Law needed to protect access to coastline


This is something we need – a Marine and Coastal Access Act, which has just become law in Britain. From the UK Telegraph:

South of the border, we’re playing catch-up, but the Marine and Coastal Access Act, which became law on Thursday, is a historic breakthrough. The creation of a continuous, coastal access zone, and the protection of our marine habitats, will help us to see that we belong to a global biosphere. Part of that imaginative leap is the rediscovery of our status as islanders, with a responsibility for our own shores and coastal waters…

It continues:

Opening the entire coast of England to public access will put “forgotten” places back on the map. For a long time now, the 630-mile South West Coast Path has demonstrated how a long-distance walking route can generate local employment and encourage low-carbon tourism. Full article here.

Someone by the name of Robert added as a comment at the end of that article:

Here in Germany I cannot recall ever seeing a footpath, coastal or otherwise. That is because one can walk everywhere, other than someone’s back garden or a private yard etc. Everywhere else is open. I think that I could walk from Switzerland to the North Sea without needing to use a road along the way. The idea of being prohibited from walking where you want to in your own country is quite alien over here. Never mind, at least you can now walk along the coast. Perhaps in time to come you will be able to enjoy the rest of the country.

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Ong Eu Soon

The declassified minutes of exco released yesterday confirmed that LGE has referred to section 76(aa)(iii) of the NLC which says land could be converted “where the State Authority is satisfied that there are special circumstances which render it appropriate to do so” when converting the PDC Heritage Hotel site from leasehold to freehold status. The PDC Heritage Hotel site is a 1.4ha seafront site, adjacent to the 124-year-old Eastern and Oriental (E&O) Hotel along Lebuh Farqhuar. The minutes of exco revealed that the state legal advisers had reminded LGE that the site is a foreshore land that under the National… Read more »

telur dua

Sometimes you can even walk along the five-foot-ways.

Those @#$ businesses will occupy it with the goods they sell thereby forcing pedestrians to walk on the roadside which very dangerous i.e. danger from traffic and snatch thieves.

Where is the enforcement? Or does this Gomen want to pass more laws?


Risky to walk on Malaysian roads even. Your bag will most likely be snatched.

Ong Eu Soon

Although we don’t have an act like the Marine and Coastal Access Act, the guidelines from Department of Drainage and Irrigation Circular 1987 on the 60 m setback from foreshore line effectively created a coastal buffer zone for public access. Unfortunately, sometime the guideline has been selectively implemented to the wimp and fancy of our politicians when the politician think the people are not sharp enough to detect the discrepancy.

Hai Hiung

You can’t really walk anywhere in Malaysia, especially in our towns and cities. I bet you have to walk on the road most of the time rather than pedestrian paths.