Bagan Pinang postal votes in spotlight


This morning’s press conference at the Pas operations centre in Port Dickson to announce the party’s protest over the issue of postal votes:

Photos by Jong

Pas is expected to meet the Elections Commission this evening.

Meanwhile, Aliran president P Ramakrishnan has come up with a statement here on the corruption vs breach of ethics controversy surrounding BN candidate Isa Samad.

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11 Oct 2009 8.04pm

BN will win

8 Oct 2009 6.02pm

Please follow Samy around and get some situations where the public actually show displeasure with him. We need to put up as much of this as possible

8 Oct 2009 3.53pm

Oh Fatimah!
You know, UMNO is money.
You support UMNO, you get money.
You become’kuda tunggangan’UMNO ,
you get money.
So, go for the money,my dear ‘timah.

8 Oct 2009 3.20pm


Can bribe & take bribe
Can sleep with others who are not your spouse
Can take any piece of land that you wish
Can detain without trial
Can do anything you like so long as you are in power but NOT the powerless!!!!!!

8 Oct 2009 11.04am

Sarawakian, of course not all…pray for PAS and Pakatan Rakyat to win this by-election. All for Pakatan Rakyat.

Fatimah Zuhri….
You seem to be sunk by money.

UMNO/BN (corrupt)

Gerakan K……
You seem to be a judge like Ghani Patail….

8 Oct 2009 10.08am
8 Oct 2009 9.48am

I think if UMNO truly wants to reform and shed its old image, then it should get itself rid of these old, ageing tainted warhorses and warlords. Fielding Isa is an exercise in political expediency rather a mark fo reform. Unfortunately however, Pakatan is hardly in a position to criticise BN in this aspect either. Anwar and LGE are just two examples of PR leaders who had been jailed. One can argued that they were victims of politics. But there are many others too. For example Zaid Ibrahim himself was suspended by UMNO for money politics but that did not… Read more »

8 Oct 2009 6.26am

Gerakan K.

What ever you want to deviate from the truth is up to you. For me LGE is a true and caliber leader. I salute him for his sacrifice to fight for justice….

Fatimah Zhuri.

Another … on the loose. Pergi Jahanam Dengan Umno

8 Oct 2009 12.11am

Let see the results .. whoever win is the people choice in bagan pinang …

I have collegues from bagan pinang .. he told me the voters may spin the votes to PR as sympathy votes .. as they dont want ISA and UMNO to win big … so these fence sitter votes may go to PR …

remember this is the stronghold of umno + 1/3 of postal votes .. if they lose this … meaning end of UMNO era …

7 Oct 2009 11.48pm

I am not a DAP supporter or a LGE fan. But, I am aware of his conviction which was to stand up against a MB… The MB is still running around free…

7 Oct 2009 10.18pm

Postal votes
The curry for Bee Anne
It is the aroma spreading far
It makes one feeling hungry

There is no way
One could determine
The postal votes coming in
It is the bone of contention
Way back when election was held

Bagan Pinang voters
Go vote for a clean candidate
It is your duty to change
Don’t be part of a system
Corrupting the minds and eyes
Listen to Pakatan Speakers
They will tell you plenty

Postal votes
The army and police
Be neutral don’t side any party
This is the way to go
Forget about the curry

Fatimah Zuhri
Fatimah Zuhri
7 Oct 2009 9.42pm

1. Where do these PAS/DAP/PKR supporter get this so called “support” ? lol

2. Last I heard, PAS is having a tough time since a couple of days now.

3. First they complained about POSTAL VOTES.

4. Then when that didnt worked, they complained about ISA SAMAD.

5. When presented with proof that … Anwar himself were involved in corruption (case), they abandon it and complained about PENGUNDI HANTU.

6. When that tactic did not work also, they want to postpone the polls…LOL

8 Oct 2009 1.01am
Reply to  Fatimah Zuhri

Let the result speaks for itself, dear Fatimah. However, if you happen to attend the ceramah at kampung bagan pinang tonight, you could compare the attendance of the ceramah held at the house close to Library Kampung vs the house close to the mosque. Don’t count how many cars but count how many motorbike, because they would represent locals. Thats is what I called “support’. By the way, I (and the family) am the local who supports PAS. And for your information, don’t underestimate how much hate the army has on your Isa Samad. BN may have got a lot… Read more »

8 Oct 2009 1.28pm
Reply to  PutraMerang

PutraMerang Yes, indeed the result should speak for themselves. However, my sources (mainly my relatives living in area) that PAS is heading for a thrashing and the surest sign for it is the absence of big wigs of Pakatan. I am preplexed by the fuss PAS has kicked up on the postal votes when in 1999 GE PKR had a major share of it when they fielded a Malay against BN’s Indian candidate. My relatives tell me of the highly racist and religious attacks that PKR employed on the MIC candidate. So much for multi-ethnic agenda of PKR. As for… Read more »

7 Oct 2009 8.06pm

One need to discern why a person being put into jail rather than comparing all prisones or captives as convicts.

Do you call a person who was locked up or being jailed for fighting for true justice for the people as convict ?

Anyhow BeeEnd made a huge mistake by fielding the wrong candidate at bagan Pinang.
Win or lose , it’s a bad spell for them in time to come.

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
7 Oct 2009 9.26pm
Reply to  kunta

LGE was a lawbreaker and deserve jail sentence. No spin and enough say.

7 Oct 2009 7.55pm

Without the postal votes PAS would win this by-election. The people on the ground are all out for PAS. It’s 6:4 for PAS. The postal votes could damage the chance PAS has.

7 Oct 2009 7.51pm

Money politics is corruption. Do this in the US or Britain and you are out as a politician. Here, in Malaysia (claimed to be an Islamic State) our leader is saying that it is “technical.” GOD SAVE THE COUNTRY. Just see the hypocrisy… Malaysians should be ashamed to have leaders who cannot differentiate between CORRUPTION and TECHNICALITIES.

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
7 Oct 2009 7.10pm

What a double standard by PR supporters. If ex-convict LGE allowed to stand as candidate in GE12, why now targeting BN candidate? For me, recent PAS nonsense regarding to this by-election is a sign that BN will record a strong win. People fear of PAS agenda.

7 Oct 2009 6.56pm

UMNO is corrupted. I hope bagan pinang folks are not tempte by the monies