Porr to return, reclamation at Gurney Drive?


Now this is alarming: not only is the 18km tolled Penang Outer Ring Road back on the cards again, the concessionaire is reportedly seeking to reclaim 61ha of land off Gurney Drive and 142ha at Middle Bank, close to the Weld Quay jetties.

When it comes to taking a stand on Porr, is there much to separate the BN from the Pakatan state government?

They both think that building more and more highways is the solution to congestion. Forget climate change and global warming – that doesn’t seem to figure prominently in their planning.

What about a bus rapid transit system or other forms of public transport to reduce the number of private vehicles on the road? No, they must think BIG = big highway and bridge infrastructure projects = good for Business.

Such is their thinking. More cars and highways = progress. They are probably not thinking of the congestion in say, another generation; they might not be around then. For now at least, the mighty $$$ rules.

See the story in theSun here.

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you know any updates of Penang Halal Hub.
Silence now lah.


What happened to Penang Halal Hub?
Silence alreadi.

From last year to early this year so bashing and dashing in paper.
You know updates?


Mr Ong Eu Soon,

You updates of PORR company structure is long outdated.

What are the state land that DAP PR govt can give to Federal in exchange for tollfree road for us rakyat?

IJM was given reclaimed rites in exchanged for tollfree road for us rakyat. THAT is the IJM Module.

Mind you propose here, what state land and alreadi so limited!!!


Penangites please understand, for infrastucture projects in states like Penang (PORR & 2nd link), states are bound to terms of Federal.

Please do homework to know the terms before shooting at CM DAP like CAP did telling to stop PORR, CAP wants this that this that this that…hello, know the terms!!!

States are not independent from Federal.


This is for those who dont live in tg bungah, althoug residing but dont care travel time to airport and bayan lepas (southwest of the island). I stay in tanjung bungah futher down a bit just before the floating mosque. At leisure almost monthly, sundays saturdays me & friends from outstation will enjoy bt fghi beaches. Most of the time i got to drive them to bayan lepas airport by going back down to tg bungah to tg tokong to gurneydrive to jalan sultan azlan shah to penang road to get into JE to bayan baru to sg. tiram to… Read more »

Penang Malay

It is so horrible every time to get to Tanjong Tokong via Pulau Tikus. Be it in the morning, afternoon or evening they all all the same. PORR will help and it is time for Penangites to have a good highway. Those so call concern on evironmental effect are just bunch of hippocrates. I don’t hear you talk so loud when the government approving tons of new highway in Klang valley? Why is it when comes to Penang, it is being exploited and exploded beyong propotion. Forget CAP they are buch of idiot anyway. PENANGITES NEED PORR…WE NEED PORR…WE NEED… Read more »


Dear 680 et al,

Fully agree with your suggestion (no question about it), but, we (state) still need Fed Gov for the fund. Politically link too. As whatever contract that would to be given to the company has to be linked to BeeEnd cronies if PAKATAN does not take over the Fed Gov.



I think you spoke too soon about PR’s success on flood prevention. The Hari Raya holidays saw the return of the flood yet again. To be frank I dont think MPPP has improved at all, in fact my friends there speak of constant political interference not just by exco members and CM but also by all kinds of small time politicians.

Penang is on the path of North Korea.


Hi Anil

I think you are allowing 2 people to use the same pseudonym of “K”.

Sorry, I need to be more vigilant! – Anil


I was wondering , why is everyone bashing the PORR project. How come u guys are not bashing IJM for reclaiming a piece of land at ‘The Light Project’?? I think it’s not necessary at all. I think its becauses those ppl staying at the Gurney drive stretch are from the upper class of society and they have a strong connection to voice out their worries about the impact to the ‘nature’ and etc..I think it’s more like their insecurity, and those ppl are selfish! Im a strong supporter of Pakatan , as much as i despise the racist Ahmad… Read more »


I would support the PORR project PROVIDED it has an open tender system.Looking in the long term , PORR will do more good than harm, i’m using the concept of utilitarianism as there’s no clear right or wrong answer. We have to weigh the pros and cons. Anil, i think it would be great if you can conduct the poll : -Whether Penangites prefer to have their car and have PORR to cut short their travelling distance OR – To increase the toll in the City centre and parking rates just like in Singapore and do away with PORR. Thus,… Read more »


Anil Sometimes, you do not think. Subang may sovlve its traffic but many of the vehicles are going outside Subang and clog up the roads in PJ and KL. I have many friends, love to be a PJlites but work in KL. As the result, KL is very pollutted and full of cars. PJlites are selfish. They are about themslves. They bring their rubbish to outside places. The solution is public transport but Malaysians are spoiled. They do not walk to talk for 10 to 15min for public transport. You can see cars are double and triple park and occupied… Read more »


