Kampung Buah Pala: A postscript


The project details for the property development at the site of the demolished Kampung Buah Pala have been put on public display.

I am not quite sure how the compensation of double-storey terrace houses for the displaced Kg Buah Pala residents fits into the compensation details shown on the board above. And 53 units?

The board shows that the building plan was approved on 7 December 2006. The double-storey terrace-house offers were made to the residents last year.

The developer Nusmetro Ventures (P) Sdn Bhd’s main contractor is Wabina Construction & Engineering Sdn Bhd.

Who is behind Wabina? Have a look at the firm’s company profile on its website here.

Wabina’s current projects include the controversial Surin condominium project (developed by GLM Property Development Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bolton Bhd) in Tanjung Bunga.

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Don Anamalai

Residents of Kampung Hakka in Negeri Sembilan are not as fortunate:


Hi Anil,
Please provide an update on the Kampung Buah Pala issue. It looks like an encouraging ending.


Yang, This is what it is isn’t it, your vindication, what do you really serve or shall i say who do you real serve, Steven and the 9 other who won’t get anything. Damn, you are so cock sure, how you can dictate the plight of the deprived. What has been or the struggle that has been or what has not been is no more an issue anymore but how materially it can benefit is the issue. Funny, what is the truth and reality as long as it is justified for your hope with expectation, but never the faith in… Read more »


Do you really put your trust in the words of those machais, MalaysianinNewYork?

The machais we see here are no better than the machais from Pekasa. Their first and only aim is to serve their respective master, rakyat be totally damned.


It is my fervent hope that people who made comments here will not be so ignorant in the future. Please do your homework, don’t just argue for the sake of arguement. Democracy demands responsibility. If you have time, please visit cj.my, a citizen journalism website. On KBP issue, you can check 3 video recordings on this issue on Feb 12 & 13, Apr 24, 2010. Some of the former KBP villages are my neighbours for now until their houses are completed. Please make intelligent and sensible comments. Thank you.

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi millipede, As in my earlier comment, I requested that people out there should not jump the gun, i.e. let the developer and owner clarify details about the houses agreed on as compensation to some 24 residents or so, definitely not 53 residents as spinned by some! The residents would be the first ones to protest and take legal avenues if the developer and/or owner are to deny them their houses!! And, I’ll definitely join them in their protest if this is so. I was confident that they would not be so foolish as to renege on a high-profile deal,… Read more »


Are you talking about Steven and the 9 other household that did not sign the agreement. Well if they are your neighbour, I can tell you now that they won`t be getting anything at all. Thats is for sure. But if you are talking of the 15 who have signed, just wait and see. They will soon be moving into their brand new home just before election if it is 1 1/2 years from now.


Anil, Let me introduce you to one of the MPPP building staff. After a lengthy discussion with him, they have said that KTK & team did a very good job LEGALLY to transfer the land to the current owners. There was nothing illegal about it. The only issue here was the entire deal was totally unethical. So the people who brokered this deal cannot be brought to court. Sellig State land at a lower price is mismanagement, and only when the element of bribery can be proven then there is a case. Otherwise you have to ACCEPT TOTAL MISMANAGEMENT, which… Read more »


Anil should be an independent candidate in the next GE.

As a MP he can act besides writing blog.



As a non-politician, we can see thing from a neutral, unbiased and without hidden agenda perspective.

Keep digging out worms without fear or favor regardless they are BN or PR.


According to the Star report, there was agreement to the state government’s proposal for the houses to be built. But the details of that are rather sketchy:

1) where are the houses to be built on site? (in relation to the other planned buildings

2) who is going to foot the cost?


From my analysis, Anil felt that the compensation is not enough. Maybe he wanted ‘kandang’ for the sacred lembu of Kpg Buah Pala?

I know anil is passionate about Penang. Why not ask Rais yatim when he could give the RM20 million to the Penang Heritage Fund.


Still going on with the “circumstances surrounding the entire deal including who the players involved were and the drivers behind the deal” is like flogging a dead horse. Waste of time and resources. The KBP land scandal is not unique. Similar scams has been going on all over the country. Except for Penang and Selangor they don’t surface because the same crooks are still running the other state governments. We already know the circumstances surrounding (many) the land scams. Crooked politicians together with conniving civil servants alienate state land at way below market prices to their cronies in return for… Read more »


I also start to learn how to use legality to scare people like you.

