Look how nature heals when people stay at home!

Batu Ferringhi at 12.52pm on 30 April 2020 - Photo: Lye Tuck Po

Blue skies, sparkling aquablue turquoise waters enticing you to wade in… when was the last time you saw the sea and the skies in Penang looking like this?

This was what Batu Ferringhi was like, just over two weeks into the movement control order, on 4 April:

7.50am at Batu Ferringhi, Penang on 4 April 2020 – Photograph: Lye Tuck-Po

The birds are chirping, the air is crispier and fresh, and look at the clear haze-free skies in the photo below taken from mainland Penang on 24 April 2020.

View of Gurney Drive and Tanjung Tokong from mainland Penang a few days ago – Photograph: Adik

The video below shows the state of Sungai Pinang, once filthy but now rapidly healing.

So it is crystal clear that it is irresponsible human activity or ecologically damaging activity which is messing up our tropical paradise.

The key point here is we do NOT have to spend hundreds of millions of ringgit to clean up and beautify our rivers or to rejuvenate our sea or to clear up our skies. Just stop the polluting effluents from flowing in to rivers and seas, stop the unnecessary massive reclamation, stop the ecologically harmful activity. And no need to throw those silly mud balls into the rivers and seas either.

So what are we going to do now when the movement control order is gradually lifted?

Allow the polluting activity and unsustainable development to degrade the rivers, seas and skies all over again?

Or will we want to treasure and protect what we thought we had lost forever?
You decide.

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The combination of a global pandemic and depressed oil prices could be the opportunity for Malaysia to reinvent and diversify its economy, said experts.

Unfortunately reinvention is unlikely since PN cabinet and GLCs are headed by “know-who” political appointees with little “know-how”.


How much is anyone allowed to reinvent it? There are too many vested interests. Anything that undermines “neo-liberalism” is heresy.

Bayi Yoda

Dominance of patronage DNA of UMNo is evident in leapfrogs of PKR and Bersatu for vested interests not necessarily liberalism or ptofessionalism or ethical reasons.


Modern technology causes many disruptions, somehow renewal and clean energies like solar could not disrupt the the reluiiance of fossil fuels because of the stronghold by those influential ones that control the energy grid.

Bayi Yoda

Anilnetto.com lately lacks coverage on street food ever since the disappearance (mco?) of tunglang (could not withstand relentless shrieking pressure?).

Also lacking is usual narrative on political scenario in Bolehland.

May be followings can inspire Anil and readers to share their insightful views?




Happy Wesak Day to all.

This is the MCO song to Sayonara Corona,
OK Lah!

Bayi Yoda

Many would join Penang Forum bandwagon to sustain blue sky aquablue sea n rivers and smog free environment by limiting motor vehicles and human traffic on island by introducing parallel “lockdown” measures eg carpooling and use RapidPenang more and walk more.
Use less plastic and do no dispose toxic into rivers and sea.
Let the young appreciate the true natural rejuvenation such that we can witness migration of duyong, (pink) dolphins, turtles, chirpy birds from as far as Belum…….


Car pooling is unlikely since petrol price is so low today. Young generation today prefer to drive own car for Bin Chui status.

After MCO, expect more fast and furious action on the road, more CO2 exhaust to pollute the environment once again. Car workshops will discharge used oil to the drain and then to the river and ocean…


Car pool? Driver or passenger may be carrying the virus. Milan will make Italy No 1 virus infected country again. French style better. France is going $$ to Parisians to get or repair their bicycles and cycle again


Times have changed. Cyclists in Paris used to fight the hostile local gomen. and risk their lives to cycle in dangerous traffic. Similarly, China thought it was “progressing” by abandoning vast numbers of bicycles for private cars. The leaders in using bicycles are Scandinavia and some small US towns. Here, some consider bicycles — even within their locality — too low-class. At best, they use an electric “bicycle”.

Bayi Yoda

No Caste system on Penang Island.

However, “Class” categories are common on island becoz of bin chui reason.

Ridng a bicycle on road considered low class unless its a stylo mylo foldable type for recreational fun ride eg at Karpal Singh drive.

Driving a BMW can inflate ego never mind the loans belakang kira now that intetest being waived for next 6 months.


still wanting to take public buses? virus lurking around. Any social distance? Any sanitizing the handles by MOH? if not sure we see waves and waves. Never ending story


UK transport secretary Grant Shapps announced a £2 billion package to put cycling and walking “at the heart of” Britain’s post-coronavirus transportation plan. The idea is to reduce crowding on public transport and gridlock on roads.

But here in Bolehland everyone wants to drive own car, prompted by cheap petrol.


here what ngos and activists are doing? Greens should have monthly activities and bicycle workshops to get more riders. MPPP can improve the bike lanesGo and urge MOT Dr Wee … for $$ to run the activities to reduce road congestion


Najib ‘s stepson Riza Shahriz Abdul Aziz was today released from five counts of money-laundering over US$248 million allegedly misappropriated from 1MDB after he agreed to pay several million ringgit to the Malaysian government, a report has said.

So Bossku alias MO1 will likewise settle his case soon by paying himself out of Sungai Buluh Resort?


Anwar on Riza Aziz case: Stole 10 chickens? Just return one and you’ll be fine

He said such a plea deal would send a wrong message when it comes to other corruption cases.

Ravinder Singh

The flawed economics of GROWTH (growing by destroying the environment) that spawned GREED in man turned him into the scourge of Planet Earth. Man is the only mammal that plunders mother nature.


Not sure if our back door Environment Minister would agree with you as far as logging in Kelantan us concerned, given his pedigree.


