Nothing but a farce

Source: EIA report on proposed reclamation in southern Penang Island

I have not really bothered with the draft Penang Structure Plan 2030 ever since the briefing to the public was cut short on 11 October 2018 when the panel members were unable to provide more than cursory answers to the probing questions raised by the public.

I didn’t have a chance to raise any questions or objections at that hearing as it was abruptly cut short. That was another clear indication to me that the process was just a farce and the state was not serious about really engaging with the public. No matter how many serious objections were made, the outcome to me was always going to be a foregone conclusion.

To me, the revision to the Penang Structure Plan 2020, gazetted in 2007, was merely to accommodate higher zoning density, massive land reclamation and the RM46bn worth of transport infrastructure – ie the land reclamation and property development plan also known as “PTMP”, which on the surface is supposed to be a “transport masterplan”.

So I personally didn’t bother submitting any written objections to the revised draft Penang Structure Plan 2030. Why waste my time adding legitimacy to the process (though I take nothing away from those in Penang Forum who put in considerable time and effort to come up with some excellent well-researched objections to the revised plan). I mean the state knows all about our concerns and objections eg the inflated population projections and elevated LRT ridership projections (42 million a year), to name a couple. It is not as if they don’t know.

But they are determined to steamroll ahead with massive land reclamation to raise funds to finance expensive and inappropriate transport infrastructure – despite the much cheaper sustainable mobility options as outlined in the Halcrow transport masterplan, which the state government had originally commissioned.

And so it did not come as any surprise when the draft Penang Structure Plan 2030 was conditionally approved by the state government despite 533 objections, on reclamation issues (133), “PTMP” (107), agriculture land (93), population projection (39), forest land (27), highland development (21) and others (113).

It is business as usual for the Penang state government in this era of climate change when we really need to be concerned about the ecological balance. Obviously the so-called “Penang Green Agenda” doesn’t include such elephant-in-the-room concerns.

Now we wait and see if the National Physical Planning Council and the Department of the Environment will go along with this.

This is a report from Malaysiakini:

Activists deem public hearings on Penang Structure Plan a ‘total farce’

Susan Loone
20 Mar 2019, 4:42 pm (Updated 20 Mar 2019, 5:14 pm)

Activists today expressed their outrage over the conditional approval of the Penang Structure Plan (PSP) 2030 to include several megaprojects.

Consumers Association of Penang’s Meena Raman said that despite civil society organisations registering objections to these projects at public hearings organised by the state government, their views were not taken into account.

“Obviously, the state government did not listen. They have not taken into account whatever we said during our meetings and public hearings, where we clearly stated our views and objections to the projects,” she told Malaysiakini.

“The process of public hearing which the state government embarked on was merely a formality required by law, but in reality, it was just a rubber stamp to support their warped vision of Penang.

“It seems now the public hearings were just a legal formality, they did not take our views seriously, and it is a total farce.”

Meena was responding to Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow’s announcement yesterday that the PSP2030 had been approved with conditions.

These conditions include keeping the proposals for the Penang Transport Master Plan (PTMP) and the Penang South Reclamation (PSR), which involves three artificial islands in Bayan Lepas. 

Chow also said that public hearings on the plan were organised five times in February and March, and involved 69 people covering all categories.

‘Caving in to developers’

Meena said that by accepting and approving the PSP2030 with such conditions, Penang has an agenda to prioritise developers’ interests.

She added that the NGOs against the plan will attempt to lodge an appeal at the National Physical Planning Council (MPFN), despite there being no avenue to do so.

“We will bring to their attention that the state has ignored and refused to acknowledge our objections.

“The state cannot write us off just like that. There seems to be no accountability in doing this. It seems the draft plan was amended just to include the megaprojects.

“It’s done in a topsy turvy manner, without justification. They have caved in to the developers. The PSP is the developers’ plan, not the people’s,” she stressed.

All states are to come up with a 10-year structure plan, which is renewable every five years.

While the last gazetted plan for Penang was in 2007, PSP2020 did not take off on schedule – with the delay due to the inclusion of Special Area Plans for George Town and Penang Hill.

