TNB, IPPs: Ani Arope spills more beans


Hop along and take a look at Ani Arope’s latest article on his Facebook page.

On 23 June, he wrote in his Facebook Notes:

What I said to the Star Editor some 5 years ago, I stand by it. In 1988 before TNB was privatised, the Planning Unit led by the late Dato Pian Sukro did a detail and indepth study of the Penang’s power requirements vis-a-vis the demand by the Electronic Industry. They recommended planting up to meet the power demand. The EPU turned it down as they predicted the Electronic Industry in Penang was a sunset industry. 1992 there was a power outage in Penang and TNB was blamed for poor planning. The first thing I was advised when taking the helm of TNB was to plant up at Pakar and Pasir Gudang. Again we were refused and the two properties were leased out to YTL.

So TNB could have easily expanded its capacity without the need for IPPs, right?

Read also: ‘Govt, TNB & IPP Milking Petronas & People – These Charts Tell All’

You have to log into Facebook first. Then click on this link on Ani Arope’s page.

And then tell me, who is subsidising whom?

We owe all this to Mahathir and his ‘privatisation’ policy while the cronies laugh their way to the bank.

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Bersih Lagi Best

if our government cannot cope with the ‘highest order men” behind the curtain as mentioned by Cik Norizan Mohd to combat inflation (barang naik) & corruption, then we need not be helpless but to bring in more capable leaders that can pass (PAS) the test against these men (kroni might be working hand in hand with this ‘highest order” men to rob our nation ?)

Norizan Bakar

“apanama” in TV3 8pm news recently defended his privatisation of IPP during his time, claiming these IPP have the resources to do it.

The ? is why in the 1980’s Malaysia don’t have the resources to do it.
Could it be the resources ($ or RM) being channeled elsewhere ?

semuanya OK kot

Petronas just admitted that it lost RM 133 billion by providing cheap gas to the IPPs as instructed. Don’t think this benefitted us. Consider: – In a genuinely competitive situation, we may have benefitted anyway. – What we have is pseudo-privatisation without clear justification, where cronies (a) do the easy part and leave distribution to TNB, just as in the case of water (b) get cheap gas and get paid high prices. – Most of us waste electricity. If there is a need to subsidise for the genuinely poor, this could have been done properly (targetting them alone). Don’t get… Read more »



Know the real enemy you says? The one that laid waste to everything?

One stark question: who control “things” in Malaysia? Licenses, contracts, GLC, APs, EPF, Petronas, landbanks everywhere, media, holidays, education, religion, electricity, water, gas, sewage, thinking, smoking, sugar, MACC, refugee, your sewage, smart tunnels, smart floods that bypass the tunnel, you name it.

Quit your denial and siege mentality, and stay focus.

Now tell me, whos the son of a “big” gun?

Norizan Mohd

Have you watch it? Not yet?..go watch and get the facts before lambasting on me! Would you sacrifice your life, your children’s future to defend your own country? Would you ever ready to be targeted to assassination like those few leaders mentioned in his confession? And they just do not work in one way, they work in many ways. Blackmail, murder, causing riots as in argentina, turning the economy topsy turvy, sending armies as in Iraq. So many possible ways to ensure they achieve their evil intention one way or another. You may choose not to believe him, but check… Read more »


Kak, Jangan la merajuk. title tu i dah habeh baca 6 bulan yg lepas. buku tu lagi terperinci. i tak lambast anyone. i just point out the obvious. Memang buku tu tepat. Tapi Scenario depa tu tak sama dgn kita. Yg tajuk Anil ni tentang tnb, tentang ipp, tentang kita. Saya ni hanya alihkan kanta focus tu balik kepada tajuk, scenario domestik Lebih2 lagi, those politician/hero yg kata sacrifice life la, crushed bodies la, defend country la, serve rakyat la, those be driven around in a rolls royce/bentley la to serve rakyat, itulah yg kita patut beware. Sebelah tangan tepuk… Read more »