RM20 million promised to Penang by Pak Lah was entrusted to Khazanah for the purpose of heritage preservation in Penang.

Don’t lie. The money was given to Penang although not to state government directly. Please respect the rule of law because there is nothing wrong for such special arrangement made by Federal government.



We live in bolehland.

‘Circumstances surrounding any deal including who the players involved were and the drivers behind the deal’ is highly political and is hidden from public knowledge under OSA.

What do you expect to uncover?

The next thing you will be labeled a CIA agent.

Fancy the curry rice at kamunting?


I thought PR opposes OSA before they were made government in Penang.

LGE could unclassified ex-BN government cabinet meeting minutes, but unable to release his own cabinet minutes. Why? This is selective disclosure.

Rakyat wants to know who put the final nail on the coffin?

It’s that difficult for LGE to answer a simple question?



So you believe that giving money directly to the state government is the same as channeling it through a federal agency? Obviously you don’t know that when Trengganu was under PAS, a big chunk of the money that was channeled through a federal agency (allegedly) ended up in private pockets. The crook was arrested and charged only because unfortunately he offended some big-time UMNO politicians.

The same story in Kelantan except that the pilfering is (allegedly) still going on.


I’m talking from legal aspect, that is absolutely nothing wrong for Federal Government to do so….

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, nkkhoo: ” … that is absolutely nothing wrong for Federal Government to do so….” It may be legally above board, but what about the devious intent of the BN Federal Govt? Why doesn’t the Federal Govt do the same to other states under BN control? Why not also channel all funds meant for these States direct to Federal Agencies? So, the idea is to sabotage the PR-controlled states using taxpayers’ money! Wouldn’t such moves hamper the states’ planning and execution of projects, and for Pg, to punish Penangites for their gall to bring in an opposition govt? The… Read more »


PR is no better than BN, PR has no higher moral standing than BN when it comes to policy execution.

PR copied BN for not allocating state funds to BN ADUN in states controlled by PR.


Ya, Anil, I agree with many of the readers here that DAP/LGE has done a great job for the Kg Buah Pala’s folk. If Penang is still under Gerakan/BN, they would end up in the five-foot-way. Anil, please rest the case, as i believe some of the residents would be very happy with the deal. A double storey terrace is a luxury not many of us now can afford. “O”, I agree with you absolutely, these greedy developers they just simply raise their price according to their whimps and fancy. For eg the controversial project, Surin in Tg Bungah, the… Read more »


Anil, It really does fascinates me with some of the respond that you get. Look at LIMBC, is he an authority what a government around the world can do or can’t do? Do you need always need some reassurance. Why bother with around the world when your own backyard needs assurance from its community? Why the reinforced reassurance when it is the truth and reality?. One simple question to date that is not answered, whatever happened to the State Land Committee land fraud investigation in Kg Buah Pala issue that was iniatiated. Can someone give me a straight and truthful… Read more »


The straight and truthful answer to the whole mess would (probably) open up a big can of worm for Lim Guan Eng, that is why the finding (or findings) would never be released to the public.

That big can of worm is simply this, it was (the) Lim Guan Eng (administration) who signed away the land title to the developer.

Had (his administration) not put his signature on the land title transfer form, the land of KBP would still fall under the trusteeship of the State Government of Penang, and no development could be started.


Reading the story, sensed you would receive a good number of hits labelling you as racist. Remember, whenever issues centring on Indian poor whose livelihood are threatened and, are highlighted it is always viewed as a racist issue in Malaysia, as correctly pointed by two posters here. This is unfortunate! Remember when you posted your articles on how the natives in Sarawak and Sabah, had the land or resources snatched away from them, no one admonished you did they? But I applaud you, for highlighting the plight of these natives, and I know you will continue to do so, as… Read more »


With all the comments, I can summarise that majority of the commentors would want the PR gov out of Penang.


Whether it be a PR government or BN government or a 3rd party government, doesn’t matter.

All we want is a government which (is accountable to) the people.

So far what we got, the Lim Guan Eng administration is as bad as the one he replaces, the Koh Tsu Koon administration.