SINGAPORE – The rooftops of a handful of multi-storey carparks in Singapore will be converted for use to farm vegetables and other food crops from the later part of this year.



Penang can also follow such practice?


Growing vegetables on the roof of HDB building in Singaporea, as reported byby Astro online news in video:


RIP Little Richard, pioneer of Rock n Roll.
Here’s Tutti Frutti for all :


Malaysia hidden IED. Too many black market migrants and now how is Dummo going to ensure successive wave of Corona not coming back again and again. How many lockuo and lock down required?

Bayi Yoda

2.5 million legal migrant workers in Msia – contact tracing possible.
3.5 alleged illegal migrant workers in Msia- time bomb for next wave of covid-19 as they live in close proximity???


how many weeks of lockdown required? how the virus fade away? Danger zone to elderly ones. Can say goodbye to tourists. can eat bubur no more nasi goreng


In descending order, what should be reduced include (a) smoke — all sorts (b) in water: farm sewage, factory effluents, fertiliser runoff, mud from logging (called hill clearing), leachate from trash, detergents and heavy metals (c) solid industrial and consumer trash. Under the system of mutual back-scratching (called Ali-Baba locally), it is very profitable for offenders to take short-cuts, and for regulators to feign ignorance or bury complaints. Just as in the teetering world of finance, everyone hopes to “kick the can down the road” for someone to solve it later. They just want to go back to “normality”.


The word curfew is taboo. Instead, we have lock-down, MCO, EMCO, CMCO or — the winner from the little red dot — circuit breaker. Despite any “infection” they had, all those foreigner employees were healthy while working under the S’pore sun. Now, they can only donate viruses to one another while trapped inside the dormitories. Of course, S’pore cannot disobey Big Brother.


Interstate travel is to be allowed effective June 10. People would be allowed to cross state borders, except those staying in enhanced movement control order localities.

Tunglang can now return to Penang island from Belum Forest?

OriMaestro Fan

GEORGE TOWN: See Kong Ooi, a restaurant which has been serving traditional Hainanese and Hokkien home-cooked dishes for 84 years has closed for good.

A household name here especially among the old-timers, the restaurant has not been able to fend off the effects of the movement control order (MCO) on its business.“



COVID-19 Relief (Current UK #1 song)

It’s times like these you learn to live again
It’s times like these you give and give again
It’s times like these you learn to love again
It’s times like these time and time again



No new posting from Anil in May.
Infrequent posting is a new normal?
Perhaps Anil has lost his motivation since the untimely departure of tunglang?

Bunian Guide of tunglang

Taiwan Can Help. Coronavirus Cases: 441 Deaths: 7 Recovered: 408 How close to Red China: 130 km Taiwan has learnt a hard lesson from the 2002-2004 SARs outbreak (in Guangdong, China) which devastated her health and economy. Being well prepared now, she successfully controlled this CCP Virus pandemic (Covid-19) despite facing obstacles from CCP and WHO, which declined Taiwan’s help and genuine sharing of much needed health expertise as the world continues to be infected to almost 5 millions and death reaching over 320,000. Even as a highly recognised role model for the world, Taiwan was rejected by WHA (World… Read more »


Your comment concerning Taiwan is OK, but biased by Great Shaitan propaganda. “CCP” virus”? Everyone except Shaitan calls the governing body of China CPC. China kill its own people to kill an enemy? Wow, you have gone beyond the Sun Tzu level. What about Shaitan killing its own people by comandeering medical supplies and outbidding against its own states for such supplies? Please read more on bio-warfare, total war, ID 2020 and plunder of public wealth under “emergency aid” to rescue reckless cronies.


Many people may have to stay home longer after MCO for extended holiday as record job losses is looming according to the front page headline of The Sun today:

Malaysia is likely to see its unemployment rate hit double digits if the current economic uncertainties persist.

If that happens, it would be a record. Thus far, the highest rate of joblessness the country has ever recorded was 7.4% in 1986.

Data from the Statistics Department shows that the unemployment rate in March was 3.9%. That translates to 610,000 people being out of a job.


Most countries are reporting/projecting single-digit drop in employment, GDP, etc. They even go to one decimal place, to rub in the joke. If you can believe such figures, you can believe anything.


If not for ‘Sheraton Move’, Malaysia’s Covid-19 cases could have been halved

Power grab via back door cost our economy dearly.


While many are worried about losing their jobs due to economic downturn, some are still hoping for Raya bonus.


“Special payment” for civil servants and pensioners reported a couple of days ago. This is apart from the Covid/Prihatin thing.

Bayi Yoda


More healings required when businesses cannot sustain causing massive layoff in tbe pipeline.

Bayi Yoda

Ray of hope for covid-19 healing with positive news from Moderna vaccine.


Wonder the cure is magical fast if it is “manufactured” unnatural pandemic after all ????


MCO cannot have 4D.

But parliament got 6D, according to the latest Zunar’s cartoon?


Please sign and support this petition from Aliran:
Pastikan Parlimen bersidang selama 2 minggu bermula 18 Mei – bukan hanya 1 hari!



Two frogs jumped in Ramadan/MCO month and Kedah fell to PN, with possibly a new PAS MB.

Bayi Yoda

Healing of nature has been disrupted by the rising use of plastic for home delivery meals during MCO.


Pls be considerate to minimise the use of plastic to save the earth.


Especially in critical times/matters, communication should be clear (lucid), concise, consistent, complete and (in terms of potential doubts or variations) comprehensive. As we see in the present crisis, it seems that this is too much to ask for. This may arise from decades of declining standards of schooling, or simple arrogance. There is a lot of “shooting from the hip”, or as a local proverb has it, “trying to stretch one’s legs before sitting down”.