Gerakan Youth lodges police report against Penang govt


The Penang Gerakan Youth has reportedly lodged a report with the MACC over the alienation of the 2.6ha Kampung Buah Pala land.

From The Star:

Its vice-chairman H’ng Khoon Leng said the state government had hastily completed the land alienation process by accepting RM2.24mil in land premium on March 14 and March 27 last year, before issuing the title to the co-operative.

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DAP = big business ??


This chap, like all cheapskate politicians is only trying to publicise his name by doing all these antics – filing pollice reparts every other day. I think he may even file one if LGE … in public (for polluting the air in Penang). Otherwise people in Penang don’t even know who he is – I for one. So now I know he is one of those new faces in Gerakan and a state VP at that. Good. I’ll know who to vote if he ever stands in my area come 2013.

Ken Wong

Gerakan = UMNO


The Ameno,Gerakan & the gang are real culprit of these land scam during thier rulling period in Penang.they should fully responsible on thier … act but not try to spin like spining doctor.


Ong Eu Soon,
If you bought a brand new under-construction apartment, had signed a S&P agreement. When the apartment 95% complete, can the developer claim since the apartment has yet to compete and refuse to sell it to you, becos the developer had found another buyer with higher price than you.

Got it???


What about UM-NO? Any comment from them?


Morning Dew, someone did alert LGE. Lawyer Cecil Rajendra (allegedly) alerted him of the alleged fraud. Either LGE is naive or there is more to it than what we see.

Ong Eu Soon, you have a vlid argument and a valid question. Will anyone bother to answer.


I remembered when LGE took over, he put a freeze on land transfer. This Kg. Buah Pala transfer (seems to have been) done by civil servants behind his back and against his order. After all, this is a Civil Servants’ Cooperative which will benefit the senior civil servants.

Jebat musibat

hahaha.. no worry friends.

The more they(Gerakan) ‘act’.
the more they look stupid in rakyat’s eyes.



this is not politics. this is a shameless act.

these gerakan… are not politicians. they don’t contribute to the well-being of penang at all…



Two weeks back these clowns led by H’ng lodged a report with the MACC regarding termites in the CM’s residence.

And now they lodged this !!!

These clowns are either bored stiff with nothing to do or very pissed off now that they have been kicked off the BN gravy train.

All the same, Penangites are better off without their silly antics.

Shame ! Shame ! Shame !

Gerakan is unwittingly digging its own grave. Yes, go ahead and lodge reports with MACC & police. Call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry too.
Let’s see who are the real culprits in this fiasco.

(I wouldn’t be surprised if) Koh Tsu Koon (were to send) an urgent message to Teng Hock Nan:
“Tell those *#@#*& idiot youths to shut the #@&* up.”

Ong Eu Soon

The question I have asked who put his signature to seal the land transfer? (Is it) is the Director of Lands and Mines under the recommendation of Land Committee? Remember the RM 124 million twin land scams in Penang where KTK and LGE held a telecasted public debate. In that land scam. The Land Committee was chaired by … that gave the recommendation to the Director of Lands and Mines for the approval of the application for quarrying purpose. In this Kampong Buah Pala case, who chaired the Land Committe and give recommendation to the Director of Lands and Mines… Read more »


The more I hear these Gerakan (political) eunuchs talking…, the more I am inclined to make a report against them for endangering my life and my family’s lives everytime we pass by the three humongous hill side development projects in Tanjung Bungah and Batu Ferringhi. Then again, I will be behaving like kindergarten kids like them too… apa boleh buat? But I know something (touch wood) will happen in one of these hill slop projects, just wait and see. Anil Netto was right when he highlighted some of these issues earlier. I have not seen Koh Tsu Khoon in Penang… Read more »


Ha ha ha Gerakan clowns, forever they will be!!! Sigh Sigh Sigh !!! Tak tau malu… They are trying very hard to destroy Lim Guan Eng or Pakatan Govt. Yes, Gerakan the last emperor of Penang…. the more you try the more dirty we see in you. Getting desperate, try all means and avenues??? You are only fooling yourself, Gerakan. Admit your fate, Gerakan, stop your nuisance, you are only disgracing yourself. Loh Yeow Boo, thanks for information on H’ng. (Many) MCA, Gerakan, MIC and UMNO are … self-seekers. (Many) join politics to enrich themselves and their respective families. Not… Read more »

Lim BC

It realy made feel sad to see these few… in the news these days. I really feel sad for them,. They realy looks so STUPID like our Sami Vellu on TV few nights ago talking about Kampung Buan Pala. If you don’t know the price of the land in Penang and you also don’t know the owner, How are you going to buy the land? Really look so stupid!!!! But nowadays, we have … from Gerakan. Their rejected captain already in the PutraJaya backdoor, the local leaders are disunited. The next time want to open your mouth or do thing,… Read more »


Yes, Loh Yeow Boo, we all know this H’ng Khoon Leng fella well. The problem is he himself doesn’t know his own failures… Let him keep doing his kindergarten stuff and one day we will just expose him as a failure… in the meantime, it is good for him to be with Gerakan, birds of the same feather should flock together mah…


I am staying in Batu Ferringhi. Everyday we need to drive pass three dangerous hill slope development projects to go down town. If Gerakan Youth keeps on these kindergarten kids’ pranks, one day the residents here might make reports against Gerakan for endangering our lives daily and forever with these three last-minute project approvals… macamana, mau try lawan us voters?

Loh Yeow Boo - Penang

This Gerakan vice-chairman H’ng Khoon Leng is just hoping to (make it) with Gerakan in power. We know him very well. Only a local graduate with common degree. Used to work in a American company in Penang as a planner. Then tried his luck in setting up a company installing security systems. Not succeesful because there are so many around already. then now hpoing to (make it) via politics.


It is time Pakatan sues those making false reports and for criminal defamation.


Gee, K. I hope you’re NOT from Penang, ‘cos Penang would certainly “perform” better without people like you throwing spanner at every opportunity. Seemed like you are one of the rare ones who prefers the ruling days of KTK/BN.


It not just this Gerakan Youths. They are just mindless… doing the bidding of the leaders – Koh Tsu Koon and Teng and the whole gang… of Penang.

These people are out to disturb the peace of Penang….

Ong Eu Soon

There is no doubt the previous state government approved the sales of the land. But who put his signature to seal the land transfer? Please answer this question!


GERAKAN yOuth must beout of their minds when they do that!
Hey, it is not Lim Guan Eng who started this.
So far, he tak berani come out to explain. He is hiding himself in Putra Jaya.
REport against him!!!


How do we know that LGE approved the deal knowingly or otherwise ?

Given his penchant for micromanagement and the seriousness of the deal, (he may have known) all about it and approved it…

I remember LGE’s zeal in increasing MPPP and MPSP’s income and then boasting that he has increased by several millions. I guess the sale of KBP could be one of the reasons.

If not for the villagers’ and Hindraf’s persistent in pursuing the issue, LGE would have forgotten all about this…

So much for CAT….smells more like a dead CAT….