A chicken thief and the Jimah power plant


I suppose the story of a chcken thief who couldn’t recognise a chicken in court as the one he was alleged to have stolen was meant to provide some comic relief in the The Star. You are meant to chuckle or laugh when you read it.

But read the report more carefully and you will see that the accused had to support his family on RM25 a day. That’s about RM750/month, putting the household on the threshold of the official poverty line. Nothing to laugh about there. And he gets three months jail for stealing a chicken.

Now we shouldn’t condone even petty theft.

But we all know how difficult it is for any household to survive on less than RM1,500/month or even more, let alone RM750.

How about poverty in a land of plenty? Do we condone that?

My question now: what is the penalty for those who are now allowing TNB to bleed RM500 million in “capacity charges” over the next eight months by allowing an IPP to operate a power plant (Jimah) to provide electricity that the country doesn’t need? The Jimah plant, which will be operational in January, will raise the country’s power reserve margin to 45 per cent. The CEO of TNB says the country doesn’t need the power and can do without it. Who will profit from the Jimah power plant?

Will anyone be hauled up to account for this?

The Star

Friday December 12, 2008
Chicken thief couldn’t recognise bird

IPOH: A man who admitted to stealing a chicken got amused looks in a magistrate’s court here when he could not recognise the same bird brought to him for identification.

Contract worker R. Maran, 29, was asked to identify the bird after pleading guilty to stealing the 1.5kg cockerel from a coop in Hala Perindustrian Menglembu 13, here, on Oct 10.

However, when owner carried the chicken into the magistrate’s court yesterday, Maran un­expectedly denied that the black bird with brown chest feathers was the one he had stolen.

“What? You think it has been switched?” asked prosecuting officer Asst Supt Jamaluddin Osman to chuckles from the public gallery.

At one point, ASP Jamaluddin even brought out a photograph of the stolen chicken to compare it with the live bird for Maran’s benefit.

The prosecuting officer and magistrate Sharmila Abdul Samad finally pointed out to the accused that the chicken would have grown bigger since the theft two months ago.

Maran then acknowledged that it was the same bird, and pleaded to the court for a lighter sentence as he had to support his wife and two young children. He also said his family was poor and that he only earned RM25 a day.

The magistrate sentenced him to three months’ jail from Oct 10, the date he was caught red-handed with the chicken at the coop.

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kalau da cukup power ,plant x operate
tapi jimah plant still operate bile di perlukan
camner tu???
kadang2 org x tau pon still nak comment


A crime remains a crime but there may be some circumstances in which we can agree that the punishment befitting the crime may be lessened in recognition of the specific and special environment or situation which may have compelled him to commit that crime. I have witnessed mitigation in court for single parents who have been driven to theft to provide even the most basic of necessities…infant formula milk for their babies..would you say this justifies throwing her into jail? The plight of the baby? This is what is known as mitigating circumstances, Penang! It’s not justifying the crime but… Read more »


People preach so much, but sound really like Satan in disguise.

Satan is cold hearted. So are you if you are cold hearted. Satan has no mercy, so are you if you have no mercy.

Pity that some people do not know that they are really Satan in disguise.


Oh well !!!!

A new way to get rich.

Go steal a chicken, get caught, tell the world that you need to feed your family, and walla !!! All the kind-hearted folks chip in $$$$$$

Groovy man, grooooooovvvvy !!!


Andrew, can you pls give your bank account number here so that we all can start banking in our pledges? Of if you are reluctant, we can always mail you a cheque. Once you collect from all of us, you can give to the person’s family. There is an element of urgency here, so Anil, pls start the ball rolling by putting another post with regards to the chicken thief. Dear Ganesh, Nice thought there. All we know is that he is R Maran charged in a magistrate’s court in Ipoh. He was sentenced to three months jail from 10… Read more »


Come on TNB…. You (TNB) own 20% of Jimah shares. How come you (TNB) complaining and wanted to charge it on the consumer. Lets say RM 1 billion gone to JIMAH. TNB will get back their 20% in which by simple stupid calculation to be RM200 Million. Playing games and always blames IPP for their own laziness.


Andrew, The Concise Oxford English Dictionary does define it perfectly. Surprising that some fanatics are not compassionate despite preaching a lot.

Andrew I

The Concise Oxford English Dictionary defines a fanatic as a person filled with excessive zeal, especially for an extreme religious or political cause.


Ganesh seth the following:

“In this world there are many pariahs. Today, I see a fanatic pariah.”

Gee, Ganesh, have you ever stood in front of a mirror?


I don’t mind even giving RM20. Please Anil, do start a fund. Be the first blogger to start a fund to help a good soul in need.

I am confident we can collect at least Rm1000

Andrew I

Thank you to Dr. Hamid Ibrahim and Siew Eng for your meaningful contributions. It was actually I who pointed out chicken thief story to Anil and asked if he could highlight it in his blog. (Sorry for all the stick you got, Anil!) With one exception, I can safely say thank God there are some caring people left in this world. 3 months. 3 whole months. If the rule of law is applied, those scumbags who steal millions should get a thousand lifetimes. As Siew Eng suggested, RM10 from each of us sounds good. The thing about charity is it’s… Read more »

Siew Eng

BTW, that was another report of bad taste on Star’s part.

