What happened to the promised Tanjung Bunga coastal park?

The protest this morning

About 50 people gathered in Tanjung Bunga this morning to remind the state government about its pledge for a seafront public park.

The residents say the 2.2-acre coastal park was promised by the state government in April 2018. Half a million ringgit was allocated for the park but the residents are still waiting.

They demand that the state government keeps its promise to build the coastal park so that residents will have a place for seafront exercise and recreation.

The protest was organised by the Tanjung Bungah Residents Association (see its statement below).

For some background, refer here.

The state government has responded to say that a developer has now been entrusted to build the park. Let’s see.

The TBRA statement:

The unrealised public seaside park promise

TANJUNG BUNGA: The Chief Minister of Penang Incorporated’s (CMI’s) promise to build a seaside pocket park in 2018 has yet to be realised, and the Tanjong Bunga Residents’ Association is now calling on the state to honour its pledge.

TBRA chairman Zulfikar Abdul Aziz said a video produced by the state at the time showed that the coastal park located close to the One Tanjung condominium had an array of ameities including a running track, cycling space, a football field, and  basketball and badminton courts.

The video shows former Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng speaking at the launch of the project in April 2018, where he promised a 9,000-sq-metre green park (two acres), a boardwalk and an open concrete stage. Among the VIP guests featured in the video, which can be found on Lim’s Facebook account, include the current Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow and state executive councillor Jagdeep Singh Deo.

The seaside pocket park was expected to take 16 weeks for construction and was scheduled to be completed in December 2018.

The park is located on a reclaimed land between the sea-facing frontage of The Cove condominium and the Penang Swimming Club. When reclamation work began in 2000, it was a relatively modest and flat ‘tongue’ extending from the coast into the sea.

However, by 2006 the size and height increased dramatically and residents nearby complained to the TBRA that trucks were continually dumping rocks and soil on the site for bulldozers to spread. It became an ugly naked rock hill stretching into the sea. A stop work order was obtained in 2006.

The TBRA started calling it the “sore thumb” after the four Cove tower “fingers” were built and began demanding that it become a public coastal park when the association learned that attempts were being made to turn the area into a marina-cum-commercial space.

When the chief minister announced that the space would remain a public space and be turned into a seaside park, there was an undeniable sense of relief among Tanjung Bunga residents.

Zulfikar said that with so many concrete developments occurring in Penang, more sustainable urban green spaces have become a necessity.

“Parks fulfil many functions in urban context that benefit people’s quality of life. Steadily growing noisy traffic and urban heat, especially in Penang, is not only damaging the environment but also incurs social and economic costs.

“The state has an obligation to at least attempt to counterbalance some of the massive construction in our city over the past 10 years. This promise made by the previous chief minister four years ago must be fulfilled,” he said.

Lim’s speech in 2018 had said that the design of the seaside pocket park was to create “an urban coastal park to promote sustainable development and establish community accessibility to nature”.

He had also said that the seaside pocket park would cost the state an estimated RM500,000, and the project was to be managed by the CMI.

TBRA is reiterating its call for the state government to fulfil its 2018 pledge made about a month prior to the 2018 general election and deliver on the seaside pocket ark that it had promised.

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XE 666

Some vocal members of Tanjung Bungah resident association not happy the hills there being cement paved. They can start home gardening to create own paradise at home.


Can understand the frustration from Tanjung Bungah residents as the place has lost its premium status, fast losing value too.


Tanjung Bungah folks must now work to preserve the others coming to the shores.

If they can co exist with the otters (and may be can attract dolphins to their new park) then Tanjung Bungah can gain back it glory days.

Any leaders there to take up such project ?


New development at Gurney has stolen the Shane from Tanjung Bunga.

Frankie Cheah

Priority now is to clean up Sg Pinang that is filled with rubbish !

Alpha 888

P1B === Sometimes, off topic comments happens when one feels it is important to share one’s view on a particular subject, but just because someone else says something like “it is off – topic”, that should not stop one from continuing to give one views or comments. There will always be people who are bankrupt of ideas or who are intellectually disabled and so they will verbally ‘attack’ the commenter and not intelligently respond to the comment. But of course, the final decision as to whether to publish a comment or not rests upon the Blogmaster. And since he has published yours, it must… Read more »

Alpha 888

Sorry about it, but it was a reply to glissantia. Did not see any other post
current and relevant for this particular comment. A question Blogmaster, does this mean that if we do not have any comment relevant to the topic, we should not post any other off topic comments. If so, please let us know and will abide accordingly. Thank you.

RRR Superstar

So Anil has to spare more time to post hot topics. In that way readers can post more diversified comments.
However i feel woth GE15 nearing many cybertroopers on the loose now with 888 bullets to spare…..

Alpha 888

Understand, Thank you. A suggestion if I may Blogmaster, is it possible to include the word ‘and others’ in all your topics so as to accommodate
comments on recent or current events. For example, “Environment, People’s Park/PGCC and Others or and Recent Currents Events” ?

Alpha 888

Yes Blogmaster, Thank you. It will be helpful for our comments.

Alpha 888

” and Others or and Recent Currents Events ”

Sorry, what it should read is as ” and Others Off Topic or Recent / Current Events Off Topic”? You could bend the Blog policy a little to slot this in.


1/2 First of all, … You have nothing to write except to “attack” the administration. You “attack” bringing out cases that are minor as compare to more serious and severe that occurs in other state. You proudly state you are Senior over 80 years and when asked shows you are falsifying. Neither you intelligently response as it happened in other states and national level. What is your agenda? To troll?