Dear Anil, Here in Subang Jaya, there is a LOT to separate between Pakatan and BN with regards to “development”. Residents work closely with DAP ADUN Hannah Yeoh http://hannahyeoh.blogspot.com/ Several success stories. Traffic congestion – it now takes me 5 mins to leave Subang Jaya in the morning compared to almost half an hour previously. The solution – traffic study followed by re-timing of traffic lights at key junctions, traffic diversion, cones, no U-turns etc. It took only several months to implement at a fraction of the cost of the RM250 mil spent over several years by the previous BN… Read more »


For inspiration see: 1. 2. Note on 1: I like his comment “the car is like your mother-in-law. You have to have a good relationship with her, but she cannot command your life. So when the only woman in your life is your mother-in-law, you have a problem”! Note on 2: The video is worth watching even though our problems aren’t exactly the same as the Bronx or Bogota. In fact, our problem is almost the opposite – Penangites love their cars (too much) and Penang has too many cars. Nonetheless, their successes are inspirational and proves that with collective… Read more »


I think a partially implemented PORR in conjunction with clean, reliable, efficient & frequent bus lines can solve some of the traffic woes facing the island.

For the longer term, Penang Rapid Transit (PERT) train services are needed to cover the whole Penang metropolitan area. We should model it after BART in San Francisco, MRT in Singapore, Taiper MRT or the Beijing Subway, by cloning the best parts from each system.


I recognise that funding for and focus on better public transport and similar alternatives is disproportionate to development of motorways. I’m also a staunch environmentalist. However, I can accept having better motorways as *one of* (not the only) solution to relieving congestion. I outlined in my comment on September 10th, 2009 at 3.09pm “Pg Transport Council’s biggest test could be Porr” that relieving congestion can help transition into increased use of sustainable transport in the long run. Nonetheless, I do agree that further land reclamation must not be encouraged because of a range of foreseeable and inevitably unforeseeable consequences. We… Read more »


We should not oppose the PORR or BORR project as it will relieve road congestion in Penang Island & Butterworth. What we oppose is not for some UMNO cronies who have NO EXPERIENCE, MONEY and without doing any work get to benefit financially.I remember the UMNO company which was awarded the project (worth RM 5 billion)only has a paid capital of only RM 50,000. Isn`t this is outrageous. Let me gave another example of 1 housing project worth 100 million in Penang. The land is the Penang state government land given under the guise of joint project to this UMNO… Read more »


@ Ong Eu Soon (September 17th, 2009 at 9.00pm) “The proposed large scale reclaimation will trigger urgy competition of lands as it will set a bad precedent for other developers to go for large scale land reclaimation work. This will rob the orginal seafront property owners the exclusivity of natural landscape. Thereby reduced their property value. This is worse than the KBP and Tanjong Tokong Malay village case.” – No, it is NOT worse than large corporations using their power and influence to essentially force the less fortunate out of their homes (compensated or not). The people who currently own… Read more »


dear KM,
i know we need development… but instead of developing more roads, why dont we develope better public transport?!


public transport is the best way to solve traffic problems in penang island in the long run… more roads will only encourage increase in car amount, which will be our future problem like now… more roads, more cars, more roads, more cars… it is simply endless…

while we know public transport is a good method, implemented in well developed cities, why dont we learn their success secret?!


Use horses or donkeys instead if no development is allowed. Be realistic peoples, Penang depends pretty much from Central/Fed Gov for monetary support for major projects. Penang does not have much choice(s) unless the Fed Gov is taken over by PAKATAN. Don’t just complaint and complaint, its not easy to rule. We cannot please everyone. No development means no income for the state gov to run the administrative effectively. JUST BE REALISTIC in this 21st century, we are not living in dark age. Don’t get me wrong that I am all for PORR, but, Penang needs to move on with… Read more »


Do Penang want to be like Singapore? Expressways and Pay and Pay. Or Penang find its own solution with better and more efficient public transport. Do Penang people really have a hand in making this decision? Or is it going to be shaft down their throats. The only way Penang gets what it want is for People in Penang to take responsibility in their hands. Tell the govt of the day or BN, do what we want or you are out. And in no uncertain terms. LGE, KTK, UMNO, BN give us what we want or you are gone. Do… Read more »


what kinda idiocy is this? I know many appose the PGCC but PORR? Sometimes Anil, you seem to be over reacted and you shouldn’t write in your article sounded like your thought is on behalf of Penangites. Buses and transit (or tramp) might be your liking but we like to drive. We loves our car. No matter how good the pubic transportation is in Penang, peoples will still drive. This is Penangites. Why do you think Penang have most porsch and amount of cars around (ratio:ratio) in Malaysia? If we only care to travels from A – B then we… Read more »


You people out there knows how to talk … You condemn LGE for whatever he do or propose. When he talk about LRT/Tram, you say wasting money and he’s looking for $$$. Now he mention PORR, people says his idea is stupid, again looking for $$$. If he doesn’t do anything people says he’s inefficient, inexperience. Why can’t you people who object or critical of PR rule give some good solutions. Talk is cheap. I guess this group are B-end supporters trying to run down LGE & PR. What has been done by you people when you rule, $$$$?