‘Omits public engagement’

Penang Forum’s Khoo Salma Nasution, meanwhile, termed the PSP2030, prepared under the Town and Country Planning Act 1976, as “problematic.”

Khoo Salma noted that the PTMP and PSR projects were tabled to the MPFN back in 2016.

“Two years onward, there is no sign of approval from MPFN due to the developers’ inability to comply with technical and financial regulations.

“Not to mention that the public has consistently objected to both projects,” she told Malaysiakini.

Salma asked if the state government is now attempting to repackage PSP2030, PTMP and PSR to be put forward again to the same council.

“Was the initial intention back in 2016 to push for these projects to get approval from MPFN that supersedes the current PSP2020?” she asked.

“This clearly omits the legislative requirement for public engagement on both PSP and PTMP projects, as the current PSP2030 does not have a provision for both projects in its development planning zoning.

“Or is this a move to bring the PSP2030 forward to get a blanket approval to endorse the PTMP and PSR, which until now has yet to receive approval by the same council?”


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Ganason Nadason

Penang Island has to grow like Singapore Island – through expending into the sea by way of massive reclamation. It is neither a risk nor a gamble. See how much Singapore have gained from it over the years. Don’t forget the reclamations in Melaka and Johor has never led to any environmental disasters that many feared. Potential damages to the environment in Penang are only speculations. As for the small group of fisherfolks who will be displaced, why not buy them out through a Win-Win Plan by giving them free homes and pensions to mitigate their loss of their traditional… Read more »


Penang isn’t solely an island but comprises of a mainland too.
Development should shift to mainland to meet the demand for more land.

Why focus on the island? Isn’t it apparent to make more profits for developers who only see high-end properties & infrastructures only on the island? Then isn’t this a vision from greedy developers rather than a more socio-environmental caring vision from a CM?
Penang is not Singapore & will never be.


Ganason, just drive around to see how many recently build properties are fully occupied. Even the more than 10 yrs Time Square condos still beg for genuine-to-stay-in buyers!
Drive along Green Lane to see the daily jams despite the widening of part of the road. Or experience driving along one-way roads, some of which are highly dangerous to pedestrians like that Jalan Pulau Tikus where accidents claimed lives of the elderly.
If development is craving for more, it is not sustainable. More like a monster owing more debts to Ah Longs.


If 100 % occupied, what a din, pollution and congestion. TG not 100% occupied


Hey Buddy
Penang got mainland too? I never know that.So how big is Penang mainland?

rajraman. Lets assume i don’t know Penang have mainland.Why Penang need more reclaime land? Is your mainland citizen treated equally?
Ohhh, Islander Deity treat mainlander as stepson and stepdaughter loh.
Your Islander Deity not fair loh.


Have you given back all your Geography lessons to your school teacher?
Pls check Google map.
Niao Kong’s legacy of Cosmopolitan Penang (only) for the rich & famous is still alive & kicking by successor Arrogant CM.
Niao Kong worshippers & trolls will shamelessly, arrogantly shriek at Bo-Bin-Chui Penangites to migrate to mainland or Kelantan & leave the island to the fancies of greedy developer & Bin-Chu CM vision of not for the common Bo-Bin-Chui Penangites.


What to do Buddy,Every day they talk about Penang,Penang,Penang Island like BTN. The Deity talk about Island,the Puppet CM talk about Penang Island.The hee,hee talk about Penang Island.Anil talk about Penang Island. Kena brainwash loh.Like Hang Tuah gang no longer in history of Malaysia since Hang is Chinese. rajraman.Can you pass this message to this mask man@hee,hee I eat 6 times a day very little at a time but my weight around 65 to 68 only.Height 5 feet 7 or 8 inches. I wear “L” size Tshir not XL.So i can’t see my belly.Its hidden by my Tshirt. Old but… Read more »


Tung land why ask developers to go to mainland when you yourself buy a developer’s condo in peng land


hehe….somebody’s vision is blocked by his belly….


Can eat 6 times a day and have time for it.


Why tung land condemn so much about hill cutting and development buy condo on the island? Why all ngos live in the island? Why cheah and khoo clan does not want to settle on the mainland?


Why don’t you and ngos live in mainland? To buy condo on island too? Can buy 2.