…. their machais everywhere to do the bullying…


Don’t be so naive. Many of us hated BN more than you. The difference is I am not a machai with hidden agenda to serve my boss from any political parties. Let focus on the subject, not the parties. KBP fiasco is a gross injustice to its residents. People have to see this issue from the head to tail, and not be diverted by court order to justify an unjust event. No doubt ex-BN government is wrong in this case. LGE and his allies had given no demolition promise before GE12 because they knew BN is wrong to grab KBP… Read more »

S F Lim

Developers cannot arbitrarily raise the price of houses without the approval of the Ministry of Housing. When the developer applies for the developer’s license, the price list is submitted and the developer has to sell according to the price list approved. According to a Ministry official, developers cannot even sell lower than the approved pricelist. This may sound ridiculous but these are the rules stipulated by the Ministry. Hence it would be prudent to find out what is the approved price list and this can be done by calling the Ministry Licensing division ( KPKT in Malay).


Dear Anil,
As I have asked you before what you or the state government can do if the land is not yours? Not a single goverment in the world will buy up the land just because your family have stay there for decades. NGO can only tslk because they are not the one going to be responsible at end of the day.


You (grab) land from someone, and sell it to someone and then you ask why you should buy back the land and return it to its rightful owner….


The land belongs to the KBP residents.

It was entrusted to the care of the State Government of Penang.

Koh Tus Koon (administration grabbed) the land and gave it to the private developer, but did not complete the process due to 308.

After 308, (the) Lim Guan Eng (administration) completed the … process by signing away the land title to the developer.

Both (the) Koh Tsu Koona and Lim Guan Eng (administrations) are guilty of the land grab.



Once again, the saying “a little knowledge can be dangerous” applies to you perfectly.

The government approved the KBP land to KPKNPPB with certain conditions attached. Once KPKNPPB has complied with all the conditions they then applied to the land administrator for the land title to be issued to them. They cannot be denied the land title.

Who the CM was at the time of approval and the time of issue of land title is not relevant. It is only politicians and their ignorant followers who try to make what is irrelevant relevant.


the land belong to the KBP resident. Do you know how pathetic your comment is….???? Check your facts right please.


That word: “Pathetic”, belongs to the machais.

And I am giving it back to you, machai.


Let machai hide behind the court order to justify unjust done on KPB residents.

We can say also jail term for LGE many years is a justice served on him.

Plain Truth

It is such an irony that the present state government who got such a good deal for the residents are painted as villians while the no question is being asked of the political eunuch Koh Tsu Koon who approved of this project in the first place.

Let’s face it. If KTK is still the Penang CM, all these families would have been kicked out into the streets long ago instead of having a brand new double storey house each.


Why don’t you change your name to “Plain Lie” instead?

Trying to deflect the entire matter to Koh Tsu Koon … while it was (whose) signature on the land title transfer document?

Nice try, no cigar.

Plain Truth

spin spin spin.

No amount of spin is going to alter the fact that the state land was sold by KTK at a pittance.

The vast majority of Penangites have one thing in common with the likes of Ahmad Ismail :-

…….an absolute contempt for that political eunuch.


Pearl, The saying “a little knowledge can be dangerous” applies to you perfectly. You won’t see and find the signatures, either of the previous CM KTK or the present CM LGE on the land title transfer documents. The only signatures are those of civil servants. If you have any knowledge at all of our land laws you will realise that civil servants put their signatures on the relevant documents based on decisions made by the state authority. The decision to alienate the KBP land to KPKNPPB was made by your hero Koh Tsu Koon’s previous state government. And if you… Read more »


Agree, a little knowledge can be dangerous. But hiding the truth from public knowledge is more damaging.

There is a solid point highlighted by many of us. Can LGE explains to rakyat whom without knowledge about this fishy deal?

IF the buyer did not pay full amount in time, why LGE cannot instruct civil servant to cancel the deal?

I’m still awaiting answer for this simple question for over a year. Please stop spinning and dragging other issues.


Based on anil argument, we can all be squatters and get compensation from the government when the time is right.

He is advocating a lawless society.

I lost my respect for him to be a colored champion.


First of all, isn`t the topic about KBP. And are not the folk being compensated with a double storey house and RM8,000/= cash for relocating. On top of that those who have sign on earlier not only get a double storey house but also get to keep the cash of RM60,000/ they have been given earlier. So please tell me what is proper and affordable housing.



Stop blaming the current Penang government.

The problem of the welfare of the Indian community had never been tackled by mic (note: maika?). Gerakan also never help.

Najib was right (the only thing he made sense of) in telling the indians to forget about the caste-based politics.