Bang & Kak

Kita semua tak kira latar belakang sama sama takut “bankrupt” negara sebutan Idris Jala akan jadi kenyataan tak lama lagi sekiranya kita tak insaf dengan sandiwara kerajaan pusat kini.

barang naik dah melambung tinggi sampai orang putih kata ‘lamblasting our daily essentials”.

tak ada action cepat cepat nanti nasi dah jadi …….

wahai bang & kak, kita haruslah insaf

Norizan Mohd

Anil and all, please watch “the confessions of an economic hitman” by John Perkins in youtube. If you have more time watch also “when central banks rule the world” by Joan Veon. I guarantee you, you can’t help but feeling helpless and outrageous; not to Mahathir, not najib but to those power working behind the curtains to enslave us all. John perkins reveals that he worked for an underground organisation that identify third world countries with resources such as oil then they start their modus operandi. How? Persuading those countries to take up loans and trapped them to unpayable interest.… Read more »


Remember all first world countries now like Singapore, SKorea PRC etc were 3rd world to start with too. Perhaps questions need to ask on why some 3rd world countries are more venerable falling into such “blood sucking” trap? Foremost, is it not greed or corruption?


These ‘Western and Jews’ economic hitmen whom some Malaysians love to point fingers at; would not be so successful if leaders (and their cronies) of developing countries are not blinded by greed and power.

It is such leaders that actually work hand in glove with these hitmen to plunder the countries of their wealth.

Of course there are also the ‘smart leaders’ that only borrow the economic models of these hitmen without the need to share the ill-gotten wealth.

Norizan Mohd

Talk is cheap. Put those leaders in your shoes. Would you ready to be killed? Ask yourself this question.

And John Perkins did not ever mention that they are jews or naming the organisation specifically as to point it as jewish organisation of the sort. But he did mention they’re of the highest order because they can dictate the US government, they can send armies to countries by the people’s will through propaganda and fear.

So, again, perhaps the perception is correct after all. Read Henry Ford, the international Jew.


Read carefully.
I am not saying that John Perkins or Henry Ford are wrong.

I am just highlighting the fact that these so-called economic hitmen are so ‘successful’ because the leaders of some developing countries are willing to ‘play play’ with them.

Leaders are supposed to lead and protect their countries. Not to be intimidated or ‘play play’ with hitmen.

It just showed the qualities and moral values of such leaders, whether he is the US president or (elsewhere)…

Norizan Bakar

Kita harus insaf dan lihat diri di cermin dan jangan sekala dihasut untuk menyalahkan kelemahan kita sendiri atas kemampuan (jahat?) orang jews.

apanama buat kita macam ini melalui saluran btn ?


memang tepat sekali!


Who is ready to be (sacrificed)? Those that shout the loudest, check their oversea accounts and properties first. see where they send their sons.

Btw, whos the best in deploying propaganda and executing fear tactic to make everyone toe the line?

Focus my dear, focus


It doesnt minimize one bit the fact that this country has been milked by the hero apanama who till today dictates to the govt….


lebih baik kita tumpukan perhatian kita untuk menjalin persahabatan dengan bangsa lain. Fokus kita adalah muhibbah di Malaysia yang telah dihakis oleh pendirian yang tak menasabah dari Perkasa yang ingin menjahanamkan keharmonian negara demi kepentingan kelompok tertentua sahaja.


This is called a pawnshop mentality (buy real filthy cheap, sell high on interest rates on the long run) of foreign operatives of economic hitman. We already were pawned decades ago to these foreigners in the form of cheap, cheap labors in exchange for FDI of no exchange access (to us). When the pawn term reach its maturity, we are pawned again to others by weak leadership with questionable baggages that become bargain chips for them to use wantonly against our future survival.
Ask any pawnshop guy for advice of economic/financial disadvantage strategy.