Tung land. Your quote development to meet the needs demand for land. So you do not want developers to meet people’s needs. You and the ngos does not want to move to mainland but sidelands and lorongs.

Milk Tea

Comparing Penang to Singapore is the biggest joke I heard this year.


Yes biggest joke when sing land gomen has to resettle all the fishermen. Their fishing villages have become world ‘s biggest petrol chemical plant when sing land cannot produce even a drop of crude oil. Commodity market price of oil from sing land.


Who is the biggest joker? Tung land said it is overdeveloped.


Tung land must be mother of all jokers and spinners. Peng land is over developed? Then sing land over and over developed??


Of course. Considering SingDollar is 3x our Ringgit.

Black Mage

Global markets fall amid slowdown fears

Penang Waterfall Ranger

Global market slump could trigger domestic panic to sell off, and eventually the property market to reach more sensible level affordable to the needy ones. Speculative ones are the concerned ones now.

Black Mage

The bond market yield curve has inverted for the 1st time since 2007. The rate on short-term 3-month-long US government bonds is higher than the rate on longer-term 10 year US government bonds. An inversion is seen as a powerful signal of recession. According to the San Francisco Fed, pretty much every recession has been preceded by an inverted yield curve, although there is typically a bit of a lag.

Recession is imminent?
Be thankful if you have a job now.


Recession hits no job by then


no worry, Penang forum and its horde of NGOs will advise the state government how to fight recession and loss of jobs…

Black Mage

Bursa Malaysia joined an Asian bloodbath on Monday as investors sold off equities amid worries over an impending US recession and plunging global yields.

Economic data showing slowing growth in the US manufacturing and services sectors sent 10-year treasury yields below their three-month rate for the first time since 2007, signalling a possible recession.


Yes no worries when time come. Tung land, susu and raja give so many comments here


We have Tung land, susu teh and mates becoming experts to help us admonish the gomen. Maybe more projects and development??

Don Anamalai

Today is Black Monday indeed.
Looks like we are heading for a recession.
Remember the 10 year cycle.

Black Mage

Degree holders are facing a double whammy as they stare at shrinking starting salaries coupled with a declining demand for high-skilled jobs.

Bank Negara, in its Annual Report 2018, revealed that real monthly salaries for fresh graduates holding a diploma or degree have dipped since 2010.


Have you not heard of Pompeii?
Develop And Party while the island is over-developed!


I only hear kau beh kau bu as susu teh said cannot compare to Sing land so underdeveloped.


Over developed? Susu teh said peng land is far behind sing land

Benny Chiok

Hope to see more such cartoon, as good as Zunar’s.


Developer’s plan? Developer plan for who? Without developer’s plan where can tung land buy a condo? It is cheaper and suit tung land’s pocket. Yet he wants to kau beh kau bu. Further someone complain he can’t travel wo a car. How much of peng land land is reversed for road and parking. Dead are exhumed for living. Population and land usage are increasing. Peng land is shrinking due to global warming. If no reclamation, ngos does not want to relocate to Ku lim


hehe…it will be interesting to see if local green warrior will turn to extreme tactics like the notorious Greenpeace when things don’t go their way…


Absolut Vodka Arrogant Penang state gomen, an example for the other states to follow!
Anil, I believe you are a fighter. Fight on. You are not alone.


hehe…when they don’t listen to you they are arrogant? so it is compulsory that they have to listen to you? you call them arrogant for not listening to you ..are you not arrogant ??


I like it when you reply with bi-polar psychiatric insanity of a Knee Jerk.
Why no he-he at the end of your sentence?
BTW, your political idols are not arrogant in every sense of your bi-polar psychiatric insanity! – having public hearings is for show only to go back to unsustainable, expensive developments that the silent majority Penangites have to bear, not you!


The way of development in Penang is a FARCE!
Where is the state vision but of a developer associated party for all things unaffordable, unsustainable, environmentally destructive & no responsibility of arrogance.


Tung land lucky to buy condo built by developer on island which is equal to 2 if on mainland. Claim cannot afford in heritage zone but developer help you to have a house. Developer has to cut hills to build that condo for you which is not required on the mainland.


Your condo is built by developer and is cheap. Otherwise you will still fighting kung fu and practising squating in heritage wong fei hoong shop house.


