George Town Special Area Plan open for scrutiny


George Town could be turned into a ‘green and walkable city’ under a draft blueprint now open for public scrutiny.

The blueprint incorporates a pedestrian network masterplan for a waterfront promenade, new park areas, streetscape and backlane enhancements, and a water taxi route.

The Special Area Plan and Conservation Management Plan for the historical city of George Town is now open for public scrutiny and comment.

The plan, among other things, contains zoning and use controls of affected buildings, heritage building controls, access and circulation measures and proposals for improving utility and infrastructure. It will also include an activity zoning map. It aims to make historical Georgetown a green and walkable heritage city. The SAP will outline a pedestrian network masterplan for a waterfront promenade, new park areas, streetscape and backlane enhancements and a water taxi route.

Public review period: 11 April – 9 May
Time: 9.00am – 4.30pm

The SAP is available for public viewing at three venues:
– Concourse, Level 2, Komtar
– MPPP Building, Esplanade
– 116/118 Lebuh Acheh

Objections in writing must be received by 9 May 2011.

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this comment might not be relevant to this post,but there’s an urge to post it up here. After the mud flat issue at Gurney Drive caused by the land reclamation at Seri Tanjung Pinang phase 1 project, the state government has just approved-in principle its phase 2 reclamation to E&O.The site footprint is big. Wondered is there any EIA done on that though the right to reclaim is granted by the previous state government in 1992.

the news:

the seri tanjung pinang masterplan:

Lee Lai Huat

Komtar Phase 5 to be scrapped?

That was the report on The Sun today 11 April.


I think it is not scrapped, just to be revamped as a way to rid the old contractors from the previous administration who are not deserving. We can expect more black cakes coming…


Waiting for Ah Soon to blast this SAP into space as it does not jive or sync with his BESTEST of BEST Urban Transport Masterplan for Penang.

Anil, You have not said much lately on the Success of Rapid Penang. From an initial 3 million ridership in 2007, now it is at 35 million. We do not see Milan, and … mobster run buses on the streets anymore.


Has anyone ever noticed that there are many bus models under the subtle red and blue colours of Penang Rapid ?

Has anyone ever asked or wondered why?
Who were the suppliers of those buses?

Han Liang

The more the merrier as far as contract commision!


Better be true one. Last time the masterplan has a LRT running to Penang Times Square, where is it now?

Gerakan K

Oh, it seems that Dap government has done a better job. Good news after all !!!

Andrew I

You looking for a thumbs up? CAT is on the prowl in a green and walkable city.

Gerakan K

As of now, there are two person disagree with my statement.

No, the thumbs have nothing to do with my comment.


You only know now!
It’s not too late to change (name).


why only these 3 locations during office hours? and only from 11 Apr – 9May? surely they can put it on the web for public viewing in this time and age


That’s an excellent point – but it’s also entirely possible for absolutely anyone else with a camera to do the same thing. Has anybody snapped and uploaded anywhere?