Disgruntled Air Asia passenger


Just got a called from someone I know who was supposed to be on an Air Asia flight (AK605) from Kuching to Penang departing at 9.05pm.

Now the flight has been delayed to 10.45pm. And it’s not the first time this is happening to him.

By the time he reaches Penang it will be well past midnight – so the taxi fare to his home will now cost over RM100 instead of the usual RM65. And then there is the lost sleep.

He told me over the phone: “If I am late for my flight, I end up incurring a penalty by losing my ticket. But when my flight is delayed and I am inconvenienced, all I get is an apology!”

This is just the experience of one passenger on this airline; so what has been your own impression?

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MAS & AirAsia supporter

After reading the comment by SamG, AirAsia should be ashamed.

Skytrax give AirAsia 3 stars status, but AirAsia claim itself 5 stars? Their face are so thick.

MAS & AirAsia supporter

So, what is the reason for the delay?

If due to safety or weather reason, understand it.

For other reasons, you and your friend really reserve the right to complain.


I love airasia. There’s no point complaining about delays, if you don’t compare them to what else is available. If you compare Airasia to firefly, I’m pretty sure AirAsia would win hands down. The thing is we know that AirAsia has delays yet we STILL choose to fly. It’s either you’re blissfully naive or feel the risk of delays is made up by the cheaper price. Either way, you can’t complain. Finally, I’ve flown Airasia at least 10 times in the past 18 months, and never had a delay before. On the other hand, I’ve flown firefly just once and… Read more »


i have travelled AirAsia mostly last time (more than 30 times) but recently changed to Jetstar, Tiger Airways and Firefly and I give thumbs up to Jetstar and Tiger for lower fares compared to airasia. Service wise, i don’t have anything to complain at all and no delay. of course for Airasia i wont say all flights will delay, it pretty much depends on your luck 🙂


Why dont these fellows invest in travel insurance?
Bodoh betul lah.


I fly airasia twice a month. I hv been delayed up to 6 hours, but i never complained. Afterall which airline never gets delayed? Almost every airline i have been on as a matter of fact. We just have to be prepared for such events. Mind you I have been on airasia flights that took off earlier than scheduled too. But then this a typical msian attitude..expect a services fit for a king but not only want them cheap, preferably free. By the way if you think the services are lousy on airasia, try the budget airline from the little… Read more »


Not surprising. My dad used to travel almost every week and 95% of the time, his flight was delayed. The standard delay was between 1 and 2 hours. For a 45-minute flight, the delays were just too much for him and for us. While many would agree that we get what we pay for (budget fare=lousy service), we don’t want these companies to get away with this kind of culture, do we? Just like Astro, which renders bad service and manipulate consumers, it happens because of our third-world ‘tak apa’ attitude.


After my posting Anil, I remembered a chat I had with a former AA staff. Perhaps it is time for AA to put in place a Harassment and Abuse of Authority guidelines/grievance procedure at the workplace. This among others ensure that sexual harassment is addressed. That is a good suggestion for all workplaces.


This is a more recent press release: Press Releases 23 October 2008 AirAsia Further Improves 5-Star Service Quality Upgrades On-Time Guarantee to 2 Hours KUALA LUMPUR, 23 October 2008 – At last a low cost carrier that can compete with full service airlines but still has low fares – AirAsia. AirAsia, the leading and largest low cost carrier in Asia, adds another sparkle to its already 5-star service by enhancing its On-Time Guarantee, an innovative protection provided by the airline for guests who are affected by flight delays. Beginning 1 November 2008, the AirAsia On-Time Guarantee cuts its waiting time… Read more »


Hi Anil, If the flight is delayed for more than 3 hours, your friend has a choice of either asking for a full refund, or he can get another free ticket as a compensation. I have done all these so it is from experience. On another note, I have been booking flights from east Malaysia to Penang for my son. I have got better offers from MAS than Air Asia on the whole. ******************************* Press Releases 17 June 2008 AirAsia On Time Guarantee Get RM200 e-gift voucher for delayed flights KUALA LUMPUR, 16 June 2008 – AirAsia, recently recognized as… Read more »


Stop whining and learn how to be grateful, you ingrate!!!! It is because of AirAsia that we are now able to travel more frequently and cheaply.Yeah, you will turn round and say cheap does not mean poorer service. Well in that case like Tan Jo said: Don’t fly airasia.. pay a premium .. and you will be treated like a KING !!



I just got off an Air Asia flight from KL to Penang about 2 hours ago, delayed by about 30 minutes because of the late arrival of flight from Macau… Don’t ask me why I am so stupid (which I am) to still not learn my lessons!


he’s considered lucky compared too this guy : Following a flight rescheduling, a passenger was placed on a return flight barely an hour after he arrives at his destination, and he can’t change it unless he forks out a surcharge … nonsensical tigerair policy.



yup same experience on AirAsia many times. AirAsia gets (fawning) media coverage because Tony puts on his media smile and swoons them. Otherwise, everyone else in the AirAsia upper management and senior team has the charisma of a teapot. So without the … Tony doing his thing, Air Asia will get the (lousy) coverage they deserve…

Go fly FireFly instead… at least they serve muffins and tea (with no extra charge) on their fights. Or even Jetstar… great service.

SH Tan

Can bring this to the Small Claims Tribunal as a test case? Claim for inconvenience and the extra expense. I would try that if I were your friend.


True. Fly Air Asia when you have all the time in the world and willing to pay for after midnite taxi charges when the plane docks too late after delays : / Support services in Air Asia not good. My samsonite bag got broken into. air asia wont pay except for 10 bucks for broken zip they said : / And the air asia advert on telly about its Aussie flight is objectionable when it zoomed on the buttocks of the stewardess and her breasts. Supposedly taken by the child-passenger. I think that is child exploitation. There should be a… Read more »

Habib RAK

Anil, I think AA does provide some kind of rebate for delayed flights after a certain no of hours. It is in fact in their booking system where u can key in the voucher number and it will deducted for your next flight cost. AA is also transparent in the claim for punctuality. It is published online realtime when we book our tickets. I think they are now around 85% on-time. So, each traveller can make their own decision when booking if this is acceptable. Of course, all complaints should be welcomed by AA for the purpose of improving their… Read more »


As if MAS and other airlines do not have delays. That is why there is a thing called Travel Insurance. Even then, they will only pay if delays are more than 3 hours.

So, please do not target my favourite airline with your petty complaints.


I love Air Asia, had nothing but positive experiences from about a dozen flights.

Before we tie them up and collect wood for a fire, was it Air Asia’s fault the flight was delayed? There are other reasons.

Tan Jo

Don’t fly airasia lor.. pay a premium for better quality..