Anil, I don’t understand why you always end up asking this one and the same question: “what was the outcome of the committee set up to investigate the deal?” The outcome as I read in both the MSM and internet news was that the highest court of the country had decided that the alienation of the land on which KBP was situated was legal and that KPKNPPB is the legal registered owner of the KBP land and that the state government has got no other choice but to honour the rights of the legal registered owner. Of course I am… Read more »


All NGOs can only talk and talk making empty vessels noise. They are like old Kevin07 former PM of Australia. He was so popular after the elction but get slaughted by his mates when his popularity gets down. His mates remove him while he is still a PM and Obama was expecting to see him at G8 summit.

Point, people talk but cannot do and NGOs are the worst talkers.

So ZOZDaniel – how do U define caring? Feed them?


Anil, Told you. Everything is seen in the colored lense of race and individual need. You brought up an issue that is pertinent to discover truth to the matter, not one that is based on racialism, yet our individual Malaysian highlanders will continue to sit in their high horses and for sure with the semua tahu attitude classify the messenger rather than to find the truth in the message. If it is not political, it is racial but never a chance for truth and reality to surface for one’s own convulated mind. Can you blame the politicans from both equation… Read more »


You “keep wondering what was the outcome of the State Land Committee’s investigation”. Just because you are not aware of the outcome does not mean that there was no outcome. First of all there was never a “land transfer”. A “land transfer” is a transaction where a privately owned land is transferred from the existing registered owner to a new owner. The land on which KBP Village used to be was STATE LAND, & not PRIVATE LAND. Koperasi Pegawai Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang Berhad became the owner of the KBP land not by a “fraudulent Land transfer”, but by an… Read more »


… We can blame Koh Tsu Koon starting the whole mess but the fact still is that Mr. Lim Guan Eng’s (administration) approves what Koh Tsu Koon did by signing away the land to the developer.

If you brother wants to sell your dad’s house on-the-cheap, and you do not approve it, Mr. Anil, would you sign on the dotted-line when it comes time to the land ownership transfer?


Have you forgotton about the Court order. ????


How much the land was worth at time of alienation, how much it is now worth and the price the land was alienated is not relevant to the fact that the alienation was done legally. The legality of the alienation was not decided by the present state government. Neither you, I or the whole population of Malaysia can decide on it’s legality. Our judges decided that it was legal and the state government had no choice but to accept that decision. Continuing to harp on the indecent way-below-market price the land was alienated serves absolutely no purpose. Once the judges… Read more »


Just because you are not aware of the outcome does not mean that there was no outcome. The outcome was that based on the highest court’s ruling, the State Government had no choice but to accept the fact KPKNPPB is the legal registered owner of the KBP land and that the state government cannot stop a legal land owner from evicting squatters from their landed property. When the court had already ruled that KPKNPPB is the legal land owner, the state government has no authority to rule otherwise. To continue with further investigations serves no useful purpose. It would have… Read more »


Not everyone in Penang is low on conscience. Mr. Anil’s blog has attracted a lot of machais … of (the present Penang) administration that is why you see so many lies being spread here, all with the same theme – that the KBP residents are “squatters”, that “squatters” don’t deserve anything.

In this respect, these … machais are not that different from the BN machais, or are they?


The Penang Government is viewing the Kampung Buah Pala squatters problem as “just another rubbish”. What is happening to the Caring Government Concept? Or are they caring more for the developers?

The poors have been neglected by the past Barisan Government. And the Pakatan Government is nothing better! It is time that the NGOs start thinking about forming a third force to rubbish these nonsence Power Crazy… under the falsehood of CARING, CARING …..caring for who?


British has a third party of choice beside labor and conservative parties.

Yes, it’s right time to think of forming a third alliance to check BN and PR.


you have the 4 independent stooges, right. But then one stooges Noordin now claims he is a PAS member. How pathetic.


See how the machais attacking others?

Machais will always be machais, that is the only role they know how to play well.

They can’t lead. They don’t have vision. They can only follow their “Supreme Leaders” and yell, shout, wave, according to the beats laid down by their “Supreme Leader”.

Machai, it is time to go home. Do your homework.


More Indians will discard DAP is for sure.

Let the vote speaks out for itself. Kuala Selangor by-election should be a big hammer on their heads.


Do not expect me to vote DAP candidate if PR contests in my constitution, PKR and PAS may still get my vote.

