Penang Hill carpark nightmare


The controversy over the ill-conceived car park near the Penang Hill railway station continues.

The Penang Hill Car Park Nightmare: If you like the Leaning Arches of Botanic Garden box-office flop, watch this.

PDC Akan Memberikan Laporan Penuh Kepada Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen Mengenai Projek RM 5 Juta Stesen Parkir Kereta Bertingkat Bawah Bukit Bendera(Penang Hill) Yang Diluluskan Oleh Kerajaan Persekutuan Dan Negeri Pada 2007.

PDC akan memberikan laporan penuh kepada Menteri Pelancongan Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen mengenai projek RM 5 juta Stesen Parkir Kereta Bawah Bukit Bendera(Penang Hill) yang diluluskan oleh kerajaan persekutuan dan negeri pada 2007. Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen berhak mendapat laporan penuh kerana projek ini adalah projek persekutuan dengan seling RM5 juta yang dikeluarkan oleh Kementerian Pelancongan.

Mesyuarat Post EXCO Pelancongan pada September 2007 di bawah kerajaan negeri dulu, telah meminta untuk PDC bertindak sebagai agensi pelaksana. Memang benar kerajaan negeri baru dan YAB Ketua Menteri baik sebagai Pengerusi PDC ataupun sebagai ADUN Air Putih tidak dimaklumkan tentang kemajuan ini. atau diminta memberikan kelulusan untuk projek ini kerana ia telahpun diluluskan sebelum ini pada 2007.

Walaubagaimanapun, PDC Consultancy Sdn Bhd sebagai jurutera perunding dan anak syarikat PDC yang dilantik untuk projek ini, sememangnya bertanggungjawab atas penyediaan rekabentuk dan pelaksanaan projek ini. Sebarang kesilapan dan kelemahan yang berlaku, sudah tentunya pihak pegawai PDC Consultancy Sdn Bhd bertanggungjawab dan bersedia diambil tindakan yang sewajarnya.

Buat masa sekarang, laporan dan langkah pembetulan kini dijalankan demi memastikan rekabentuk sejumlah 6 hentian bas dan 112 tempat letak kereta dapat beroperasi di atas lot yang seluas 0.62 ekar ini. PDC akan mematuhi arahan YAB Ketua Menteri agar sebelum dibuka, keselamatan awam dan peraturan MPPP mestilah dipatuhi.

Saya sebagai Pengurus Besar PDC dan Pengerusi PDC Consultancy Sdn Bhd bersedia bertemu dengan Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen untuk menjelaskan perkara ini kepada beliau. Apabila laporan mutakhir dan muktamad dihantarkan kepada MPPP dan diputuskannya, maka ia akan juga dimaklumkan kepada beliau.

Dato Rosli Jaafar/ Pengurus Besar PDC

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No wonder these things happening idiots running PDC.

Who appointed Rosli? No other than LGE.

LGE may think he is a superman to hold both CM and MP jobs…More blunders will pop-up with a part-time CM is administering Penang.


Who appointed Rosli?
Don’t write while sleepwalking. 🙂

I know for sure now Lim Guan Eng did not appoint him.
Why don’t you google and find out?


Go call up LGE to confirm…

But how I can argue with people like u who cannot search photo with Google.


So you are one of those who cannot own up even when you are proven wrong?

That sums up your character and the factual reliability of your articles in your blog.

Christine Yong

Before taking it down, please investigate, who design, who approve, who built? What standard did the repsonsible dept follow? Contract award transparent? It should not be so difficult to look at the file and expose what was the sequence of event from drawing board to completion of the project?? This will make sure no future project will suffer and waste tax payer’s money. Along the way, some pockets (may) have been LINED!!


This Penang Hill car park is a speedy sequence to the Speedy Gonzales Fridge Train upgrade both of which were (suspected) Strategic Dirty Political Disruptions in the name of development (for the Rakyat from the Feds) to the state gomen development expected to take place after 308. These 2 Disruptions were not successfully countered by Penangites and went ahead against the wishes and safety scrutiny (or no scrutiny esp. the car park). Except for the Tilting Arches which ‘dirt’ were exposed for all to see. Now the blame game has started here with many ‘enlighten’ quarters calling devils within the… Read more »

If you want to talk about blame game on Kancil Car Park, I can give you a quantified percentage.

PDC – 90%
Failed as a project manager

LGE – 5%
Failed as PDC chairman for not knowing the status of project and providing necessary advices during the board meeting.

