Another day, another collapse


What is going on? After the Terengganu stadium roof collapsed (for the second time), now a flyover in Cyberjaya comes tumbling down.


The flyover links an exit along the Elite Highway to the road leading to the Cyberjaya Science Park.

The NST and Star are quick to point out that the flyover is “owned and managed” by the Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS) though the road below is managed by PLUS Malaysia Berhad.

But when was this flyover built and by which company? Who are the shareholders of this company? Who is responsible for the shoddy construction? Who awarded the tender and at what cost? And why has the flyover been unused?

Wikipedia says the Elite Highway is maintained by PLUS Expressway Berhad and Expressway Lingkaran Tengah Sdn Bhd (ELITE).

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Where is Gerakan K?


What is going on ?? A good question.
The answer is corruption..

Batu Ferringhian

There are photos circulating on facebook that is hillarious!

Ultraman Vs Monthra superimposed in the background. The real cause of the collapse!

Thought I’d lighten the moment just a wee bit 🙂


Janji di tepati. You get what you pay for. All these major structural collapse is giving a chill to my bone.


Check this link which was posted by someone in Malaysiakini and then decide for yourselves. No point making accusation yourselves, Kenny. You are no better in saying BN blames PR, PR blames BN ………..


Now all the FINGER POINTING starts…..BN blame PR; PR blame BN.

To me, I would just say “SHUT UP!!!”. S… you both.


No we cannot just shut up to such a serious act of incompetency shoddyness.
Blame who. Well the bridge was built in 2007.
As I have said before Corruption can kill and fill the pocket of these cheaters who use shoddy materials.
Such people must be brought to book and must not be allowed to continue.
That go to the current regime. We need change.


Check the 2 photos – one in Malaysiakini and the other in Star. The Star shows completed stretch, and the Malaysiakini, and photo above show the incomplete stretch


Similar to Penang hill tram that “own” by Penang government but build by BN-linked-cronies.


When I was working in that area until 2011 May, these roads were just being completed. Funny thing is that many of the roads built in Cyberjaya lead to a dead end. There is a brigde across the main artery which just ends into a forested area. Hence the bridges are built for future development. This dual expressway has already got the signboards fixed, but the road surface is yet incomplete. If I am not wrong, this contract was given out before 2008, and the contractor can only handover the asset to the State GOvernment upon successful completion of the… Read more »


The ground below CyberJaya are moving, good warning about time the tenants start packing, the Saints set to march in soon. Don’t say they have not been fore-warned!


Shoddy workmanship and cut corners due to multiple layers of ali-baba-style sub-contracting is a hallmark of BN close-door tender system.

Such collapse is a bad omen for BN and a wake-up call to all fence-sitting voters.