Sometimes, I really worry at the values Star is promoting through their warped editorial values (mostly middle to upper class angles that show little compassion or empathy for the downtrodden) as reflected in ‘amusing’ stories like that.

On the bright side, they have a few great columnists. Here’s one that has a similar theme underlying it – Familiarity breeds compassion http://thestar.com.my/lifestyle/story.asp?file=/2008/12/14/lifefocus/2766860&sec=lifefocus

Siew Eng

How to find out who the wife is? If all of us here can chip in just rm10 and four other outraged friends to do the same, at least the family will have around RM1.5k to tide them over a bit. I know we can’t solve everyone’s problems but it seems like in this case, we can do one thing. Because I think there are many outraged people who wouldn’t mind parting with RM10, also as a sign of solidarity at the injustice. Yeah, I wonder who’s the chicken owner who had to bring this man to court. Couldn’t he… Read more »

Dr.Hamid Ibrahim

POVERTY AND HUNGER 13th Dec. 2008 Oliver Richards reports as follows: The number of undernourished people in the world has increased from 923 million in 2007 to 963 million in 2008. This disturbing figure comes from a report on world hunger released on December 9 by the Rome-based UN Agency, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), entitled The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2008. The report notes that the number of chronically hungry people rose by 75 million in 2007, while the 2008 figure shows an increase of 40 million. The recent increase in the number of hungry… Read more »

Andrew I

Well. from my understanding of the Bible, Jesus was the original rebel with a cause. He challenged the Pharisees and and their holier than thou pretensions. He associated with prostitutes and tax collectors. He called quite a few people hypocrites.

He was basically trying to put things in context and this is what a good Christian is supposed to emulate. We can’t do the 40 day hunger strike. He’s God and we’re not.

Jesus, my kinda guy.


In this world there are many pariahs. Today, I see a fanatic pariah.


My first message for this thread was in response to Anil’s “Oh this poor guy only stole a chicken” article. I didn’t comment on the sentencing part, my only point is that anyone who commit a crime, be it tiny or huge, must be prepared for spending the time in jail. And all of a sudden all you “compassionate” people jumped. Compassion is one thing, the ABUSE of that “compassion” is another. This country of ours is in such a disarray precisely because it is not run BY LAW. It’s by man — as long as the “Orang Atas” say… Read more »


Penang Technically, you are absolutely correct and nobody should challenge your logic and argument. However, we do not have ice water running in our veins and we are after all human beings with all our human failings. I for my part choose to show my compassion and not pass judgement on my fellow human beings less I be judged by someone higher in authority. I guess that we are lucky you are not a judge in a legal court or you will be appropriately named “Judge Roy Bean, The Hanging Judge”. Thank God for little mercies. I think the point… Read more »


And oh, btw, for those who didn’t read the Bible and still want to quote Jesus, please do yourself a big favor, go read and _UNDERSTAND_ the Bible before you talk about Jesus.

Thank you !


Have I ever commented on the length of the prison sentence? Can’t you people read anymore??? All I am saying is that if anyone commit a crime, be it murder or rape or theft, that person should be totally responsible for the crime he or she has done. No excuse, no “Mitigating Circumstances”, nothing, should be in the way between the punishment and the crime. And to those who are calling names and such, oh well, you and I will one day be dead. And only at that time you will regret your name calling habit. Have a nice week… Read more »


Anil I don’t condone theft or crimes of any sort but I am sympathetic to the poor guy’s plight and even more so for his family, now that he will be incarcerated. The social environment is what has created his predicament and unlike the country I now reside, there is no social safety net; no “dole” money so to say in your country. What is a poor fellow to do when your young ones cry in hunger pains? Those who have not undergone such experience cannot be judgemental. A parent’s love will far out weight one’s own hunger pangs as… Read more »


Nobody is trying to say stealing is not a crime.

Mitigating circumstances relate to the handing down of PUNISHMENT. A judge may decide on a lighter sentence if the circumstances of the crime merits it – say severe economic hardship.

This is AFTER the court has found him guilty. The court arrives at a verdict after perusing all the presented EVIDENCE, NOT the mitigating circumstances!

Maybe someone should also try reading a law book, sometimes…..


Don’t preach here lah if you are so immature that you cannot understand the term “mitigating circumstances”. Even the law recognises it. You preach so much, but did not Jesus forgive the prostitute? And those who nailed him on the cross? Sentence must relate to the severity of the crime, as stated by Whatif. If your 5 year old child stole something in the supermarket, do you want him to be thrown into Henry Gurney until he is 18 years old or would you appeal for forgiveness from the prosecuting authority? Now you see what a big hippocrate you are.… Read more »

Andrew I

Penang, you are the kind of sanctimonious person Jesus was speaking out against. It’s people like you who cannot understand His time in this world.

Andrew I

Maybe a sainthood is in order for Penang.