NYY – 5%
Failed in project follow-up with PDC as the customer.


The … (Satu Lagi Projek) Arches @ Botanical Garden have proven beyond reasonable doubts who are the real culprits. And got scot-free too with profitable build and destroy @ yours, mine and others’ expense.

Karma will follow suit in due time.


Yesterday MCA’s STar paper is very clear. The project is Gerakan/UMNO Federal Government Ministry of Tourism project to promote Penang Hill conceived and approved in 2007. The project is undertaken by PDC consultant. PDC is part of the state government. In most government projects, other government departments will bypass MPPP. Just look at any government buildings such schools, police stations, fire stations, roads, water works, house of prayers, public hospitals, highway tolls, Penang Port Commission buildings like the jetties and the 2 Penang bridges. MPPP is bypass but only prominent sign of lagi satu projek BN.

Which BN project in Penang is bypassing MPPP?

Mind to give me some real examples?

I will make noise regardless who they are if your story is substantiated.


Which BN project in Penang is bypassing MPPP?

I thought King Kong already gave you a long long list.

I can repeat that sentence for you….
“schools, police stations, fire stations, roads, water works, house of prayers, public hospitals, highway tolls, Penang Port Commission buildings like the jetties and the 2 Penang bridges.”


Be more specific, otherwise is like your master.

Of course I do not expect DAP man has good quality to describe and remember real things.


Even when you are caught wrong with facts, you will still want to wriggle out.
The list provided are projects all built and provided for by BN government because they are all federally funded.

It is no use for anyone to argue with you.

No wonder you are voted down by many, not because of your political conviction but because you display no dignity in your conviction.


If the election is looming, those blaming the present Penang Government should stand for election. Afterall, they have so many bullets and so call facts that the present government is away from Penang and not governing. Let see how heroic and Captain Penang they are. Otherwise they only have bad mouths.

Randy Savage

Ah Soon, Gerakan K, tunglang & nkkhoo are welcome to stand for Bayan Baru state & parliment election on any tickets, and we would like you to present your bullets to make Bayan Baru the world class county yet very cheap place to live.
Just make sure you don’t lose your deposits because Bayan Baru folks want to see positive action no talking/writing/blaming people !

Why not you come to Pagoh to contest against Malay First DPM to see how many votes you can get?

PAS candidate will get more votes than you DAP.


By voicing out our rights doesn’t mean we are anti-LGE (that’s my personal principle). By voicing out against what is excessive and surreal doesn’t mean we are anti development or anti wealth creation. By speaking out doesn’t mean we are ‘foolhardy to go against the current’ of popular sentiments of blink-blink materialism without careful consideration. If you care to read some of my comments without being a one-eyed monster of swiping like a foolish Goliath, I will salute you as a respected commenter. Otherwise you are just as bad as your perceived ‘opposition’. Time for One Inch Punch Kopi-O kau… Read more »


I would like to see 2 or 3 party system. But PR is just started to grow and there are those wanted to kill the DEMOcracy system. They say BN takes 50 to be corrupted and PR 3 years. but when BN takes over again, idot logical will say BN takes less than 1 day to be corrupted again. Those are so loud and offer no opinons but just NEGATIVE and TEARING comments should stand for election especially they think they are so good and can offer alternative solution. Otherwise they are not serving the rakyat but just to show… Read more »

Raja Petra was condemned to core when he speaks out against PR.

I first also cannot accept his sudden change of mind, but now I realize PR is in same category as BN.

Don’t worry, people like me and RPK free thinkers will come forward to challenge BN and PR if they still same evil after GE 13.

Time is running out soon for PR to prove they are unlike BN before right-minded third force uprising.


Those flers making noise about Penang are either
1) BN cybertroopers; or
2) those living comfortably in BN-controlled fortress.

I am living in KL, a city with world-class traffic jam, far from comfortable living style.


Comrade LGE is never in Penang , he’s too busy doing opposition work he’s forgotten he’s ruling Penang, time for him to go back to the opposition. Just tear down the damn building and build a new one before we make international headlines for a collapsed car park which hopefully doesnt kill anyone

Neutral voters should know what to do in next GE. Vote LGE out from the state assembly and keep him in parliament with his dad.

Sze Tho

…Guess we will have to wait and see. If the predictions are true, and the GE comes within these few months, we won’t have to wait too long. Wonder if Eu Soon and gang will be so smug then? Hmmpphh.

