Chairman of China construction giant ‘jumps off building’


Hong Kong’s biggest circulation newspaper, The Standard, has reported on its website the passing of the chairman of state-owned infrastructure builder China Railway Construction Corporation, Chen Fenjian, 58, on Sunday.

“Chen had served as chairman, executive director, secretary to the party committee and chairman of the nomination committee of CRCC since 2018. CRCC said operations are continuing as normal.

“Chen took his own life by jumping from a building, mainland media Caixin reported, citing sources from industry insiders.

“China’s public security authority is investigating Chen’s death, according to state-run tabloid Global Times, citing sources.

“Chen’s death came as the second inspection group of China’s top state assets regulator – the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission – launched an inspection of CRCC in June.

“The deadline for the inspection group to receive petitions and complaints from the public on CRCC management’s misconduct was August 15, one day before Chen’s death, the commission said on its website.”

According to Bloomberg, Chen Fenjian was also vice-chairman, president and executive director of China Comm Construction Co Ltd from December 2016 to July 2018.

CRCC and CCCC are both companies that should be familiar in Malaysia.

CCCC has been involved in several controversial projects in Malaysia, especially the East Coast Rail Link, which has reportedly been linked with attempts to bail out 1MDB under the Najib Razak administration, as Sarawak Report has highlighted.

In October 2017, then-CCCC president Chen Fenjian told the South China Morning Post that the US$12.8bn rail project in Malaysia was being “actively advanced”.

Penangites might be interested to know that both companies are also involved in the state in a couple of controversial projects.

CCCC is the contractor for the land reclamation project at Gurney Drive and Tanjung Tokong, which is taking years to complete, past earlier targets mentioned in the press. Read about the CCCC connection in Penang.

CRCC, on the other hand, is the main contractor for the Penang tunnel project. The Hong Kong Standard quoted CRCC as saying the company’s operations are continuing as normal. But in Penang, there has been no sign of progress on the tunnel, now the subject of investigations Buy accutane the MACC.

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Penang Forum promoting cycling on island as its NGO manifesto for GE15?

What say you ?


Penangites prefer to learn about dolphins jumping out of Penang waters, not people jumping out of building.

GEORGE TOWN: A video showing a school of dolphins just off the Tanjung Bungah seafront is making a “splash” on social media. The clip was posted on several Facebook pages.


you forget that they may not jump from the tall land structures but they do jump from the bridge structure. in true fashion they jump from the bridge to into the sea to learn like the dolphins


CRCC seems to have problem, what about CREC?

Iskandar Waterfront is partnering China Railway Engineering Corp (CREC) for mega projects (Bandar Malaysia), set for IPO of RM5 billion next year.

Mega projects is everywhere in Malaysia, possibly construction sector will revive our economy, admist cheap loan?


Niaokong is a bogeyman to the Malays?

More fearful and terrified than Pontianak?


Anil must engage islanders to acceot mainlanders being part of Penang.

No discrimination as this has gone for too long.

Also do promote best street food on mainland Penang and let those island hermts open their eyes to shriek out for mainland goodies.


street foot only? sound of silence for bechah riders? They are heroes on reduction of carbon foot prints and global warming. They promote healthy life style of cycling. Too bad, no accolades and not even a word mention on bechah riders. Why why why and yet talk so much about environment friendly


Very depressing to jump down.

The mother earth also under stress.

Climate change partly due to commercial farming.

See this movie and save the eartn.


you have too much to eat, to drink and too say. you should not be here and why people are producing more people? india will overtake china soon and china which stop at one, wants more. Sinkapore produce less people has to import more people.


Too famous and too rich. Many die younger and faster like Jackson, Huston, Elvis. Too bad and too sad. They may have their real reasons but who knows?


You watch too much Alien Nation and you will believe aliens built pyramids and provide safe padsageway for the young and talented one that perish….


michael jackson did the moon walk as alien. elvis presely rock and twist and orso known as king cat just like the egyptians building the pyramids worship cats


Maybe Johor is smart to engage a more reputable China’s Country Garden (ranked 353rd in Fortune Global 500 List with a market capitalization of over US$29.84 billion as of 2018) to jointly develop Forest City?


As the local industry pointed out long ago – when Mahathir got the Japs to build Dayabumi and Korea came in to build MayBank HQ – locals can definitely do the job. Where necessary, they will employ foreign experts. However, the lubrication for the itchy hands will be insufficient, and may be paid in a manner more easily traced. Remember how “democratic elections” everywhere is financed.

Perhaps this incident was a warning to those leaking info. on Jho Lo’s location?


Job prospects for foreigners dim as Singapore unemployment rise

The overall unemployment rate in June 2020 rose to 2.9% from 2.4% in March 2020. There were a total of 90,500 unemployed citizens and residents in June 2020.

Getting diffucult fir Malaysians to earn S$ as Malau.

TL Jr.

But our gomen say our economy will get better soon. Can trust or not? A ploy before GE15 by Muafakat?


Are you the son of tunglang?

We sure miss him dead or alive, after being shrieked into oblivion.

May the force be with him.


SIA cut 2400 jobs.
MAS still maintain workforce.
Malaysia Boleh!
Steady under backdoor gomen.
What say you?


under beend our debt exceed percentage of dgp. we will be paying and less $$ for development. as usual, gomen gives peanuts to make ma lau happy,


Forest City, the smart city project in the Malaysian state of Johor, renewed its commitment to sustainable development by protecting mangroves around the construction area of the 30-km man-made islands.

Forest City even has a Eco Museum