Rakyat dislikes BN still can be absent from voting anyone in case DAP is contested.

Ken Wong

Sorry, Anil, I did not mean that you are directly attacking the Penang State Government. What I am trying to say is why are you highlighting the KBP issue again at this time when the State Government is under intense pressure over the Jelutong problem. The better thing to do is to let things be, rather than add fuel to the fire. The messes were created by the previous State Government and the way things are going, the present Government is being demonised again. Will dragging up old issues help to solve the problem? My view is that we should… Read more »


So you mean the State Government is beyong reproach? That no one can bring up any issue pertaining to the State Government?

What is your point exactly?

That the LGE-led government is so holy that no one is allowed to talk about anything?

Or are we living under a dictatorship?


Such a great idea of sweeping garbage under the carpet.

Another BN in the making after two short years. God saves PR!

Ken Wong

Anil, I normally respect you for your level headed insight. But in the case of Kampung Buah Pala, something seems to be bugging you. Till now, you are still trying to nail the Penang State Government for a mess that was created before their time and inspite of the efforts they made to solve the problem. Now new messes are being uncovered elsewhere. Because of the benefits obtained by the KBP folks, others in a similiar situation are also raising their expectations. Are you also going to gang up with UMNO to fight as hard for the people in Jelutong… Read more »


Anil, Although you did not mention about the Penang government or LGE, the way you keep bringing up the KBP issue shows that you are in a way being racial. The issue has already been resolved with a good compensation of a double storey house but some folk being greedy and through the influence of some political group were misled and now they get nothing. Don`t blame LGE or PR. Frankly speaking LGE and PR make a big mistake by negotiating such a good deal for these KBP folks and it has set a precedent. Just last week or so,… Read more »


PR bring up 4-year old Altantunya case is not racial, but when anyone talking about KBP is racial.

Don’t forget PR had given no demolish promise before GE12.

What the heck you are talking in same tone with BN, “be grateful to PR government!”.


nkkhoo, If “PR had given no demolish promise”, such promise can only apply to illegal structures on STATE LAND. Illegal structures on PRIVATE LAND are beyond the jurisdiction of the state government. The land on which KBP village is situated had been declared by our highest court to be private land owned by Koperasi Pegawai Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang Berhad. Whether or not you agree with the court decision is not relevant. The court is the authority. You are not. What the court decides becomes authority. What you claim is at best hot air. The decision to remove squatters and… Read more »


How residents on a land where their ancestors duly paid “cukai tanah” for 150 years until TOL was issue by Penang government become squatters?

… Rakyat will use votes to silent (leaders) like LGE.


again check your facts right. That cukai tanah was paid by Mr. Brown



Show us your so called “facts”.

I bet you do not even have anything.

You are nothing but a machai. That is all you are.


So you are telling us that Mr. Brown transferred the land to state government?


Anil, you are scare of attacking DAP and PR.

Let them close shop if they cannot deliver what they have promised to rakyat.

I do not mind BN return to power if PR is no better than BN….


Yet another … machai !

The whole mess was started by Koh Tsu Koon but LGE (cannot be absolved) either.

We know that you (… machais) are trying very hard to muddy up this issue to the point that no one can locate the truth, and no matter what you do we know better.

Shame on Koh Tsu Koona and shame on Lim Guan Eng…!


We all make sure the truth is revealed to all right-minded Malaysians.

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, Under B, a 196-unit Medium Cost 21-storey block that includes the 53 compensation units for the squatters. As stated in the Board, the date of approval was 7 Dec 2006, whereas the 24 double-storey houses as compensation for the 24 families was agreed on much later. Hence, we have to hold our horses first for the developer and owner of the project to clarify how they’re going about to build the 24 houses as compensation for the squatters – included in amended plans pending approval? So, let’s wait a while for things to clear up before we cry… Read more »


Another … machai going into the fray spreading all kinds of half-truths.

Hold your horses?

What will happen if we all hold our horses and then the developer never build the 53 houses for the KBP residents?

What next?

Accuse the KBP residents for being “squatters” and “they never deserve anything anyway”?

Is that what you and all other … machais are planning to do next?

Mr. Anil, please be aware of the … machais spreading lies in your blog.

