Jemputan ke tayangan filem alam laut Mission Blue


[English version below] Hi semua, kami ingin menjemput anda semua ke tayangan filem Mission Blue, anjuran Kuasa bersama Aliran pada Sabtu, 25 Februari 2017 pada jam 2.30 tengah hari di Rumah Aliran.

Trailer filem:

Filem dokumentari ini mengisahkan seorang oceanographer, ahli marin biologi, pejuang alam sekitar yang legend dan seorang explorer-in-residence untuk National Geographic, Sylivia Earle. Filem ini menunjukkan perjuangan beliau dalam kempen menubuhkan sebuah rangkaian dan pergerakan untuk selamat dan lindungi alam laut.

Selepas tayangan, satu sesi perbincangan mengenai situasi alam laut di Pulau Pinang dan kawasan lain sekitar Malaysia akan diadakan.

Terima kasih, dan kehadiran anda semua amat dialu-alukan.

Tolong RSVP di sini dan mohon kongsikan jemputan ini di laman sosial media anda juga.

Ruman Aliran
103 Medan Penaga
11600 Jelutong

Invitation to a screening of an environmental film Mission Blue

Hi all, we would like to invite you to a screening of Mission Blue at a forum organised by Kuasa and Aliran on Saturday, 25 February 2017 at 2.30pm at the Aliran office.

Movie trailer:

The film is about about the legendary oceanographer, marine biologist, environmentalist and National Geographic explorer-in-residence Sylvia Earle and her campaign to create a global network of protected marine sanctuaries.

After the screening, we will have a discussion to relate this documentary to the situation in Penang and elsewhere in Malaysia.

Thank you and we hope to see you all there.

Please RSVP here: and kindly share this invite in your social media platforms as well.

Ruman Aliran
103 Medan Penaga
11600 Jelutong

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Pusat Komas programme coordinator Lena Hendry was prosecuted for her role in screening a documentary on the Sri Lankan civil war. So any screening of movie to the public requires the approval from the BN authority?

Owen Chiang

The conviction of activist Lena Hendry over a documentary screening raises concerns that government censorship will kill the country’s filmmaking industry, a filmmaker said today.
Nadira Ilana, 29, said the arbitrary and fluid nature of local censorship laws creates a “huge confusion” on what filmmakers can or cannot make.


Latest news BN Kedah to reclaim sea off Kuala Kedah to build condominiums!


A world class development is on the verge of taking structure in Kedah, in a manner that is bound to transform the state’s property market.

Comprising high end bungalows, chic condominiums, quality lifestyle malls and high end eateries, Aman Laut is expected to be a whole new township that sits on the coast of Kuala Kedah.

Overlooking the ocean and neighbouring the countless islands surrounding Langkawi, residents of Aman Laut will enjoy resort like living with world class amenities.

No complain from Kuala Kedah fishermen?


So quiet here. Not easy to hijack into political agenda and also invite fishermen for the show

Lai Huat

Penang should seek Singapore’s expertise to develop technology/land based vertical farming for fish and vegetables, and give the depleting fish stock in the surrounding sea a chance to recover.

Tua Thai Chee

We shall not miss this environmental movie. See you all there.

Also online premier of Absent Without Leave on 28 Feb 2017, don’t miss it, too.


Absent Without Leave was directed by Lau Kek-Huat and Chen Jing-Lian. It tells the tale of his grandfather’s experience during the so-called Malayan Emergency. The movie, costing more than RM80,000 (£14,000), took five years to produce. The film, which won the Singapore International Film Festival’s Audience Award, has been featured in several film festivals globally. The makers of an award-winning movie that has been banned by the government because of “communist overtones” will let Malaysians see it free online. Hummingbird Productions, which made Absent Without Leave, said it decided to offer the film online for nothing after it failed to… Read more »

Zhang Mei You

BN umno only wants you to watch the history according to Bukit Kepong incident, still scared of communists despite embracing PRC for cash!


The Bukit Kepong incident has been twisted to suit Umno’s version of history to demonise the communists (who unlike the Malays are fighting the Japanese and British when Tanah Melayu was conquered). Actually during that time you cannot blame the communists for fighting against those intruders. Do not forget at that time Malaya had been under colonial rules since the fall of Melaka in 1511. The movie tried to create a malay hero as acted by Jins Shamsudin who has just passed away.


Anil, pls invite Niao Kong, Chow Chow & the CATs to this screening.
A good opportunity for a hardball Q&A session.

Tua Thai Chee

Chance to meet in person tunglang, zoro n Raj666 at this event, Anil?


tua pek kong is asking wrong people. the filem will be something like great barrier reef where crocodile dundee has established a marine park. show it to fishermen and tell them not to fish as fish will no be longer turn into roti. tua pek kong to buy a dingy and frog man suit? this is the real Belum.