state exco members. I disagree this is a small issue. This is about accountability and responsibility. If the govt can get away with Rm 7.2 M without we being vocal,… Read more »


Dear People, “The right to know” series of Yes, Minister http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1KOX-SoH9E&feature=related Sound extremely similar to the Penang Heritage issue. Present govt doesn’t have full “right to know” Kenna the 4 buidlings out of the UNESCO spec http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzD4ylU0PCI&feature=related Sounds extremely familiar like how The Federal Government talking down to opposition state governments i) Setting up JKKP ii) Stalling on development funds. That Lim Chong Eu gave up years ago and hence joining BN. Badly beaten iii) Removal of royalty whenever opposiiton taken over. Just like when PAS taken over Terengganu I love the phrase when Lucy, daughter of the Minister, Jim… Read more »


anil, your blog lacks creditiblity.


Dear People,
Another favourite series。 The penang state government has its handful with federal government and the bourgeouis top echolen civil service

The right to know


I hope that LGE is watching it too。 Just like Margaret Tharacher。 I hope LGE is actually running penang state government albeit its limitations。 I hope bigger, fuller, more pressing issues to be discussed。

More FDI
Save jobs
Get more funds from the federal government


Dear K, Just look at the bigger picture. You know why. People ain’t stupid. When matters described went overboard, it went overboard.I believe majority normal penangites agrees with me。 Dear People, The state government got to fight with federal government for funds。 a) 16 Billions federal tax revenue for federal government in return 9 Billion development in 8 years b) Stalling by federal govewrnment State government collected only 220 million revenue with 40 million deficit。 People, We should be united behind LGE and penang state government, fight for every single pennies collected to be spent in Penang。 Shall we pay… Read more »


This is so funny, it appears like this is the least of your concerns, and many of you have more biggy issues you would rather tackle and yet…



The rakyat is going to be suffering and suffering bad over this economic downturn and what have we got here?

Purportedly a bunch of caring people tak habis habis “I want my Camry!”.

If you guys care so much why don’t you go and start your own blogs to champion the biggies as some of you seem to think warrant more scrutiny.

People don’t seem to realise that BN’s current monstrosity grew and grew from little “trivialities” such as this.

Hudoh betul!


Some of the comments here make my laugh…for example the one about 2.4V model being more fuel-efficient than 2.0 L version. Anil might not be an automotive expert but he has something that many of the folks here severely lack – impartiality. Many of the folks here just looking to defend the government of LGE at all cost rather than looking at the issue objectively. To me the whole thing makes no sense. In the fist place, let’s ask ourselves why we need to change the Perdanas. The reason given is maintenance cost. But Perak is spending Rm 2.7 Million… Read more »


Read MalaysiaKini my friends. LGE has disputed Star’s report. So Anil, I leave it as it’s. Your writing is getting sicker. Call yourself a journalist. Read the facts. Your fellow star reporters are twisting the facts and you are jumping into it because you can’t write a darn thing about a certain architect ON HERITAGE. WRITE IT MAN!


With all due respect, Anil, your blog of late seems to be filled with anti-Penang government overtones. I admit I am slightly biased towards the PR-led government but the prominence of anti-PR news featured here makes BN almost angelic by comparison, and I can assure you any thinking man on the street disagrees. I second ktak’s argument that blatant extravagance in the form of PM and DPM housing expenditures warrants more urgent scrutiny. It’s not hard to see that the whole rental affair of the Putrajaya kingdom can spawn a scheme to enrich a select group of people for many… Read more »


I’m not against buying Camry’s. However, I think we must not lose sight of the present economic situation and the most sensible decision is to postpone buying the new cars until better times. Make the decision as if it’s your own money and it will be right decision.


Driving a camry is not considered a luxury, it is designed to be middle class yet presentable with good durability. Expensive continental cars like BMW or Mercs will be way out of line. Remember that the state exco represents us in dealing with other dignitaries, and will need to be presentable. We have to look at the big picture in all these, giving reasonable perks is not wrong, just see any ‘reasonable’ company, giving camrys to general managers are the norm. As for me i am happy to give my taxpayer money for these perks, but in return i will… Read more »


Dear Anil,

I think you should question the federal government why there is no tax exemption given to the pakatan state government for their purchase of the new cars. The 2.4L camry is well below RM100K if the is no tax!


Romerz is right.

I have been using protons since 1998, but these ill quality home-made cars always give me headaches.

So I have decided to go for foreign brand. Couldn’t stand it anymore.

By the way, Tulang Besi in http://www.the malaysian waves.com has written a good article on the Proton issue. Malaysians should read it.


I ask Anil again – write about a certain architect who has his fingers on almost the 4 hotels in question but only managed to get one. Imagine he gets one and now what are his views as a consultant? I think he should do this without fear or favor. I still think he is still not getting my message.

Prudent Malaysian

Let’s clear the air on why PR states government opt for 2.4 liter cars and not the 2.0 liter model? Basically it was due to 2.4 liter is much fuel efficient compare to 2.0 liter. Regarding the maintenance of Camry compare to Perdana, no doubt if compare parts by parts,Camry would be more costly but due to it is more durable,if we calculate in long run, it will definitely saves more. I’m not here to condemn on our national made Perdana but it really come to an issue with maintenance on the gear box especially. Ask any mechanics or perdana… Read more »


I agree with Silong. None of these politician deserve a break. Same old modus operandi appearing over and over again.

Dalbinder Singh Gill

i am using a MYVI.. and i have travelled almost 20000 km in just 8 months of buying the new car.. can imagine. politicians are going to use a lot.. my car is perfect condition touchwood thus i urge the politicians to reconsider their desires for CAMRY.. r they trying to be like BN the peoples way, somehow or other.. TOYOTA..why not PERODUA or PROTON (I dont think the federal government has asked this companies to increase service prices for this cars for pakatan states.. haha), or NAZA.. come on .. 8 months old d more our penang government ..… Read more »