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, Just away for a few days due to hard disk replacement and reformatting, and wow, so much controversy already! My call for developers and land owner to clarify and all of us to be patient results in me being labelled a ‘machai’? Pearl, you’re the one who’s spinning and most probably one of Gerakan’s machais! It is not 53, but 24 residents who have the agreement of compensation of a house each. So, don’t tell us half-truth about 53 houses as some of them did not accept the State-brokered agreement with the developer!! If possible, let these residents… Read more »




All your capitalised letter don’t mean anything to me. You are a machai, and will always be a machai.

Do your homework first, machai.


You keep saying the old same word but just could not retort reasonably. is this what you are…!!!



Pearl’s vocabulary is limited to only the same few words.


What other phrase you know except court order?


Kapitan … telah … jatuhkan DAP di Pulau Pinang….


Dear Anil, I concur with Yang’s explanation on the 53 units. Further, upon reading your article I called up Koperasi Kerajaan and spoke to a Mr. H, enquiring about the projects, the sales, the availability of units for sales. I was informed that the units costing 163,000 are sold out (790 sq ft)except for bumi units. I further enquired about the other projects and was informed that “Oasis”, above 1,000 sq. ft are available at 250,000. Apparently, this project is not selling well as I was informed lots of units are available. Upon further enquiry, I was referred to a… Read more »


Allow me to ask you a hypothetical question. You bought a house for RM250,000. One year later you need to sell the house. Why you need to sell does not matter. In the 12 months since you bought the house the property market has chased and pushed up property prices and the market price of your house is now RM350,000, and you are fully aware of such market price. Will you sell the house to a buyer (who is neither related to you nor a close friend) willing to pay RM350,000 or will you decide to be a decent and… Read more »


The point is can developers participate in the game of speculating in their own project? When a price is fixed for a certain project prior to launching, that is it. But, now it is not the speculators who are speculating, but, the developer increasing the prices at their whims and fancies. I hope you understand the gist of my comment. Let the speculators speculate and make whatever or lose whatever they can, but, now it is clearly a case of manipulation? The project is understood to be not selling well, if the project is sellable, why are they selling from… Read more »


I not only agree with SF Lim’s statement but am also aware of the facts in his statement. However the price fixed by the authorities in the approval applies only to the phase approved. Your statement read: “they will be launching the said condos at G hotel two weeks from now and the price will be further increased. Apparently, lots of units are available, as the price of 308,000..” From your statement this is clearly a new and different phase and I am sure the developer would have got approval for the new price of RM308,000. You can be sure… Read more »


Do not wish to argue with you, you are always right, but, in this case you are absolutely wrong. How many phases are there all on the sign boards? They launching, and relaunching and relaunching dude! Each time with a price increase.

Anyway, forget it, you win, ok?


The boards says B) 1 Blok Rumah Kos sederhana rendah 21 tingkat (196) unit dan (Gantian setinggan berjumlah 53 unit) dan rekreasi di tingkat bawah.

So from here, what i’ve understand is the ex-residents of buah pala will receive 53 units of house in flat, not double storey houses. Am i right?

Dr Suresh Kumar

Lingam, why are you trying to silence Anil? What he is asking is a very fundamental question with regards to the plight of those poor KBP folks who have been living there for more than a century. Did you see the you tube videos, how the PR politicians promised those folks to save their village in the run up to the 12th GE? Did you know, who indeed gave the final green light to destroy that village and mercilessly (deprived) the livelihood of those poor otherwise peaceful folks? Grateful for what? This is precisely the problem with english educated Indians… Read more »


You said: “This is precisely the problem with english educated Indians in Malaysia today, these people seem to be suffering from minority syndrome or rather low self esteem as a minority.” One of the most bigoted sweeping statement I have ever come across. You commanded: “Refrain from commenting, if you do not know the head or tail of the whole issue” Opinions and comments that don’t sync with you should not be issued! People “do not know the head or tail of the whole issue” simply because their opinions differ from yours. How much more arrogant and self-righteous can you… Read more »

Dr Suresh Kumar

So you are saying I am arrogant, that I didn’t render any help to the needy, that I am trying to silence people? Good try mate. Well go ahead and label me whatever you want, that’s your democratic right, I have no problem with that. If this is what it takes for speaking up for poor, marginalized and bullied (residents) by both BN and PR, so be it. I stand by what I believe in, if you don’t like it, it’s too bad, I don’t have time for you anyway. I wish I could be even more arrogant than LGE,… Read more »