And who you think you are ??


He is the owner of where you post your question.
He is the Last Few Living Honourable Samurai who dare to question the Dominant … Party and your Deity Party who sell their lies to the Public.

rajraman.and I the devil call rajraman666 where you can google even in North Pole as you can google Santa Claus without or Anilnetto you can’t google in North Pole without but u can google me like Santa Claus.


More like romantic raj…


I am black that guy is Northen Indian and I am Malaysian.He know how to sing and i never sing before.Even the frog will run away if i sing.
He is young and i am old but when i young i am more handsome then him.

rajraman.Thank you Veenu.I am Richard Gere but the black skin.heee heee ( opps i got someone disease)


Farce or Lies
The truth is Political Traders talks about $$$.No $$$ no talk.Got $$$ and Power who cares about common activist like you Anil?

rajraman.The next Political Traders will call you personally to sooth you like good cop bad cop….

Want to ask you direct Anil, Have any Politician call you personally and console you? Do they offer some $$$ for you? Do they belanja you? Do anyone threathen you?


Kau beh kau bu. Just like you want to know more about someone here, and we want to know your mother of all plans for pg land. If no mother, grandson plan orso can

Black Mage

This is not farce nor lies:
Jho Low’s three-storey bungalow in Tanjung Bungah seized by police


The moment the accused thief at least sitting in the Dock then I will know which is lies and which is true.
Meanwhile a tree house no big deal for fat boy.

rajraman.Fat Boy on the run,i think he never lost his weght.Still fat as fatty Mama.
Have you watch a serial call “Lies to Me”? I pause to anwser your question Black Marge at 00.04

Black Mage

No farce, here’s where you can get Free WiFi powered by Terragraph in Penang:


Barter trade after Sodomized the Island with free WIfI? For whom? Data Plan so cheap unless Penang Citizen can’t efford this Cheapskate Data Plan.

.Malaysia goverment from bottom to top corrupted and want to help other Countries.Phuui.And don’t edit this Anil.

Black Mage

The term “social contract” does not appear in the Federal Constitution and its misuse by some in society is worrying, say experts.

Moderation advocate Mohamed Tawfik Ismail said there was no such phrase as a “social contract” during the drafting of the Federal Constitution.

What say you, Prof KKK?


Who is Prof KKK? Are u try too be cocky Mage?
Google for your Prof KKK and if you find him or her ask the Prof…. Sure the Proffessor can anwser your question.

rajraman.I barely pass my English,Always fails in maths but a Champion in History,Geography and Organised Political Trader/Organised Religion.

Don Anamalai

How can you don’t know who Prof KKK is?
He is our Royal Historian, used to be a football writer in the 70s. But now age is catching up on him.


Ohhh that Proffesor,I know him well Don.
A Chinese adopted Indian Culture through his son whom his son under Ramli Ibrahim.
Married to Indian but i am not that Proffesor Don.Mage should ask him directly to KKK.

rajraman.Anyway i don’t know he is a football writer.I don’t watch football.I watch “The Mentalist” “Lies to me” ” Nan Avan Illai”
I write on impulse without thinking.Its natural for me.I don’t care spelling error as long people understand.

Thank u Don.Are you the real Don? You know what I mean? Like sometimes people ask me am I the real Devil.


Brother Raj

We lost a great Indian MIC leader to car accident recently. RIP Tan Sri!


RIP to him.

rajraman.None of MIC leaders in my book as great leader.


Penjelasan Prof Khoo Kay Kim perihal Ketuanan Melayu


Why don’t you come out but still hide behind the keyboard. Join uncle one ringgit. You can call yourself pachik two ringgit. You can Susu teh tiga and follow by empat ringgit.


rajraman.This car from beggining doesn’t belong to Malaysian.This oldman dream with tax payer $$$.
Now we even have flying car end of this year.Mage you can fly with it without owning one since grap ,google,ubber,Go – Jek ,gocart interested to use it.
Its not for sale to the Public.


Free kne no complain.

Don Anamalai

Anything free is always welcomed.


That’s why our Datuks also applied and received BR1M. Free one everyone also take.


Thats a good replied.Bravo