The bus that drives over traffic


Now this might or might not be the solution to overcoming bottlenecks that reduce the speed of buses. But it does show the sort of thinking and creativity that others are already putting in to improve public transport.

How about us? Can we think beyond highway tolls and Protons?

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I think Peninsular and East Malaysia should be joined by a lighter-than-air bridge made up of hydrogen-filled, solar-charged ships. The government should subsidise pedestrian and light cargo on the link to try to ‘close the gap’ between the two lands a little bit. If the ships were run as a ‘chain’ (a few in the air at all times, evenly spaced), one could even run wireless networking across them, providing a higher-bandwidth data connection to East Malaysia with latency approaching that of cable, instead of using expensive and slow satellite technology. They’d be great for marine and terrestrial monitoring too… Read more »


Very soon BN will build the world’s longest undersea tunnel linking West Malaysia to East Malaysia.

Malaysia Boleh.

NatGeo will show it to the world.


Why are Malaysians, always so quick to criticise and jump into conclusion without understanding the context?????

Deep seated jealously?


DAP=UMNO – Whether the concept is new or old is irrelevant. As Anil says they have a creative (possible) solution. Any pea brained person can knock down an idea, but it takes a smart person/team to put together workable solutions based on the issues and shortcomings. The same way they came up with this breakthough idea, break-thru’ solutions are also needed. Not some arm chair “expert” who can only judge negativeky but not contribute positively.


I liked Ryan Air’s idea for standing-only airplanes. I wanted to send an idea to them for even more densely packed planes based on a filing-cabinet-type lying arrangement. Passengers could lie one to a drawer either side of the aisle stacked perhaps 5 or 6 high, floor-to-ceiling. The cabin crew could just open each drawer a bit to serve food or drinks to a passenger. There would be no need for headphones: they would be built into the head-end of the drawer, which would be sound-proofed to avoid inconveniencing other passengers with snores, crying, coughing, talking, vomiting etc. I wanted… Read more »


That is thinking out of the box.
But it will require a 3 lane highway, very discipline other road car drivers, not like the Lembu-Lesen-Boleh-Pass types and a well tarred and maintained highways not in the frequency of dig and forget to ‘tutup’ roadworks.
Also a good rain shelter for bikers travelling in a sudden rainstorm!
How about an automatic sensor-guided car wash quickie for FREE underneath the straddling bus?

BUT, it will spoil a lot of big, big ticket Kang Tau already salivatingly, gleefully in the planning!


No good solutions to solve our transportaion problem so long as BN is still protecting Proton to give us overpriced but low quality cars.



anil. i love u man and i love your blog but this GOT Fail written all over it. We have motor in between lanes in Malaysia. not practical at all and downright ridiculous

just make Malaysia connected by rails again. extend the LRT. its better than introing a new form of transport anil. i’ve seen the other details of this proposal on inhabitat, trehugger and popscience. You should read the comments left by other readers. it’s full of comedy gold.

im sorry but if this is a facebook post i give it a MEH.

Not impressed at all!

semuanya OK Kot

Some of the technology being offered as solutions contain the same elitist and auto-agressive mentality as in today’s situation. Small cars form a train or go into bigger vehicles: we don’t want to mix with the riff-raff, do we? Then there is the obsession with speed (far above 70 kph for the city), acceleration and range. And the deliberate stalling by the car, road and petroleum industries with the help of their friendly political patrons. The subversion of our vision of what a town or city should be – a place where humans access goods, services and other humans –… Read more »


Anyone with any hare-brained idea also can come up with outlandish proposals like the one you just shown us – and in fact, I knew of this scheme for some-time already.

It does not work.

One errand driver could knock over that “bus” and it will crash on top of other cars causing a major havoc to all.