2/2 it show your low intelligence blaming Council flood in new bridge. Council depends on Engrs for design and engaged Registered Engineers. Sometimes they mis-calculated result in cracks. They do not expect pedestrians to throw rubbish. by rubbish. Some mentioned Rawang bridge paid by FEDERAL on straight alignment and very much longer for pedestrian to walk. How many council can afford to build an elevated bridge through rough terrain? What is your illogic and agenda?

Alpha 888

Hallo shriek, you have caught up, good to hear from you. Qualified and Experienced Engineers don’t make mistakes, they are suppose to know what they are doing otherwise the results will be disastrous. We have drains clogged with rubbish. So, it is to be expected. About the funding …… next.


See your intelligent. The main component of the bridge is the structure done by bridge structure engineer. The bridge longkang is done by longkang engineer. Bridge longkang is different from road side longkang. Pl check b4 spinning. UK Millenium bridge designed by world reknown Engineer vibrate and sway. when opened.

Omega 888

Very good shriek. From Penang’s Bukit Kukus Highway and longkang engineers to UK’s Millennium bridge engineers, the bridge nicknamed the “Wobbly Bridge”. Now understand better. Am moving on. You can stay and continue.

Alpha 888


Reply to glissantia ===> ( glissantia reply to Omega 888 dd 30 Mar 2022
1.01pm )

Yes, you are right, if one have read the comments on many of the topics in the blog, there are many comments which are off topic. MGR MARAN himself have given many off topic comments and so have I. He does not realize how hypocritical it is to find fault on another person while he himself has done the same. 

Cont. to P1B


TripAdvisor: These places are best for nature & parks in Tanjung Bungah:
– Penang Avatar Secret Garden
– Teluk Bahang Beach
– Teluk Bahang Forest Eco Park


RRR Superstar

Tanjung Bungah loses out to Straits Quay in terms of Island Prestige.
The hills of Tanjung Bungah must be checked regularly to deyect loose soil early.


Penang should aim to be a City in Nature, like Singapore?

Ayuh Penang!


Tanjung Bungah folks go chill out at nearby Avatar Secret Garden.

Frankie Cheah

Tanjung Bungah already got so many parks, give chance to other sites in Penang for money better spent!

Thalapathy The Beast

Many Tanjung Bungah folks still think they are the elites on the island.
If they are elites then contribute for the funding of the park.
Other areas deserve attention.

Alpha 888

It is March 27th 2022, does anyone know what is the latest on the Assumption
School issue?


State executive councillor Jagdeep Singh Deo said the state has spent nearly RM7.4 million on landscaping work in open spaces and planted 327,000 trees since 2008, with plans to plant another 500,000 trees over the medium term.

He said that there are now 320 open spaces in the state, which the local authorities have been directed to turn into green lungs.


CM Chow said a developer has been entrusted to complete the Tanjung Bungah Linear Park.


MH17: Never forget the criminals who murdered so many and have been attempting an elaborate hoax to deflect the blame.

MGR Maran

Are you blaming Tanjung Bungah folks for MH17 mishap? Kindly stay relevant to the topic.

Omega 888

Getting all hot under the collar. Amazing how one could connect the MH17 mishap to the Tanjung Bungah folks. Must be one of those Tanjung Bunga folks living in Tanjung Bunga. 

For all we know, glissantia could have accidentally submitted the comment. It is just a comment. There is no reason to get so upset. The Tanjung Bunga folk are not going to be dragged to the international court over his comment.


There are many off-topic comments, and with Ukraine news being totally manipulated, I felt it was important especially for relatives of MH17 victims. Perhaps I should have waited and not been the first commenter.

RRR Superstar

Good to know you are aware of Western manipulation.
Now Sri Lanka and Pakistan in deep economic problems with oil costs.
India has no choice to be by the side of Russia.

Alpha 888

“The state government has responded to say that a developer has now been entrusted to build the park.”

“Tanjung Bungah assemblyman Zairil Khir Johari said a developer building a five-story wellness facility on private land adjacent to the site had been entrusted to build the public park.”


And so, YB ZK Johari, this is a simple project. Please tell us, who is this developer, when did the state govt contracted him to do the job, when will he begin the project and when will he complete it? You have missed to tell us this most important part.

MGR Maran

Uncle 888 go and check if they erect a signboard showing who the developer is. If not yet done then go shriek it out at Komtar so that Tanjung Bungah 50 folks can endorse you as their YB in GE15.

Alpha 888

You seem to be such a all knowing wonderful person, so why don’t you give us the details then instead of shrieking here and there.


You have been with trolling with your shriek. You said you love sea beach and hills? Like 80 years ago, dont spin. Dont be key board warrior go to Bungah to check and dont forget to check your sea side and hills too otherwise you spin again. Write to respond your love for sea side and hills

Alpha 888

Sorry shriek, for now, rather talk about the State of Penang, the 12 other states, the politicians who govern them and some National issues.

Much to know about how politics is being played by the politicians on both side of the divide and how much focus and time is given for the development of the nation and the welfare of the Rakyat.

Common Sense dictates that if there are no Rakyat, there is no nation, just Mother Nature living in peace.


where got rakyat? Rakyat is still under religious, race, feudal and towkay system? You dont believe, you land in hell or yes tuan, semua boleh, Macai or United Ma**y Party.