Fukushima: Radioactivity spreads


When it is dangerous for infants in Tokyo to drink tap water, you know you have serious problems.

If only they had heeded earlier warnings to evacuate a larger zone.

Even the new nuclear energy guidelines didn’t anticipate an earthquake of this magnitude.

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We should worry more about the radiation effect of the rare earth processing in Kuantan by Lynas.



This Japanese govt is truly incompetent. They are on par with ours. With such govt, there can only be one direction for Japan. Backwards.


I’ve been wondering about the insistence on dousing the reactors with external water supplies. I guess – from Tepco’s point of view – one of the advantages of dousing with water that’s not in a sealed system is that allowing such water to drain away from the site will also carry away some radioactive particles. It’ll look as though there’s a lower concentration at the plant.


As HMS UMNO BN is sinking….whatever …. they can grab they will…including those nuclear power stations…. it is up to us to stop them


It is a very negative situation, bad news especially those have young kids and the radiation does not seem to be under controlled or subsiding. Sadly, it has not sent a message to the UMNO goons who are still determined to have nuke plants in this Peninsular….perhaps, no a bad idea to have one next to UMNO president residence!!…