Walaubagaimanapun, PDC Consultancy Sdn Bhd sebagai jurutera perunding dan anak syarikat PDC yang dilantik untuk projek ini, sememangnya bertanggungjawab atas penyediaan rekabentuk dan pelaksanaan projek ini. Sebarang kesilapan dan kelemahan yang berlaku, sudah tentunya pihak pegawai PDC Consultancy Sdn Bhd bertanggungjawab dan bersedia diambil tindakan yang sewajarnya.


Finally PDC accepts the full responsibility for this blunder.

LGE is the chairman for PDC, he cannot wash his hands off like a sleeping chairman.

It’s better for LGE to quit PDC also, he is too busy in Parliament instead of managing Penang as a CM.

Gerakan K

Wow, mari-mari ikut cara Singapura:

Guan Eng Demands Apology From Utusan Malaysia (

Anil, jangan banyak komen, nanti kena sue !!!

(One Bahasa newspaper) made the false statement, their reporter like u confused RM50 million for sPICE and RM5 million for Kancil car park.

Anyway, (the) court will throw out the case.

Gerakan K

Mari-mari cari alasan bagi kegagalan ini. Hmmm, sudah 3 tahun memerintah, salah siapa hah ???

Opposition is always opposition.

Selangor MB may be a sucker, but he is not blaming everyone on earth for problems in Selangor.


Looks like Gerakan K, Ah Soon and nkkhoo are competing for the highest thumbs down award?

Our dear tunglang is now bordering ‘the dark side’?


Don’t get me wrong.
I am just concerned with the wildebeest rampage of Property Chase brought on by greed, not politicking to bring down LGE. Just wanted LGE to know how we feel. LGE still has my VOTE.
Barang Naiki is now synonymous with unbearable living costs and expensive petrol, besides corruption and tak bersih.


Not surprising that they get all the thumbs down because they don’t bother to understand nor find out the limitations of power of a state government and “luang luang sia” (simply write) here.

A balance opinion is not achieved by mere hurling of wild accusations.

I certainly don’t consider tunglang in the same league as the other three. 🙂

Good, PR idiots use “terrorism” to silent dissenting views.

A conscious person is always a conscious person, not be influenced by noise.

Ong Eu Soon

The Penang Hill is the pet project of LGe. LGe went all out to sell Penang Hill. The car park is part of the upgrading project, now LGe claimed that he don’t know anything about the car park. He has no say in the project. As CM , chairman of PDc, Air Putih state assemblyman, it is not his business to know. As an opposition leader, it is his business to know everything. After assuming power he has no say, when in opposition he has every say. Guess what? We should make sure that LGe become the opposition leader in… Read more »

Bayan Baru resident

OES, Mr. Chairman, Anti LGE. Now it confirms that you are a BN member. Waiting for the next GE trying to KO Pakatan. You have been very bias on the Penang state gomen. Never hear anything nice from you. Only criticism. If you are neutral and does not belong to any political party, you should give credit when it is due and not only hantam & hantam only. Are you sure in these 3 short years, LGE has not done a single thing that is right? Don’t bull… Tell us, if you have (the courage whether) you belong to either… Read more »

I second your proposal, let make LGE as a permanent opposition leader since he is a world-class opposition leader.

He is a good talker, but cannot deliver type of personality.

Mr Santau

Little Napoleons still allegedly adhered to non-CAT guidelines of previous gomen causing occasional havocs behind the present administration some labelled it as SABOTAGE – this is a classic example.
Next GE Pakatan wins Putrajaya then we shall see these Little Napoleons swing back to truly competent, accountable and transparent mainstream national leaders ?????

Gerakan K

Alasan macam ini sudah tidak laku. Rakyat sudah jemu dengan prestasi dan reputasi mereka.

Mari jatuhkan mereka pada PRU akan datang !!!

PDC Rosli was appointed by LGE.

Stop you blame game to everyone on earth except LGE.


Someone has to be made accountable. Anyone with common sense will agree the car park is very wrong. All those involved have no common sense at all.


Just tear it down and rebuilt it as per ‘international’ spec!
And this time more transparency, accountability and less CONmission.

Ong Eu Soon

Mark my word, the Penang Hill car park can’t escape the fate of Botanical Garden Arches, it need to be demolished.

Yes, rebuild will be cheaper. Some parties say 4-5 million are needed to repair kancil car park.