So what happened to MH370?


A lot of people are at a loss in trying to explain what happened to MH370. The various official explanations seem vague – with only a bare minimum of details provided – and even misleading.

I mean, it was only after a week that we were told that hey, the plane flew westwards, while most of the resources were being deployed at the South China Sea. But even so, opinion is still divided over where the plane could be.

In the absence of convincing real-life scenarios, speculation and conspiracy theories have swirled.

What do you think?

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The China, Hong Kong and Taiwan TV stations repeatedly told its audience that Malaysia is hiding key information from the public.


If, based on reports and speculation, that among others, MH370 tail an SQ flight northward and westward bound under cover then only very experience and highly trained pilot would be able to perform such kind of flying.


Try to watch CCTV4 (Astro 334) 7pm news nightly (get someone to translate for you) as China appears to address many issues which Msia authorities are keeping silence so far. My neighbour interpret for me.

Phua Kai Lit

Mr Anil

CCTV also has an English language service.
It’s on Astro channel (one of the channels before CNN. CNN is channel 511)


First we and the assisting countries were told it is in the Gulf. Next, that it crossed to the West – with convincing details of changes in direction. Now, the “arc” of the possible path is a few hundred km back in the Gulf. Some northern countries have confirmed that there was no intrusion into their airspace. This includes Thailand which did detect the plane on its original, proper path. Indonesia too did not detect it on the West from Aceh. It does not seem to have commented on whether the plane crossed over its most populated area – Java… Read more »


From the very beginning the US knew wahat was happening with its superior intellingence and military knowhow especially via its spy satellite watching over the world. But the US chose not to reveal directly, except feeding piecemeal information to its media like CNN and ABC. This is to prevent other nations, particularly China, from knowing its military capability. The US chose to watch other nations as it is the opportunity to assess the security and military capabilities of these nations. Notice China produced 3 satellite images of floating objects on South China Sea to showcase its ability, only to later… Read more »


The failure to get things right from the beginning is a reflection of the capabilities of this Umno led government and every time outside experts question them they shift their views. With the valuable time lost due to their utter incompetence the chance of finding the plane soon is forgone. Malaysia no Hope!


Dont be dismay, dont lose hope in time like this because dont forget we are expert in …, the court of appeal in this 1derfool land has just confirmed that.

1Malaysia can export this 1derfool knowhow to the world !!!


When 26 nations and so many ship and aircraft still could not find the plane why put the blame solely on the govt. The PM, Hisham and his team have contacted and spoken to the various PM and leaders and they have agreed to join in and help. They are doing a fine job coordinating with all the countries in the search while idiots here like Kee are politicizing without and feeling for the families. I really puke


If the officials & Minister have acted as a team, frank and coordinated from beginning, we won’t be facing immense criticism around the world especially the next of kin. Time was wasted when critical information was withheld instead of deliberated and share with the experts about the air turn-back. Although it was unprecedented but that should not be an excuse as they had encountered countless national disasters since independent and involved in rescue efforts around the world. If no disciplinary action are meted out on those sleeping on the jobs, no amount of money spend on procurement of latest defence… Read more »