Pure, unadulterated greed on display in Penang

How did the fourth island appear?

Wishing all readers a blessed Christmas and a sustainable and Happy New Year.

During one of his voyages to Penang, the great Indian Nobel laureate for literature Rabindranath Tagore reflected on the beauty of the natural world.

But upon his arrival in Penang in the early 20th Century and surveying the bustling activity at Penang port, the poet could not help but reflect on the greed that plagues humanity. Was this a premonition?

Tagore – Photograph: Wikipedia

If he were alive in today’s Penang, Tagore would have been even more saddened by the manifest greed on display in Penang.

It has been 18 days since my last article. Normally I just mull over an idea for a couple of days, and then write something. But what has happened over the last couple of weeks is that, before I could write about some dizzying development project taking place in Penang, something else equally crazy would crop up.
In recent weeks, for instance, we had the following cases: Full article in Aliran website

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SNP Blackford

Revisited the Komtar Bus Terminal after a year of hiatus, nothing has changed at all as it still reeks of nasty odour and pigeon droplets. Surely we can do better than have our tourists go through this unpleasantness in part of their itenery. VisitPenang2020 yah ?!? What absolute tosh!


We should progress beyond what foreigners think — especially the Great White Father in the West. Facilities (benefits such as services and infrastructure) and rights should be for citizens above all, with legal guests welcome to enjoy them. We are still mentally colonised, and making fake claims to meet all sorts of “international” standards. We export good stuff and keep the sub-standard stuff for domestic sales, as CAP pointed out. In Japan, it is the opposite. We refuse to maintain anything because of the low status (of the job) and low kick-backs.


Good point. But you want to change. To to what? Change to star buck or Hilton style? Ask if tu lang or milk tea frequent the place? But Ang mohs want to see authentic local and not something they can see in their own country.

Milk Tea

The three new artificial island is the dumbest idea ever, it would benefit no one but the elites-running Penang.


Dont get frust.
Can live in Kelantan or trengganu no disturb from any development.
Penang expand fake islands and just like Forest City luaskan kuasamu.


Trengganu develops quietly. They love to say”semua okay” unlike peng land lang. But many peng land lang migrate and cari makan in hong land and sing land, all one way ticket.


Still waiting for “The Rise of Tunglang”, we need good Jedi forces to counter the Sith forces of Shriek and Wei.

May the force be with you!

Bayi Yoda

Fear leads to courage.
Pain leads to strength.
Persistent leads to hope.

2020 Happy New Year to all

Moff Gideon

Too much bad vibes on this blog without positive news, Sith have dominated after tunglang was muzzled. Need more cheery news and food talk to revive tunglang the recluse.


good Jedi..? don’t make 90% of population laugh lar…more like fake news peddler and fear monger to me…and he is probably hiding in shame for all the craps that he had been churning out over the years…LOL


Teh susu mentioned in 2017 he is going to move over to Kelantan. Still waiting for him. But will it happened in 2020 which chance to wear songkok?


You mean 3 islands are like 3 stooges or 3 Amigoes? You prefer 4 islands? In Minan “see” or Cantonese “sei” is better??


Every day, we see more circuses from a govt. that is supposedly tight on money:
– inane self-important international conferences
– GLCs financing sports including luxury buses
– today, a 4-page newspaper advert. for the Rural Development ministry, with a comical slogan; has the lives of our farmers and fishermen changed?
– selective action against terrorists, homosexuals, alcohol, etc.